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General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / Re: fast money
« Last post by Lena on Today at 04:49:33 PM »
Online gaming is actually an interesting option. I would not advise those who came to the site as a beginner to get involved in this. They often make stupid mistakes at high stakes. But if you are careful and pragmatic then this site is for you -  Here you can choose games depending on your level. I recommend starting with slots. This is the least risky)
I agreed with your opinion, but I think that the first thing that matters is your skill and time. If you have quite enough time to make it on your own, go for it. As for me, I need to make some essays and reviews in a short time, so I use a helping hand by the ghostwriters with essays and short story reviews for several times. Btw you can find some advice on their site how to make your essay.
Ethereum Tokens / Re: Engage Gametech Monetized Gaming Platform
« Last post by kenneth313 on Today at 04:31:46 PM »
The market for web based games is developing at a sound pace because of the developing reception of cutting edge gaming advancements, alongside changing amusement inclinations among shoppers, rising pay levels, and developing interest for portable gaming. The consistently developing cell phone combined with quick and stable web availability has prompted an ascent in the quantity of gamers at a fast pace.

I also think that PC versions of online gaming projects and platforms should have more options for users to choose, to play on mobile devices. Sometimes it's pretty important to react on anything, which is going on in the game, but you cannot because don't have access to your PC.
Yes, you are very right because Covid affected every type of market and especially bitcoin is affected so much. Well, I always use the trade bitcoin because it provides me the more security and good ideas to invest.
When we talk about SEO technologies and services, I would definitely try link building, and in that way, after couple of weeks or months, you will see how higher would be your website in search result's webpages of Google and other search engine companies. I've tried couple of companies, but company called natural link maybe the best one, in comparison with all others. They definitely know how to make your online business more popular, in the eyes of search engines and of your potential new clients.
Airdrop: Coinmarketcap
Estimated Value: $1.00
Token Value: N/A
Validation Rate: 6.0/ 10

Airdrop Link:

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What is your opinion about Coinmarketcap Airdrop?
СМИ: Впервые Британская Публичная Компания Перевела Часть Капитала В Биткоин

Котирующаяся на Лондонской фондовой бирже финтех-компания Mode объявила, что приобрела биткоины на сумму около £750 тысяч из своих денежных резервов, сообщает Forbes.

Издание отметило, что теперь это первая публичная компания в Великобритании с BTC на балансе.

Решение о покупке криптовалюты в фирме приняли около 10 дней назад, пояснил основатель и исполнительный председатель Mode Джонатан Роуленд.

Этот шаг последовал за переводом в биткоин собственного капитала на $50 млн платежной компанией Square Джека Дорси.

По словам Роуленда, вложения в криптовалюту являются частью долгосрочной стратегии «защиты активов инвесторов от обесценивания валюты». Конвертировать в BTC фирма намерена 10% резервов.

Кастодианами цифровых активов компании выступили сервисы BitGo и Coinbase Custody.

Mode позиционирует себя как провайдера «банковского биткоин-приложения» для iPhone. В фирме насчитывают более 25 тысяч пользователей.

После заявления о покупке криптовалюты акции Mode подорожали приблизительно на 10% одновременно с ростом цены BTC.
We have great news, friends!

In just a couple of days, each member of our community will start generating 5% more UMI every month. This is a big step for the ROY Club and we decided to launch a competition in honor of such a significant event!

The main winner will receive a super prize - 500 coins! And 10 more winners will receive 100 coins.

The competition takes place on our Instagram, so follow the link, read the rules and participate. But hurry up, the competition will last only a day - you can participate until October 24, 20:00 Moscow time!

Take part in a competition

Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint staking / paramining at the ROY club.

Details on the link:

Thank you for reading my story.
I'm an unemployed man, unfortunately with a mysterious disabling disease. It began suddenly 3 years ago: it's a big muscular weakness, something similar to cfs, cronic fatigue sydrome. I have big problems in walkings, but also in doing everything. My life quality is bad: no work, no girlfriend, no holidays, nothing. Only hope. When I take a train, I go to a doctor. I'm always at home. At rest. I've done a lot of medical tests, but yet I don't know what my disease is, which is the cause, and the cure! Meanwhile, I've spent a lot of money in useless medicines, medical tests, specialistic visits...I keep on going in this long tunnel, only hope helps me.
And I hope someone will give me a little financial help, any amount...For me every dollar or little part of bitcoin is a precious gift.
BTC 3GgG3pr17KicXHGeP9e74sSa5gdzbkE5pa

Thank you for reading my message. Excuse me if it was too long. Have a nice day.
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