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Welcome to the giveaway topic of Riocoin. We're happy to welcome you here.

We have several jobs to earn your first sets of Riocoins for free!

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Coin Home / [ANN][ RioCoin ] [RIO] | 100% annual interest | POS
« on: March 06, 2017, 09:14:53 PM »

RIOCOIN— Digital Currency

RIOCOIN— Digital Currency

Coin Specs

Name: RioCoin

Ticker: RIO

Algo: Scrypt

Proof of work/Proof of Stake

PoS: 100% annualy

Block time: 1 min.

Block reward: 349

Last PoW block: 1000000

Min. stage age: 1h

Max. stage age: unlimited

First block premined for coin promotion
RPC: 7514
P2P: 7513


Bootstrap file (optional)!Vx0nwQKY!535l-FQE0-rtaBRASWenMlOhhMjD_U_fXPB7mWwjE5A


Block explorer

Social media


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