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Author Topic: CryptoPoolMirror (CPM) - The Future Of Funding For Startups  (Read 141 times)


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With lots of different businesses springing up on a daily basis, one of the major challenges that business owners face is the lack of access to funding to scale their businesses. For this reason, the concept of crowdfunding started gaining limelight. With crowdfunding, business owners can raise funds to pursue their business ideas or expand their existing business.

With the number of crowdfunding platforms on the internet, it can be overwhelming and confusing to choose one that would suit your preferences and business requirements. However, one funding source or platform that has reinvented the crowdfunding marketplace to enable startups to access funding is CryptoPoolMirror (CPM).

What is CPM, benefits of CPM, and how do I buy CPM tokens? Read on to find out!

What Is CPM?

CPM is a community-focused project with no absolute power. It is designed and built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It is the future of funding and it accelerates startup growth by offering the required tools and resources for startup companies to gain traction. CPM has an Ethereum-based utility token. CPM is managed by a team of volunteer members and private individuals (tax specialists, KYC firms, project managers, consultants).

The mission of CPM is simple - to serve as the go-to platform where startups seeking funding can turn to. Businesses in the crypto space can use CPM to run their ICOs from any location in the world.

Factor that makes CPM standout:

The thing that makes CPM standout is innovativeness and uniqueness. The members will have to contribute by choosing one of the 3 packages proposed on the funding program and by the leverage of the group will raise up to millions GUARANTEED. ONE small contribution and the power of the group will make all the magic through a well though mathematical formula that wins most of the time.

No need for advertising, No need to refund the money received, No need to look for investors. The membership will provide the funding, business relationship for partnership, ability to invest in other project at their early stage before the public and much more.

How Will CPM Benefit Me And My Business?

There are so many benefits of participating in the CPM project. Participants will coast home with lots of rewards. They will also have the opportunity to access funding to expand their existing business or start a new business. There are other reasons why you should consider joining the CPM bandwagon.

First, CPM is 100% community based. There is 0.02 ETH membership fees for Token holders and new participants to become members of the community during the pre-launch phase. However, for Token holders, there are benefits for buying the token at it early stage. As once the listing happens, the market value will dramatically grow due to the endeavors of the members.

Secondly, CPM is partnering with Ethereum due to the latter's global acceptance to guarantee stability and sustainability. The token will be used to support starter programs with a view to building liquidity.

Lastly, CPM is backed by several projects. Being a project-backed token, CPM will always remain valuable all year round. If one project is not performing too well, the rest projects are sure to keep the token afloat. Additionally, CPM gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of projects all in one place.

How To Buy The CPM Token

Buying the CPM token just got easier on the CPM official website. Launch your browser and visit the CPM official website. If you are a new user of the site, create a new account and then navigate to your dashboard. But if you are an existing user, simply login straight to your account. Once you land on your dashboard, add your ERC20-based wallet address. This is the address you'll use to receive the token.

Click the "buy token now" button. Enter the token amount you wish to buy and proceed to make payment. Once the admin confirms your payment, you will immediately receive the token in your wallet.

Do you want to access funding to start a new business or expand your existing business? Then visit the CPM official website:

You can watch video presentation from below link:


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