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Author Topic: Music Monetization And Social Collaborations Are The Next Big NFT Use Case  (Read 204 times)


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Last month we revealed that WOM is entering the NFT space thanks to the launch of our brand new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, YAAAS.

Our goal is to empower music artists and social influencers with a deeper knowledge of blockchain technology and NFTs and to show that, beyond the pop culture portrayal of NFTs as a means of trading collectibles and digital artworks, they also represent new ways to monetize music, collaborate on content and build relationships with fans.

It has been exciting to see our vision taking shape and to see artists and influencers come together this week to embrace NFTs at rapper, Tory Lanezís, BET Awards after party in Bel Air, which was hosted by YAAAS.

Lanez is already a known innovator in the NFT space and is one of the first artists to have released tracks as NFTs. Guests attending the after party included music artist Chris Brown, Jeremy Meeks, Chet Hanks, Kyle Massey and singer, Mario. Among others, iconic photographer Ellen von Unwerth, star designer Jeff Hamilton, and influencers Blake Grey and girlfriend Ameile Zilber, were also spotted together with fellow friends.

Stay tuned for more news about the artists and influencers dropping NFTs on the YAAAS platform in the weeks to come.

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