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Author Topic: The innovative anonymous social IDO is underway...You can receive the airdrop on  (Read 53 times)


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Anonymous(NM chain)

With the rise of the encrypted cryptocurrency digital money market led by BTC, digital money brings wealth, but also subject to varying degrees of supervision by many countries.Digital currency traders, digital money issuers, exchanges, digital currency speculation markets, all need to focus on the business development of industry role on a carefree and traffic aggregation carrier, Thus, the anonymous community is born .  Adhering to the principle of 100 per cent community autonomy. Those with unprivileged status interfere in community governance and have absolute executive power, giving each community member independent exercise  and voting rights, and always maintaining a flat power structure. The Anonym community is committed to creating the worlds most secure digital currency social forum in the world, eliminating users' concerns about privacy.

Token distribution

Name: Anonym; incognito (anonymous)
Abbreviations: NM coin
Circulation: 21 million.
5% into black holes
90% official IDO
5% reserved by the team(Lock the warehouse for 24 months and release)



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