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Why have they been fined for not stating to which industries their graphics cards have been sold? What does it matter if they went to mining rigs or 12 yr olds for gaming computers?

Having to tether to ropey 4g at the moment and safe to say it's not inspiring confidence in me at the moment.

Trading / Re: Crypto Exchange Changelly partners with Binance
« on: May 17, 2022, 04:31:05 PM »
My days just ad after ad in the comments.

Plenty of resources to learn from now. Going into crypto or anything blind is a choice these days.

Trading / Re: Free forex signals
« on: May 17, 2022, 04:27:41 PM »
Sorry but signal services don't work and are just selling a dream. Creating a decent strategy takes time and work. These services just waste time and money

Bloody hell and our schools can't even raise us to understand fiat properly lol.

Choosing Algorand is a curveball. With the number of more active blockchains out there it seems an odd choice but surely good for the space as a whole

Not just BTC I read but several others including stable coins. Big name adoption and during a bear market.

Fair enough. Can't begrudge them for trying to get licensed in more countries. Looking like in the UK we may need to resort to a Binance UK solution like they do in the States.

If you can get a DEX out there and working well then the money to be made in fees is huge.

They are probably more capable of explaining it than many people my ages (30s)

Useful way of tracking any coin or token. Thanks for sharing

Positive news. Blockchain technology offers real world application to businesses and governments around the world.

Sadly there will be more and more of this. Coinbase and Binance both will be easy targets for regulators and governments.

Quite a few footballers now doing sponsorship deals with crypto companies and even asking for some of their salary in crypto.

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