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The SocialGood Cryptocurrency will be Listed on DigiFinex, LATOKEN, and Other Major Exchanges

Everyone can get over USD 100 in SocialGood. Let's participate in the Airdrop!

How to join?


 。 完成KYC


每增加一位一级用户奖励0.05 ETH, 每增加一位二级用户奖励0.08 ETH

Vietnamese Language / TokenPark Exchange Nhận (BTC, ETH, EOS)
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:00:14 AM »
 Link đăng kư:

- Xác nhận email của bạn
- Hoàn thành KYC
- Bấm vào (DRAW) Nhận (BTC, ETH, EOS)
- cho mỗi 0.05 ETH /RÈF &KYC

*Nên dùng REF
*Tên FILL ở dạng KYC không sử dụng dấu cách



Чтобы получить ваши токены AIBB (AiBe), нужно:

1- Запустить этого бота :
2-По предложенным ботом ссылкам скачать приложение на ваше мобильное устройство (Android или iOS) и нажать «Done»
3-Вступить в эту группу и нажать «Refresh»
4- Twitter — подписаться на этот аккаунт и отправить боту ваш ник
5-Facebook — подписаться на эту страницу и поставить лайк; прислать боту ссылку на ваш аккаунт
6-Указать ваш адрес электронной почты
7-Отправить боту проверочный код, пришедший на вашу почту
8-Указать ваш адрес AiBe. Его можно найти в скачанном приложении. Зайдите в приложение, придумайте pin-код, нажмите «Wallet», затем «Receive», выберете «AiBe» и скопируйте появившийся адрес кошелька боту
9-В итоговом сообщении бота будет содержаться ваша партнерская ссылка для приглашения в проект AIBB новых участников. Также в этом сообщении вы увидите партнерскую статистику и статистику выполнения заданий. Чтобы обновить информацию, нажмите «Refresh»


1. Register  : You must use this link :

-  Verify your email

2. Complete KYC

3. Click on “DRAW”

4. Join Airdrop Guru’s Telegram group (optional)

5. Receive BTC, ETH* + EOS

*0.05 ETH for every referral


We are reserving up to 250k USD = 250,000 AiBe tokens for our contributors.
1 AiBe = $1



Start the bounty by initiating a chat with the telegram chatbot

and follow its instructions. The AiBB bot will verify your responses.

Here are the steps you will need to complete with the bot.

1. Download the app from the google or apple app store.
2. Join our Telegram group:Official group
3. Follow us on Twitter: Official Channel
4. Follow us on Facebook: Official Channel
5. Post the following on facebook, twitter and any other social outlet you have. The more you post, the more referral tokens you will earn for every successful verification. .- “AiBB has launched its new crypto app! Here is how you can get some free tokens: {insert your telegram referral code here}
6. Paste your AiBe Wallet address from the aibb app into the chatbot.

Arabic Language / باونتي اكثر من 400دولار USDG
« on: May 31, 2019, 04:19:20 AM »
السلام عليكم

قيمة العملة نفس مبدا عمل USDT اي كل USDQ يساوي 1$ ثابت

التسجيل (يجب عليك التسجيل من الاحالة لتحصل على البونص وشكرا على دعمك )

بعد التسجيل سوف على بونص 1$

الان اذهب الى

تحت كل المهام سعر الربح الذي سوف تحصل عليه (مجموع البونتي فوق 400$)

فرصة عظيمه وبالتوفيق للجميع

Vietnamese Language / Nhận 415 USDQ = 415 $
« on: May 31, 2019, 03:47:23 AM »

Nhận 415 USDQ = 415 $

Link đăng kư :

- Nhập Email của bạn và xác nhận nó.
- Tham gia mạng xă hộ
i- Và thực hiện các nhiệm vụ.
- Nhận 415 USDQ = 415 $  : KHÔNG TIỀN THƯỞNG



Registration :

🔘 Enter your Email and confirm it.
🔘  Join social networks
🔘 and perform tasks.
🔘 Get 415 USDQ = 415 $

70 is the most secure and fastest place to trade and increase your digital assets

at this moment the price is 1 CHT =1.23$

AIRDROP 150 CHT = 173$
SignUp :

1- SignUp & Verify Your Email
2- Login, Goto Settings - My Account Details
3- Add Your Phone No & Complete KYC  To( Receive 50 CHT) 61,5$
4-  Deposit >50$ Worth Of Any Token/Coin & Complete At Least One Trade
5-  An Email Will Be Sent To You To Claim 100 CHT (123$)
6 - After that you can withdraw your funds. I suggest to deposit XLM because withdraw fee is only 1 XLM.

You can earn 173$ from this Airdrop  very easily. Happy Earning.

From 31 January, 2019, CHT will be distributed free to community in our airdrop, referral and bounty campaign.


Steps for Airdrop:

Visit the Particl Airdrop Page. :
click on “Get Early Access”. Sign up with your email
Verify your email


AiBB is a All-In-One crypto application. It has/(will have) multitoken wallet, AI trading assistant, analytics, portfolio manager and crypto id. It has applications for both iOS and Android.

Performing very easy social media tasks and downloading the application you easily earn 25 AiBB (25$).

Steps for Airdrop:

Chat with bot :

Steps for Airdrop:

Chat with Telegram bot. :

- Pass the verification from the bot.
- Join their Telegram group.
-  Follow them on Twitter.
-  Like their Facebook page.
- Download the AiBB app for Android/IOS and submit your AiBe wallet address to the bot.
- Submit your details to the bot.
- Send the AiBB application wallet address the bot
- You will get 25 AiBB (25$).

congratulations  25 AiBB (25$).

Note that the address which the bot wants is not kind of Ethereum, AiBw, AiBx addresses. It is AiBe wallet address.


Bắt đầu:
-vượt qua h́nh ảnh xác thực
-tham gia vào nhóm
-Theo dơi twitter
-like facebook
-Nhập email và xác minh (kiểm tra thư rác)
-Tải xuống ứng dụng
-Điền ví AiBe trong ứng dụng BOT
 -Xong !!!


التسجيل عبر تلجرام

تحدث مع البوت واكمل المهام

في النهايه سوف تحصل على
25 AiBB (25$).

Bounty Programs / [Bounty] FREE AiBE (25$)
« on: May 27, 2019, 06:50:46 PM »

💎 Get ($25) 25 AiBE 💎

Steps for Bounty:

Chat with bot

- Download and install the AiBB application (Android / IOS)
- Join your Group of Telegrams.
- Follow them on Twitter.
- like Facebook page.
- Send the AiBB application wallet address and send an email to the bot

congratulations 25 AiBB (25$).

Note that the address which the bot wants is not kind of Ethereum, AiBw, AiBx addresses. It is AiBe wallet address.

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