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The main purpose of the modem is to conceal its own MAC address and of devices that use it to access the Internet by changing IMEI upon restart.

Execution algorithm - new IMEI is assigned to the radio module upon every launch of device what makes cellular network operator to register new device that was never registered in its network before. If you change a SIM-card, you'll get completely new modem with new name in certain cellular network operator.

While connected through the modem, all the devices are concealed since modem acts as local hotspot.

VPN connection with all outgoing traffic encryption is enabled upon successful connection.

There are three menus in the modem
1. SSID hotspot and it's password
2. IMEI devices and VPN connection to the server
3. VPN mode (VPN-only disable/enable). When enabled, internet connection will drop if modem lost connection with VPN server

Anonymous SIM cards.

This product combines a package of mechanisms which are aimed at preserving of confidentiality during conversations in GSM system.

-Fully anonymous
You donít have to sign a contract with the service provider, provide your details, credit card number, address or show your ID. Just order a SIM card, put it in your phone and youíre ready to go. No commitment, no financial pressure, no penalties. You can use it for as long as you want and discontinue whenever you like without any obligation.

- Caller number substitution
This function allows to make calls substituting your real number. Yet the call recipientís CDR (Call Detail Record) will contain the number that you have noted before. So you have an opportunity to hide your real contacts which is an integral part of special investigation activities.

- Voice substitution.
This option lets you change your voice during conversation. Thus it becomes impossible to identify you by phonetic characteristics of the voice. While this process a voice prints transformation takes place.

- Virtual number
This function allows to hide SIMís actual number. Your actual authenticator will be unknown for third parties, so that it is impossible to define clientís location.

Marketplace / Stealth Phones, Sim Cards, changing voice and im*i numbers
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:50:37 PM »
We offer phones with imei changing, voice, caller id changing. Anonymous simcards with the same functions.
Try to find partners in Europe for reselling.

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