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Author Topic: Crypto Podcast: co-host & interviewees  (Read 10 times)


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Crypto Podcast: co-host & interviewees
« on: June 11, 2021, 08:11:41 PM »
Hi there. Before I get into it I want ya'll to know that this is NOT  a self-promotion post, I am not advertising anything or linking to anything.

That being said, I am the co-host of an up and coming crypto podcast where we do hot takes on crypto news and trends as well as interview some of the big names behind hot coins. Unfortunately, we had to fire our other co-host so I wanted to hop on Bitcoin Garden to see if anyone out there is interested in the role. We get to meet some really interesting people, learn a lot about alt coin and new blockchain companies, but most importantly, we have a lot of fun. We're also looking at making appearances at defi-related events this year.

Please send me a direct message if you want more information on becoming a co-host.
Also, please send me a message if you have some interesting crypto or defi news to share and would like to be interviewed on the show.


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