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Author Topic: Join The $Rewards Bandwagon And Earn Passive Income  (Read 16 times)


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Join The $Rewards Bandwagon And Earn Passive Income
« on: August 02, 2021, 06:35:03 PM »
In the ever exciting Crypto industry, opportunities are endless. And that can be a spoiler for many, especially the beginners. And that is why the right investment decision is so crucial.

One project that has caught people's attention is $Rewards, a project that aims at ease and comfort for investors.

What is $Rewards

$Rewards is a liquidity generation and a frictionless protocol powered by Blockchain. It aims to reward every user that holds the $Rewards Token, so the more someone holds, the higher the rewards. And the most likeable aspect is that investors will automatically earn $USDT every hour, since the ultimate purpose of this project is to make the $Rewards holders richer.

$Rewards comes with the intent to empower Crypto enthusiast, enabling them handle their financial security better. And aims for the betterment of the society in shape of Charity as well. The vision is to create economic opportunities for the token holders, along with al the stakeholders in the $Reward protocol.

While all buy transaction on the $Rewards network will incur a 12% tax. And this tax is divided into two. One for USDT rewards. And Second, to provide a sufficient liquidity pool. Conversely, every sell transaction on the $Rewards protocol will incur a 15% tax. The 15% tax will be divided into 4 categories, as follows:

● Automatically to USDT Rewards
● To provide capital to the liquidity pool.
● Sent to the token redistribution.
● Rewards for auto burn

So are you keen to be part of this revolutionary movement? Join $Rewards today, and change your life forever!

You can also join the $Rewards Telegram group via



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