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StackBIT last update 21-9-2018
Planned hardfork at block 725.000
Important news, do not skip reading!

Release Stackbit Wallet : Hard will Fork happen! Mandatory update!
hard fork will be occur at block height 725,000

New APR schedule:

before fork, until block 725,000 = 900%
block 725,000 - 799,999 = 50%
block 800,000 - 899,999 = 18%
block 900,000 - above = 6%
Max Supply raised to 90 Billion

New Wallets:

New source:

Updated github:

This new wallet release lowers the APR and includes some logo & graphic changes.

This is a mandatory update (hard fork), make sure to upgrade to this before Stackbit reaches block 725,000!

Hello all, StackBIT is listed on a new exchange:

SBIT is also live on coingather -> We hope to see you there!


It does not matter how much coins you have. Though, the more the better. You will receive stakes around the clock. So each day compounding style can make a hell nice stack of coins within 1-2 months.

Stackbit is currently listed on

We expect that even though the growth of the coins around, more and more people will get interested to purchase their first coins and stake rewards. Also we think that more day traders will try to flip their stackbits, which means more activity and day volume. Once we hit that point we are going to get the coin listed at more exchanges.

how many coins i need to hold in 1 block in order to get a reward?

how often will i get the reward?

is the coin listed on exchange site?

what will happen when we will hit inflation and many circulate coins?


Hello all,

Our website has been published.

We noticed the blockexplorer is offline. We contacted the third party/owner.

Derzsi,  your wallet adress please.

We are working on a revamp of our logo and the topic with more graphics. Also submitted our coin to another exchange.

Hello Sir,

Thanks a lot for your question. I think you just misunderstood our coin/concept/project. If you read it a bit better. Stackbit is a HIGH pos coin with super low initial premine. So there are not billions, not even hundreds or tens millions coins. The total supply is with "getinfo"  = "moneysupply" : 2063040.12376658,        So there are just over 2million Stackbit coins.

I hope its all clear for you now. We're doing this project with our best intentions.


With the blockexplorer in our pockets. We submitted our site for approval to

Its POS now. Get yourself some coins and lets stake some additional.

Hello all,

We wanted to let you know that our blockexplorer is finally up and running.
As you can see our coin is super unvervalued. There is just a few coins out there. 

You can trade our grreat coin  at:

Hi all,

We've seen some nice growth in the trading on CE. Also more stakers these days. We are also working on our second coin listing.

@Findblocks i just send you a pm regarding the explorer.

We are working on several pools. Will get connected hopefully within 48 hours.

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