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You have to deposit $10 of crypto to wallet to get airdrop?
Do you get monthly airdrop?

no i got my 15 awc without deposit

see my add :

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Vietnamese Language / Nhận 15 AWC (15$) binance DEX [100%]
« on: June 18, 2020, 12:01:52 AM »

promo code = 198PZB

Tải xuống Atomic wallet :

Mở ứng dụng te, nhấp vo ''Settings '' v nhấp vo '' Airdrop ''.

hy đặt email của bạn v nhập vo 198PZB "promo code "

Xc nhận thư của bạn.

+5 AWC NẾU BẠN SỬ DỤNG "promo code"  198PZB

Today I received 25 AWC (10.37$)


Atomic Wallet is airdropping 10 AWC tokens to users who install their wallet. Download the wallet and sign up for the airdrop to receive 10 AWC tokens. + 5 AWC FOR promo code

promo code =  198PZB
get FREE 15 AWC [ Please enter this promo code you will get + 5 AWC]

Download the Atomic wallet :
Open te app, click on ''Settings'' and click on ''Airdrop''.
put your email and enter 198PZB in the promo code section and signup. YOU will get + 15 AWC
Verify your mail.

+10 AWC FOR YOU and +5 AWC IF YOU USE promo code = 15 AWC


Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations. Tokens built on top of the STP-Standard will use the protocols on-chain Validator to verify compliance with any jurisdictional or issuer-specific requirements.

Airdrop Blockzone Earns 50 STPT

Link register :

After registration you need to verify KYC at :

4 days left

 Free 100  LBC and more


Oikos is a platform enabling the creation of on-chain synthetic assets that give exposure to other assets by tracking their real-world price. Some examples are fiat currencies (EUR, GBP) and commodities like gold and silver (XAU, XAG). 144,468.427969 TRX and 206,856.365899 TEWKEN in Oikos Swap liquidity pool.

How to Join Oikos Airdrop?
1. Follow Twitter and their telegram group
2. Submit Here:




Reward: 10$ USDT [After you do the KYC] + drawn  [ 19 lucky new users will be drawn weekly to split 40,000 USDT.]

Signup And Verify Email Login & Complete ID Verification   

Note: This airdrop is for limited participants, so join fast

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