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i have been playing dice for a very long time and all this time i have been trying so many different gambling strategies.

1) martingale strategy (the common way)
the normal/common way of using the 2x multiplier and increasing the bet size 100% on lose.

2) martingale strategy with different multiplier
the same thing but with different multipliers hence different increase on lose.

3) Anti-Martingale
also known as reverse martingale. which is the same thing as martingale but you reduce the bet on loss and increase on win.

4) Random bets
whenever i am tired or just want to have some fun i make random bets. i choose some random amount, multiplier and click roll and this is actually pretty interesting strategy because the outcome always surprises me.

5) if you have any other strategy please share it here with us.

Edit: i am not talking about a dice method for 100% win rate! that would be absurd. i am asking which method you like better, and enjoy using or have better results.

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