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Please vote for CampusCoin to be listed on NIBYX here:
(note: one trade is needed to vote)

CampusCoin AMA #1 (Via Telegram)

Question 1:
Is it possibility that you may increase the total supply in the future again?
Max sup. I meant

Answer 1:
The maximum supply was determined based on student projections and economic factors. We are setting this right for the long term. There are not plans for increases to the total supply to occur ever again in the future. What guarantees that is increasing a supply and adding additional mining methods (PoS and MN) require a hard fork of the token. For this update to work, nodes will need to approve of the switch in essence by running the new blockchain. There will be a direct 1-1 swap of the tokens, ensuring no one loses value. If, in theory as you are proposing, we attempt to create additional tokens in the future, nodes would once again have to approve of the change for it to occur, as another fork would be required.
Thus, if we went to increase the supply again, the community could easily reject the fork by not running the changed blockchain.

Question 2:
Are u in negotiations with universities about using campuscoin? And are there universities that are seriously planning to implement campuscoin in their system or campus ?

Answer 2:
We have had talks with a handful of universities within the continental United States to gauge their level of interest.  Official engagements with universities need to occur through the PBC (Public Benefits Corporation).  The path for formal and meaningful talks through the business can take place at that level.  Filing of the PBC is almost complete through Nevada.

Question 3:
When are planning to have fork or hybridized Campus coin ? And will we be able to run masternode on our cell phone or is it just for staking ?

Answer 3:
Plans are in motion for early September. Once the testnet is ready,  the community will be allowed to participate in the process. In regards to staking on your mobile phone, this is something we are looking closely into as Apple store and Google play released statements recently stating they will no longer allow mining apps om their platform. We will make a determination on this within the next week.

Question 4:
why is so much coins needed for a masternode?
when price from cmpco is 10 cent the smallest masternode coast 50k

Answer 4:
Unfortunately this is one of the areas where we cannot please everyone. We have received comments in support of an increase, some for a decrease, and some think this is a good number. It is hard to please everyone but we believe this is a good direction for the longevity of the project. Like the max supply, the number was chosen based on student projections and economic factors

Question 5:
Can you give a more in depth response on why book stores on campus would want to recieve CampusCoin when it is so volatile? I thought Bryan Dube's answer on the interview video of "Liquidity in the market stabalizing the currency" was rather weak. Bitcoin has billions of $s in volume and is hardly stable.

If you want my personal opinion, I think CampusCoin should derive a stablecoin from the currently volatile coin and hold its value at 1$ using some stablecoin methods in the market today (personal favorite is the "Aztec Method" used by CarbonUSD). Would allow you to have your coin adopted by universities as a payment rail

Answer 5:
With over 20 thousand universities worldwide, adoption with a crypto friendly university is statistically imminent.  Volatility of crypto is always in respect to fiat, and we have long discussed the devaluation of FIAT within this forum and discord.  Pegging to USD is not a long term approach for stability, since the dollar continues to drop in value.

Question 6:
What is the update with CPN Debit cards? Are we considering other payment networks like Pundi X to list CPMCO?

Answer 6:
Yes. There are other partnership the team is looking into. The team is looking for alignment of purpose and vision in any future collaborations.

Questions 7 (from Lars via reddit)
I am not a telegram user but I have question on the masternodes and available nodes per tier. How many nodes are available at each level? I suspected 512 at T3, 1024 at T2 and 2048 at T1 but maybe you can clarify?

Answer 7:
The MN slots is something we have thought long and hard about. Some believe this should be exclusive and open for a short period of time only. At this point you are right. We plan to maintain and accept as many as we can which will be estimated at the numbers you have stated. We want students to have the opportunity to be MN and make passive income while also helping us sustain a good stable coin.

Question 8:
When does the app come out thatís showed in the campus coin-students cryptocoin  YouTube video?

Answer 8:
Our CampusCoin Mobile App and Mobile Wallet is scheduled for Q3 of 2018.  It is built for maximum adoption with support for multiple languages targeting the largest demographics.

Question 9:
What do you say about 51% attack on pow coins?
It it also possible after the update?

Answer 9:
The beauty of adding PoS/MN is that it reduces the probability for one entity to become that powerful to achieve. If thousands of students are mining all around the globe, the idea of a coordinated attack is minimized.

Question 10:
Have you thought about running adds in University newspapers or talkshows?

Answer 10:
Our target demographic, collegiate students ages 18-24, are more likely to be reached using digital marketing platforms rather than traditional marketing methods. That being the case, we do plan to leverage strategic marketing outlets to continue to gain adoption. With school merely 4 weeks away, we are ready.
Expect our advertising strategy to be impactful and non traditional.  We have incorporated advisors to help in obtaining decisive market penetration with academia and the student population.

CampusCoin is excited to present ---- CAMPUSCOIN DESKTOP WALLET V2.0.0.1 ----

CampusCoin Team has been hard at work to build this program as error free as possible, working in accordance with scope and design, and within budget for this important phase of our CampusCoin Desktop Code development. After passing the internal testing stage, CampusCoin then reached out to the community engaging volunteers to test the software and provide valuable feedback. CampusCoin is pleased to acknowledge all feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and v2.0.0.1 is in full release status.


New installation: -Take standard precautions with any new piece of software. -Extract the executable to your desktop or other favorite location -Run the program -Whitelist the program in your antivirus application if deemed necessary

Upgrade installation: -Make a backup of your existing CampusCoin wallet.dat file -Two Methods - Running and Not Running

If Not Running
Manually copy the wallet.dat to your chosen backup location

If Running
From Menu
 -> Backup Wallet

Close existing desktop wallet & confirm it is ended in Task Manager -Extract the executable to your favorite location (or overwrite the old executable) -Run the program -Whitelist the program in your antivirus application if deemed necessary

After the blockchain sync, your CampusCoin Desktop Wallet is a part of CampusCoin and a part of the future.

Get your CampusCoin Desktop Wallet v2.0.0.1 today:

DISCLAIMER: CampusCoin does not warrant the functions contained in the program will meet your requirements or that the operation of the program will be uninterrupted or error-free. Note: In no event will CampusCoin or its developers or its contractors be liable to you for any damages, including any lost profit, lost savings, lost patience or other incidental or consequential damage.


ATTENTION: The CampusCoin Team has officially released v2.0.0.1 of our desktop wallet, which includes an updated user interface, updated libraries, and security updates. For download instructions, visit our Discord and Telegram channels. Also, stay tuned as we will be releasing Masternode and PoS specs in an upcoming update. Get your wallet today:

Mobile App Preview pt. 2 - Hit the Like button and Subscribe to our YouTube channel

CampusCoin Development Donation Addresses:

CampusCoin Address: CSKYyacmzvcKRbq5F8cWDY52o5gHT7tCGc

Bitcoin Address: 14mAo1wicxf9E4XtbmRkNx7wBiWYj9dnK8

Litecoin Address: LgnhP7rse9tuWQsrRvz9pR947M8LeZooq8

View the official CampusCoin mobile app preview and subscribe to our YouTube channel today here:

CampusCoin launches new Airdrop
→ Task: Register for the CampusCoin newsletter using a valid school-provided email address at
→ Requirements: The provided email address must be an .edu or an alternative official school-provided email address.
→ Limitations: One registration per user.
→ Reward*: 100 CMPCO will be earned for each user who registers for the CampusCoin newsletter with an official school-provided email address.
→ How to: Sign up for our newsletter with a valid school-provided email address on the official CampusCoin website.
→ Start Date: 4/24/2018 @ 12PM EST
→ End Date: 4/24/2018 @ 12PM EST
→ Payout: After registering, users must email our team at [email protected] with a valid CMPCO address to receive airdrop funds.
→ Bonus: During the Airdrop period, users who apply and are selected as CampusCoin Ambassadors will receive a bonus 500 CMPCO. Apply to become an Ambassador here.

*Airdrop rewards are subject to change at any time.

The CampusCoin Flyer Distribution Bounty has officially come to an end. Our team appreciates everyone that participated in the week-long event. Stay tuned for more bounties/airdrops.

We are proud to announce that CampusCoin has been listed on, which compares rates across exchanges and allows users to locate the best transaction rate possible. View their page for CampusCoin here:

We have launched our first bounty of the second quarter! Check it out here:

Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to receive FREE CMPCO

The official Ambassador Guide has been sent to all Ambassadors. Please respond so we know you have received it. If you are an Ambassador and did not receive the guide, please contact us

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