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Author Topic: Bitpark ICO reward campaign  (Read 1278 times)


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Bitpark ICO reward campaign
« on: September 21, 2016, 06:28:07 PM »
ICO bounties

Reward campaign - 300 BITPARK Tokens

After your user registration [ Use my code z6w29 if you want ]  at ICO page, your original invitation code will be grant.

Advertise this invitation code, and if other person used that invitation code and did a user registration, invested over 0.02 BTC, then both users will be granted 300 BITPARK Tokens.

And, to whom has high rewards outcome, we prepared more special remuneration plan which is related to the amount of remuneration.

ICO Page
Signin Page

Twitter follow & retweet campaign - 100 BITPARK Tokens

ICO Page

If you retweet @icobitpark's tweet, you will get 100 BITPARK Tokens.
For example, if you retweet each 2 tweets, you'll get 200 BITPARK Tokens.

[Application method]
1. Follow 
2. Retweet @icobitpark's tweet.

[Application conditions]
Twitter account with over 10 followers.

[Application period]
14th September,2016 - 15th October,2016

[Period of totalization and guide]
16th October,2016 - 30th October,2016
We will send you a direct message in order. Please register your Ethereum Address which is corresponding to your original Token, from Token's Receive Application Form.

[Distribution period of BITPARK Tokens]
5th November,2016 - 15th November,2016

Attention points

-We will inform you about the BITPARK Tokens remuneration by using the direct message of campaign Twitter account(@icobitpark). Please follow to the way of receipt procedure which is written to this direct message. Your joining to this campaign will be invalid, if you stop following our campaign twitter account, or undo retweeting, or releasing(quit) your twitter account, before our sending direct message.

- If you didn't finish procedure at apply form before the distribution time limit, we will recognize that you refused. And, if BITPARK Tokens didn't delivered accurately, because of unknown destination or some thing wrong happened, we won't do reshipment. Your applied Ethereum Address's change, correction, cancel is impossible.

- BITPARK won't take any responsibility even if the trouble,loss(no difference between direct or indirection) happened and it was reasoned to this site. Please be understanding this first.

Wait a moment_ Before investing, please do you own research!


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