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Coin Home / EYWA. Crosschain of the new generation
« on: February 21, 2022, 08:37:32 AM »
EYWA Protocol is the ultimate tool in the developers hands and members of the DeFi ecosystem

You can find more detailed information on EYWA official resources.
Website |
Telegram |
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Everything you need to know to get acquainted with the EYWA ecosystem is in front of you: what problems developers and end-users of the DeFi sector have been solved, about the testnet and airdrop of the project, as well as about the partnership and received grants for the development of the project.

Problems of the modern DeFi sector and what does EYWA has to do with it

The daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies shows an indicator that reaches an average of about $ 100 billion - this value demonstrates a relatively high interest of users of the crypto industry. As a result, decentralized applications hosted on specific blockchains appear in the DeFi space. And as the number of users grows, the problems of interconnection between ecosystems become more pronounced and tangible:
- Blockchain congestion and high fees.
- Market fragmentation and liquidity.
- The complexity and multitasking of the cross-chain process.

Along with the growth of problems, the competition of the same type of dApps also increases, forcing developers to create entirely new technologies, thereby covering and solving the problems of increasing users rate. Aspirations to unify DeFi by addressing the critical issues of market fragmentation led to the creation of the EYWA Protocol. In this article, we will tell you how the platform solves the problems of developers and end-users - let's get acquainted!

About the EYWA project
The EYWA platform is a decentralized data transfer protocol that allows blockchains to seamlessly interact in the areas of liquidity distribution, community formation, and development, as well as the technical integration of various DeFi protocols. Our common goal is to create the necessary conditions for the transition of a fragmented market to full communication of ecosystems and DeFi to reach innovative changes. We strive to create a convenient and efficient decentralized platform that connects different blockchains with "bridges," which would make it possible to conveniently exchange actives, add liquidity, and make transfers. The use of an intermediate layer (hubchain) will make transactions faster and cheaper. The EYWA base also provides the fundamental technology to build the new dApss cross-chain and decentralized exchange for end users.

EYWA for dApps Developers

To create new dApps, the EYWA platform provides a ready-made fundamental cross-chain transport layer solution - EYWA Cross-chain Data Protocol. This technology contains its decentralized network of oracles and a number of smart contracts hosted in final blockchains.

Developers will link smart contracts between heterogeneous blockchains, thereby implementing remote calls between them. Cross-chain technology provides project smart contracts as a single infrastructure located in several blockchains and interacting with each other thanks to an intermediate layer. EYWA also opens up a wide range of new data routing, the basis of which allows the deployment of various cross-chain applications:
- Own bridges for liquidity.
- Decentralized exchanges.
- Cross-chain farming and farming.

The developers of the EYWA platform plan to support and stimulate the integration of DeFi projects using the EYWA DAO. For implementation, resources will be allocated for grants and project assistance, and sponsoring hackathons.

DAO EYWA is a decentralized and fully autonomous cross-chain decision-making subsystem controlled by EYWA token holders. All changes, including new smart contracts to the ecosystem, are made by a general vote. EYWA will help developers create their own liquidity pools thanks to the Cross-Chain Liquidity Protocol. The protocol consists of decentralized AMM exchanges on finite blockchains and EYWA Cross-Chain Bridge smart contracts.

EYWA Cross-Chain Bridge is a key part of the liquidity sub-protocol. It is designed to move assets between blockchains.

dApps developers can quickly and conveniently move project tokens between blockchains while taking advantage of non-custodial liquidity. EYWA supports various pool models, from stable Curve pools to classic Uniswap technology pools (v2, v3, and Balancer v2).

EYWA for users

1) On the basis of the protocol, there is an active development of the DEX exchange, consisting of bridges and end exchanges in each blockchain. The advantages of this solution are that users will be able to quickly and conveniently make token exchanges, use supported bridges, and be liquidity conduits exclusively on one platform.

Understanding the different levels of financial needs of users, EYWA Multichain Gasless subsystem was developed. This solution allows users to:
- Make exchanges of small volumes (less than $1000) on our platform without commissions.
- Choose a convenient asset for paying a low commission on our platform.

More details about the aggregated metapool technology, which allows you to make low commissions, can be found on the Project website in the White Paper section.

The low commission is achieved thanks to an intermediate layer (fast and convenient blockchain) and a common liquidity metapool using the Cross-chain Liquidity Protocol. (connections in one pool of all blockchains).

Also, the subsystem provides an opportunity to select a user-friendly low commission payment asset of the platform. EYWA Multichain Gasless allows you to conduct transactions on all blockchains using one asset, eliminating the need for traders to pay fees on each blockchain separately.

2) Platform participants will be allowed to make convenient cross-chain exchanges of native tokens from different networks.
100 USDT(Solana) - 100 USDT(ETH)

3) Users will become liquidity providers and receive rewards for cross-chain farming.
4) Also, users will be given an open opportunity to be the holder of the EYWA Relayer Network nodes and earn money by supporting the network of relayers.

EYWA Relayer Network is a decentralized network of oracles that confirms the data transferred between blockchains.
Absolutely anyone who has registered EYWA tokens in a special smart contract can become a holder.

EYWA Partners and Investors
Along with the development of the EYWA platform, public interest in the project is growing, increasing the number of proposals from large investment companies that are ready to support the development of the project actively.

Since the launch of the alpha testing of the platform, the EYWA project has entered into strategic partnerships with the following projects:

Grants were received for the further development of the project and the creation of new bridges:
Aurora Grant – 50 000 $
Algorand Grant – 95 000 $
Harmony One Grant – 50 000 $
NEAR Foundation Grant – 40 000 $

Partnership agreements were concluded with investment companies:
John Tiner & Partners
Vespertine Capital
BR Capital
Unreal Capital

EYWA Tokenomics
The total supply of the EYWA token will be 1 billion, with the possibility of additional issuance by a common community decision.

EYWA token is the main means of payment on the platform and, in addition, gives the right to take part in the management of the protocol through voting. The token serves as a reward for node holders and will be distributed among all alpha test participants who have completed all the necessary conditions.
(in total, 1% of the total issue of coins will be allocated).

The total supply of EYWA tokens is 1 billion, with the possibility of additional issuance by a common community decision. The EYWA token is the main means of payment on the platform, provides the right to take part in protocol management by voting, is a reward for node holders, and will be distributed among all alpha testing participants who have fulfilled all the necessary conditions (in total, 1% of the total emission of coins will be allocated). The EYWA platform plans to produce its stablecoin - eUSD.

EYWA roadmap for 2022

Q1-Q2 2022
In the 1-2 quarter of 2022, the main task is to launch the EYWA Cross-Chain Protocol and EYWA DAO with parallel private sales rounds. At the end of the 2nd quarter, the EYWA project will conduct an airdrop for alpha testing participants.

Q3-Q4 2022
The 3rd-4th quarter will serve as the new EYWA NFT cross-chain platform launch. There will also be an active addition and development of "bridges" between new blockchains: Cosmos, Terra, and EVM-based blockchains.

Alpha testing of EYWA platform
During the alpha testing of the EYWA Protocol, "bridges" were developed between the following blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Heco, Metis Stardust, Avalanche, and Polygon. Currently, the development team is actively implementing other networks, one of which is Solana.

Alpha testers, using cross-chain tasks, helped identify and eliminate key errors, increasing the relevance and usefulness of the protocol for DeFi. Thank you, an airdrop will be held for all participants who have fulfilled the necessary conditions.

EYWA Airdrop
The EYWA project has prepared 54,000 NFTs for participants who have completed the airdrop conditions.

As of now, 51015 alpha test participants will receive our NFTs, while 3985 NFTs remain unallocated and awaiting new owners. In addition, depending on the points scored, EYWA tokens will be distributed among the participants.

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