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Author Topic: [ANN][POS/MN]⚡Collegicoin(CLG)⚡ Availability of educational resources.  (Read 532 times)


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Collegicoin is a new, fast and secure cryptocurrency for basic and higher education.

     Collegicoin is designed to help solve the main problems with basic and higher education, accessibility and cost of education. A student-centered coin that will allow students to better control their educational expenses.

     Collegicoin (CLG) is a decentralized and unique cryptocurrency coin that will be used by students to purchase goods and services necessary to further their education.  To include, but not limited to electronic textbooks (books), web applications, payment for online education services and much more. Our philosophy at Collegicoin is that using a CLG coin is something of value.

     We will provide CLG coin partners with suppliers of goods and services for students and act as a payment tool. By using the CLG coin to purchase goods and services from our partners, each student will receive a discount on the goods or services purchased. This will help students to reduce the cost of education.


Collegicoin Platform:


 We will develop an online education platform. This platform will enable students to immerse themselves in the educational environment by watching and listening to lectures, performing tasks and consulting with teachers, thanks to the network connection.

     This platform will make it possible to acquire knowledge in various forms of audio, video, hyperlinked text, infographics, software, games, tools and materials as well as acquire knowledge through augmented reality, and so on.

     All classes, courses, materials, and teaching aids on this platform will be sold to students at a discount. For example: a book in a bookstore costs $10, on our platform the same book will be offered at a reduced rate. How is that possible? Through partners with whom we have contracts offering a discount on training materials using Collegicoin (CLG) as the primary payment method for their purchase.


Collegicoin Foundation:

 A student from any country in the world can send us a request for financial assistance for educational purposes. Every three months, the Collegicoin Foundation will process and select from these applications two applications for financial aid. Each student we select will receive financial assistance from the Collegicoin Foundation. Financial aid will be provided to students in the form of CLG cryptocurrency and sent to the electronic wallet specified in the application. (The amount of financial aid will be equivalent to $100). These funds can be spent at the discretion of the student. Buy the things necessary for further study, pay for online study, etc.


Coin Specifications:

Reward Schema:







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It seems interesting, I'll see and learn about your project


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