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Donation Requests / Need help for little girl !
« on: February 19, 2017, 02:49:06 PM »
We really need help. We write wherever possible and pray for help. We are the parents of little girl Angelina Tkachenko, she is 2 years old. We are from Odessa . Ukraina. Angelina was diagnosed with cancer of the retina. We started to be treated at the clinic Filatov in Odessa, spent 8 blocks of chemotherapy but the treatment did not produce a result.
We flew to Germany to be treated in Berlin,  but because of the structural features of the veins, doctors have not been able to spend therapy.
Then we were sent to the clinic in Essen, Germany. We did not have time to collect the necessary sum, local chemotherapy has not helped.
Angelina had her eye removed. In the diagnosis, doctors found the 4 tumors , 2 inactive and 2 active is very dangerous to life. If you get an active tumor in the optic nerve, our daughter would die.
Our girl is urgently needed proton therapy. Angelina may die.
Doctors have voiced the amount of 84,000 euros.

Please help save the life of the little girl!

our documentation :

all requisites :

We have official groups :

We created bitcoin wallet for help :

Sorry for my bad english. Please help
Need help for little girl !

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