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Friends, we hasten to please you with amazing news.

We made a cool redesign of the ROY Club website!

Today is exactly one year since the start of UMI staking. And in honor of this, we have updated our website and optimized the functionality, making it much easier to use and more intuitive even for a beginner.

We have completely updated:
- The main page of the site. It has become much more beautiful, more modern and more technological.
- Registration page. It has become much more convenient and simpler, especially since Sergei Ordin himself explains everything there step by step.

We hope that you will appreciate our work. We tried to make the site as pleasant and comfortable as possible, so that each member of the ROY Club would receive only positive emotions from interacting with it.

Also, in the near future we will add express registration, update the design of the Personal Account, making it more convenient and intuitive, as well as prepare a complete redesign of all internal pages.

Our website:

Your ROY Club! Follow us!

Need money?
Interested in passive income?
We are ready to help you!
Invest in joint staking / paramining at the ROY club.

Details on the link:

All Chinese search engines have apparently stopped providing search results for Huobi, OKEx, and Binance only days after China restricted crypto influencers’ social media accounts.

According to a Chinese journalist using the Twitter name Wu Blockchain, local search engines like Sogou and Baidu have blocked search results for three of the most significant digital asset trading sites. Binance, Huobi, and OKEx are three digital asset trading sites.

Good Day everyone,

My name is George Bailey, and with the help of Clearance (my guardian angel). We plan to re-build the financing system in the form of a DAO.

At Bailey's Building & Loans, members of Bedford Falls (members of this discord) will be able to receive lines of credit, completely by their transaction history in Decentralized Finance. If you are interested in becoming apart of the team, please learn about us below.

The project is here:
The Audit details are here:
Twitter Announcements here:

Our BNB and BUSD farms start on 15 June 2021. We will be adding more farming pools based on Bedford Falls community members’ votes so please standby to help us decide what the next farming pair will be .

The smart contracts were built from Audited smart contracts, more specifically GYSR smart contracts. Only few edits were made to fit the unique customizations of the Bailey's Building & Loans needs. Edits were made to ensure an equal distribution of earnings per user based solely on time. In BBL's contracts no one can pay more to earn more in farming yield.

Smart Contracts and Links will be updated here:
BEP20 Token: 0x8abcEbDa80cE8C1fCF0105EF8d5d7fC5b26b0Cd0

Contract Description
Contract Address
BEP 20 Token: BBL
Farm Contract: BNB-BBL LP
Farm Contract: BUSD-BBL LP
More to Come

Bailey Building & Loans Governance Tokenomics

Bailey Building & Loans has a governance token. The governance token will allow members of Bedford falls community to be apart of governance decisions, and it will receive a portion of the revenue generated from the protocol during phase 2.
There are 4 groups of allocations that will be used for the tokens.

Total BBL Supply: 7,000,000,000

                            *Liquidity Providers - 58.5%

                *Development Team - 17.5%

                *Charge Backs - 15%

                *Partners - 9%

                *No private sales, No backroom deals

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i ask again kindly for your impression about the script and what is it needing to be full script
with all site's owners need to start their business online
it's even more exciting if we play crypto and btc by playing games, like I played in bk8,
there I was given a lot of bonuses and several times I won big
Hi, friend,

If you'd like to test some online slot games or sportsbooks before making a deposit, we've managed to get you some no deposit offers - listed on bk8asik. com.
I can't post a direct link here, so you'll need to google it. :)

Apart from that, there are lots of interesting articles and exclusive bonuses on casinos & sports (btc and crypto accepted of course).
General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / Game
« Last post by Martawa on Today at 05:45:45 PM »
Hi, I have always enjoyed watching various sports broadcasts and even started predicting who might win a football match or hockey. Do you think it's worth trying to place bets or maybe someone will give a couple of tips to a beginner?
General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / バカラ ルール
« Last post by Elvis88 on Today at 05:04:09 PM »
友達がバカラにハマってる。そこでバカラを調べてみた。ご存知でしたか?バカラ ルールは単純、初心者でも約1/2の確率で勝つことができるシンプルなゲーム、実践をしながらだと30分くらいで覚えられて、履歴の見方を覚えると楽しさ倍増。
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24bestex.comмой обменник валюты
Yes, it is safe to invest in cryptocurrency from India in 2021. The RBI has issued a new guideline on transactions in cryptocurrencies

WazirX is the most preferred exchange platform to trade cryptocurrencies in India. There are other exchanges too - CoinSwitch Kuber, Zebpay, and UnoCoin.
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