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Author Topic: [ANN][Pre-sales Alerts] Polygon CougarSwap - The futuristic YieldFarming  (Read 25 times)


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PolyCougar is a new Yield Farming platform running on the Polygon network in CougarSwap ecosystem. After the success of CougarSwap on the BSC network started 3 months ago, we realized that to survive in the market we had to improve in order to keep growing. Currently, we saw the steady the investment shifting among many blockchain networks especially POLYGON network because of the fast speed, low fees, stable come with high growth potential as the ambition of the alternative solution to ETH network.

Why us?
At the current situation, CougarSwap in Polygon re-emerged at low transaction fees and improve transaction processing speed. Polygon's data shows that the platform is taking a significant growth come from solving the most pressing issues: Scalability and transaction costs. legitimate project that give users the best and safest experience in DeFi market among of many new platforms being created day by day. From the beginning, we came up with ideas to create something better as our main mission is to start with a solid and trusted platform.

1. A long term project ✅
2. 100% Liquidity Locked ✅
3. Auto Liquidity Locked ✅
4. No Migrator Code ✅
5. Audit & Review✅


Option 1:
Sales date: September 10th - 12th, 2021
Number of Tokens: 500,000
Price per Token: $0.07

Option 2:
Sales date: September 12th - 17th, 2021
Number of Tokens: 500,000
Price per Token: $0.09

Option 3:
Sales date: September 14th - 17th, 2021
Number of Tokens: 500,000
Price per Token: $0.11

Listing Price: $0.15 ($0.13 If the presale cap is not met)


Twitter: @cougarswap
Telegram: @CougarSwap_Official


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