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The Mac Migration Assistant is said to allow choosing what data to transfer to Mac computer, such as: current user's contacts, calendar, and email data, including from Outlook and Live Mail; images; browser bookmarks; iTunes content; system settings (location, desktop background, browser home page); other files and folders (manual selection of files and non-system folders of PC disks is required). With my bad luck, when I was moving my data to my new Mac, all but images were transferred successfully. The issue is that images just disappeared in the transfer process. Have no clue what happened. So, I wander if any system like data recovery may save my life?

General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / Re: THC and secondary breast cancer
« on: December 22, 2021, 02:38:35 PM »
I never heard that thc could heal cancer… I think it is not true and you shouldn’t spend your money on that. The only time I used thc oil was when I had a leg injury. People told me that it would help me numb the pain, but it was useless. The only thing that helped me was hash that I bought from High-quality hashish is hard to find, and I was fortunate. This place has the highest quality of hashish, and my favorite one is zig-zag black hash.

As far as I remember, the serial method is used for streaming.  The file is played from the provider's regular web server. The advantage of this method is a better image and sound quality, which is very important. However, in this case, the user cannot navigate within a single clip. Its buffering is also carried out sequentially. This method is more advanced but requires a streaming video server. It is suitable for streaming video files of considerable duration, as it simplifies navigation. The user can view the clip from the desired location. Therefore, it is worthwhile to read more about

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