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Travala Users Can Now Book Over 2 Million Properties With Cardano Cryptocurrency ( ADA )

Founding entity behind Cardano, EMURGO has recently announced a partnership with Travala, a leading blockchain-based travel booking platform. The partnership is expected to drive the adoption of Cardano, in that travelers will be able to book hotels and travel accommodations with ADA cryptocurrency.

OKEx Exchange Listed COMP, The Native Token For DeFi Giant - Compound Finance

"Today, it is the world’s biggest DeFi protocol with over $600 million worth of crypto assets locked in the protocol."

Bitcoin IRA Survey Shows Crypto Investors Valuing Altcoins & Interest Yielding Protocols

Bitcoin IRA, a digital asset IRA company recently conducted a survey to address overall sentiment. Results show that during traditional market turmoil, investors are still bullish on crypto assets and want to engage in interest yielding protocols.

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Binance Might Be Able To Handle 100X More In Trading Volume After Recent Upgrades

At the start of the week, Binance announced that it would make an upgrade to its spot trading platform on Sunday, June 28. As part of the upgrade, the Malta-based crypto exchange planned to overhaul the matching engine.

China's Digital Yuan Will Leverage Its Centralized Model To Track Large Cash Transactions

China’s digital yuan is expected to launch in the near future, with some industry professionals predicting it will be introduced as early as 2021. In addition to higher economic efficiency and lower costs, China is planning to use the digital yuan as an oversight tool, hoping to reduce capital outflows during China & U.S. trade wars.

LibertyX Bitcoin Enabled ATMs Continue To Scale In New York State

LibertyX, one of the most reputable networks of Bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks has continued to scale across New York. After becoming the first ATM company to receive a Bitlicense, the company continues to reach new horizons, providing software that gives traditional ATM’s the ability to offer Bitcoin.

6 Central Banks Are Now Reviewing Triple Layer Consensus Tech From L3COS

Six central banks from around the globe have received submissions from L3COS regarding their first to market regulated blockchain operating system. L3COS continues to push their triple layer consensus technology that would help Central Banks issue Central Bank Digital Currencies ( CBDC’s ) in a regulated and transparent fashion.

Crypto Discussion / Up To 10% Interest On Crypto??
« on: June 26, 2020, 02:17:16 AM »
Nexo Finance Rolls Out A New Lending Offering For Bitcoin & Ethereum, Now Offers Up To 10% Interest

Nexo, a leading player in the crypto lending sector, recently increased its crypto lending offering. The company, which was the first to offer instant credit lines with crypto as collateral, announced it had added BTC and ETH to its recently-launched Earn on Crypto products. Users will now earn up to 10% interest on their digital assets. 

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Crypto Discussion / Send Money To .Crypto Blockchain Domains
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:34:04 PM »
Huobi Wallet, the self custody wallet app created by Huobi Group, has just announced  support for .crypto blockchain domains.

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Binance Unveils A Feature That Lets Customers Purchase Crypto Directly From A Merchant’s Platform

Binance recently unveiled the Binance Access feature, which is a B2B solution that is targeted at vendors, merchants, and wallets. The feature will allow users to purchase crypto directly from the merchant’s platform via the Binance exchange without leaving a platform.

Bitfarms Crypto Mining Reports 47% Margins Due To A Bitcoin Break Even Cost Of $3,988

A Bitcoin mining company that operates farms with clean and renewable energy just announced operational results from Q1 2020. Despite general market conditions being hurt by COVID-19, the company was able to produce 47% gross mining margins due to a very low BTC breakeven cost.

Mining / EZ Blockchain Unveils A Portable 2500KW Crypto Mining Center
« on: June 22, 2020, 10:47:03 PM »
EZ Blockchain is a leader in the infrastructure for proof of work industry blockchains. The company recently unveiled a portable data center that comes in the form of a 40-foot container. Their data center is called EZ Smartbox 3.0 and it has a 2500KW capacity.

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Philippines’ Government Warns Of Crypto Scam That Claims To Have Support From The Finance Secretary

The scammers claim that the Secretary of Finance, Carlos G. Dominguez III, backs the project. According to the statement, the crypto auto-trading platform is called Bitcoin Revolution.

Lancium And MP2 Energy Are Helping Crypto Mining Firms Reduce Their Costs

Lancium, a data center company and MP2 Energy announced on June 19 that they had achieved the first successful load-only Controllable Load Resource (CLR) designation by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).

Reports Show President Trump Targeting Bitcoin Earlier Than We Thought

In recent developments, evidence points to President Trump targeting Bitcoin since 2018, regarding China tariffs and sanctions. POTUS started showing skepticism in 2019, but it appears that the discomfort started in 2018 according to a book that is “pending publishing.”

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