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I'm only posting this contest thread on behalf of the PUGG Team. For any concerns and inquiries regarding this contest, ask the PUGG team on their official channels [links below].

Official announcement:

Disclaimer: I am only the Bounty Campaign Manager for this project. I am paid only to manage this bounty campaign. I will not be held responsible should the developers/project team fail to reach their stated goals/obligations to the bounty participants, investors, and everyone else.
This contest is managed by the PUGG team and does not have an escrow to its contest prizes. Join (on this contest)or Invest (on their ICO/IDO/IEO) at your own risk.

Posting this announcement thread on behalf of Space Runners Team


Disclaimer: I am only the Bounty Campaign Manager for this project. I am paid only to manage this bounty campaign. I will not be held responsible should the developers/project team fail to reach their stated goals/obligations to the bounty participants, investors, and everyone else.
Join (on their bounty campaign)or Invest (on their ICO/IDO/IEO) at your own risk.

Coin Home / [ANN] PUGG - Play Unity Gold Game - DECENTRALIZED METAVERSE
« on: December 29, 2021, 05:50:34 AM »


Posting this announcement thread in behalf of the UCF Team



Las Vegas, NV, USA/ September 18, 2021 -  The fair launch token sale for fantasy sports-style gaming site CinemaDraft begins October 7, 2021. This Initial CD3D Offering will last for 24 hours only at Using a Dutch auction type of cryptocurrency sale known as a batch auction, investors will submit bids for 20 million of the 100 million CD3D token supply, with orders being filled after the sale ends from highest price to lowest price.

CD3D powers the in-game token economy for the upcoming CinemaDraft game platform. A Binance Smart Chain-based token priced in stablecoin BUSD, CD3D boasts popular DeFi features such as:
- 10% transaction fee that includes dividends, burn, plus buyback & burn
- Anti-whale protocol capping transactions to 0.15% of the token supply
- 30-day+ staking rewards for longtime holders
- Monthly liquidity release schedule

Funds from the token sale will empower CinemaDraft, LLC to complete a self-service decentralized exchange token launchpad for other gaming tokens. Additionally, CinemaDraft will complete developing its first daily fantasy movies game DraftStream with the funds acquired, sponsoring marketing and free-to-play prize pools using cash and CD3D prizes.

Star Cards are the celebrity NFT collectibles that earn CD3D based on the actorsí in-game performance. This organic integration to CinemaDraft games provides intrinsic, organic value above that of the largely speculative non-fungible token market.

In CD3D, CinemaDraft brings innovation and decentralized finance to the $20 billion Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) industry. Players will become investors; investors will become players. The Community Jackpot Fund - a dedicated portion of the token supply used to reward the most consistently active players - will be deployed on a quarterly basis. Future plans include a play-to-earn program for players to own Star Cards for free while sharing their revenue with CinemaDraft. As the rare
deflationary token with actual utility, CD3D features sound tokenomics designed to withstand the cyclical, high-variance nature of cryptocurrency investment.


Founded by the game's creator, CinemaDraft is managed by CEO/Founder Edwardo Jackson. Mr. Jackson's areas of expertise include publishing, movie criticism, marketing, and professional poker.

As an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor since 2013, Mr. Jackson owns the educational site CinemaDraft, LLC is a Nevada-incorporated company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

Hi, I'm posting this in behalf of PESP Team.

Hi guys!

I'm announcing the launch of PESP Coin (PESP), PESP is a coin based on Dash source code (X11 algorithm Proof of Work and Masternodes).

There is no ICO, just a 0,01% coin premine (one million coins) to setup masternodes at launch, start a bounty campaign and the rest that is left will be given for free to anyone on the foundation website (faucet).

It's a fair launch, once the coin is launched everyone will be able to mine it with Proof of Work and get coins using Masternodes.

The main utility of PESP is as a form of payment either on online shops or shops on the streets for goods and virtual goods, PESP will also be used as the only cryptocurrency on our network of online shops (see below for more details).


Algorithm: X11 (PoW and Masternodes)
Total max Supply : 7.9 billion coins (same as the current world population, a coin for everyone)
Block Time: 2.5 minutes
Block size: 2 MB
Block reward : 1000 coins
Block halving : 395000
Recommended transaction confirmations: 6
Masternodes collateral : 10000 coins
InstantSend and PrivateSend features
Premine: 0,01% (1 000 000 coins)
ICO: None


Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:




Solo Pools:

An introduction about who I'm ?

My name is Sophia, I'm from Hong Kong, I'm a business women owning a variety of online businesses (mostly online shops).

My company sell a variety of goods online ranging from consumer electronic goods to apparel, our goods are bought in China and ship to our customers all over the world.

Our customer database is around 250 000 customers for all businesses and growing every year.

I'm the founder of the coin, although I'm not a developer, I have some sense of business and I'm already in contact with different developers that will help to launch the coin, maintain the network safe, working and provide also software updates over the time.

Of course if you are a developer and want to help, you are most welcome.

I'm preparing the launch since many months, I may looks like a newbie in this forum but I can guarantee you that during these last months I read this forum and other online resources assiduously, I learned a lot about coin launches.

That's it, I thought it was necessary to present myself briefly for you guys can understand more about the project.



Launching of PESP Coin safely and making sure everything is working without any issues.


Launch of a bounty campaign.
Massive promotion of the coin on the whole internet using ads on crypto websites, Facebook and Twitter.
Getting the coin listed on major exchanges.


Launch of an online shop (similar as Aliexpress, only accepting PESP coins as payment method, this new online shop will accompany the launch of the coin.
Getting the coin listed on BitPay, Coinbase commerce and other major cryptocurrency payment processors, it will help other merchants all over the world to know more and get use to receive payments with PESP coin.
Launch of a mobile wallet for Android and iOS.


Once the coin become mature and is listed on more exchanges, coin will be implemented on my network of online shops as the only cryptocurrency accepted on our cryptocurrency payment method (at this time we will still accept fiat currencies in parrallel).
Settling a taskforce team at my company to promote and persuade other online shops to accept the coin (mostly Chinese online shops at first).


Keep promoting the coin in the whole world by any way, if we can contact famous stars to promote PESP coins, we will do it!
Once we have a very large range of online shops accepting PESP coins we will create a lobby group bringing together all merchants and launching what the futur should be : stop accepting fiat currencies from Visa, Mastercard Amex, PayPal payments and only accept PESP coins. This will be of course in the future and it will be not easy to implement but nothing is impossible, isn't it?

For finish PESP Coin is not limited to me or a company, after the launch it is something for all people in the world, no matter what color and what nationality you are. Anyone who believe in this project should have his own road map to promote the coin.

The launch date will be within next 7 to 10 days if everything go smooth with the testing.  I will announce it on this topic well in advance to inform those who are interested.

That's it, if you have any questions or suggestions you are most welcome, if you believe in this project, if you can provide help by any way please do not hesitate to contact me. This is the way :)

Livecoin has officially announced the's IEO on their platform on December 23 - 30!

More details here:


Giveaways & Airdrops / Earn Bitcoins with your Photos!
« on: December 19, 2019, 03:32:54 PM » launched an all new campaign!
Earn Bitcoins and Guide Tokens with your Photos!!

Visit the campaign thread here for more details.

The project got 4.4 on ICObench:
Good project, hope can use the services in Vietnam!

Sounds interesting. I think this project will be a hit.

Sent from my RMX1911 using Tapatalk

Thank you for the kind words guys!




CUR token will be listed on the ProBit_Exchange today.

Last chance to get your token prior to the listing at the 20st of september!
Get your CUR Token right here:

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