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Author Topic: Bitcoin Garden Forum: 11 May 2021 Newsletter #68  (Read 123 times)


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  • Bitcoin Garden Forum: 11 May 2021 Newsletter #68
    « on: May 11, 2021, 05:16:52 PM »
    Hello my dear forum member.

    This is Secco, admin of Bitcoin Garden Forum, writing. Welcome to this new edition of the Bitcoin Garden Newsletter.

    WHAT IS CRYPTO LENDING? The world of digital lending is moving at a very fast pace. Crypto Lending is refreshingly new and comfortingly familiar, it is the best thing since the inception of blockchain technology-depending on your outlook and where your assets are presently stored. Blockchain technology empowers cryptocurrencies. Though still evolving, it is changing banks and other financial institutions in the way they carry out their lending and borrowing process through the use of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which is one of the major use cases of blockchain technology. A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Lending is here:

    COINGECKO LAUNCHES "NFT SPOTLIGHT" TO HIGHLIGHT CRYPTO ARTISTS: CoinGecko, the world’s leading independent data aggregator, is now on a mission to promote art appreciation and help artists connect with more audiences through the launch of NFT Spotlight. Prior to this, CoinGecko launched “NFT of the Day” which features one interesting artwork every day in order to drive awareness of art to the wider crypto community. Building on this, CoinGecko will now be working directly with crypto artists and provide a platform to showcase the artists’ backstory as well as their finest work. CoinGecko’s NFT Spotlight is a platform for artists, both new and seasoned, to create new connections with the wider crypto audience.

    LEARNING CRYPTO, CONFERENCES AND EVENTS: The next weeks are full of crypto events taking place in various countries. In this newsletter you will find a brief summary of the top ones. A more comprehensive list of events can be found at: where you're also welcome to share your favorite events and local meetups. Future evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak may be impacting some of those event, so I suggest to follow the news on the official websites to stay updated with the dates, as the schedule can change at any time.

    BLOCKCHAINSATION: 14-16 May 2021 in Laško, Slovenia. Biggest Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies related event in the region. 3 days of fun, blockchain and crypto experts, networking, useful knowledge, relaxation and much more in the heart of Slovenia. More info:

    TECH CONFERENCE EUROPE, SUMMER EDITION: 15-16 June 2021, Virtual Format. Focus on Baltics and Nordics. Explore the latest insights from the world of AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech! The event gathers developers, CEOs, managers and compliance experts from several industries and the main focus is Augmented and Virtual Reality. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech. The experts will touch base on subjects such as Education, Training, Security and Privacy, Legal Matters, Gaming, Animation, Health, Wellness, Smart Cities and Mobility and many more. More info:

    STARTUP BOOTCAMP 2021: Fall 2021 in Catalonia, Spain. A 5-day intensive acceleration in Catalonia - a startup bootcamp and crash course in business and entrepreneurship designed to bring a combination of knowledge & practice to startup founders and transform outstanding ideas into successful companies, providing resources, know-how and network. More info:

    CRYPTO AWARDS: PEOPLE'S CHOICE! Bitcoin Garden has been nominated for the Crypto Awards 2021 in the "forum and community" category. Honest rating of crypto projects, companies and persons with transparent process of voting based on feedback and reviews from real crypto users and customers. 81 nominations created by market experts with 173 companies competing in the ratings. Granting winners is planned to be held at Blockchain Fest 2021. You're invited to support our nomination voting for us at: - voting takes only few clicks. Please support us!

    THE HEROES OF THE GARDEN! This month 1 new user entered the club of "Garden Heroes"; she is: SandraTrader. Congrats!

    NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE: All the past editions of this newsletter are available on the forum, in the newsletter archive:

    That's all folks! Enjoy your garden! As usual, comments and feedback are welcome. Secco.
    Hacker, Pirate, Milf Hunter, Owner of Bitcoin Garden


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