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Epios Project By Telos Is Designed To Facilitate Anonymous COVID19 Tests

The Epios project by Telos is designed to make it possible to conduct anonymous COVID19 testing. It will also include a mobile app for better research, access, and health outcomes using the blockchain.

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At present, the trade volume of the largest DEX, Uniswap, stands at about $18 million, a far cry from the $1.3 billion in trade activity on the popular centralized exchange Binance.

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BitPay Makes "50 On Fire" List For Top FinTech Companies In Atlanta

Aside from Bitpay, the other fintechs that made the list were Bakkt, Qoins, Greenlight Financial Technology, and Softgiving.

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“Rather than having Tinder or Facebook read your messages, Dchat enables users to own, encrypt, and store their messages directly,” explained Matthew Gould, co-founder at Unstoppable Domains.

Hacken Unveils CERtified – A Security Standard for Crypto Exchanges

To boost the security at crypto exchanges, Hacken, which is a leading cybersecurity company, came up with CERtified and the platform. Both of these solutions are certification standards for the cybersecurity world.

Bitcoin Billionaire, Brock Pierce Is Running For President Of The United States

A crypto billionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist has announced his candidacy for 2020 President of the United States. The announcement surfaced on Independence Day as the individual plans to run as an independent in the November 2020 election.

Ravencoin, which is the 63rd largest crypto by market capitalization, recently saw 1.5% of the total supply of its coins minted by hackers.

Crypto Markets Flat Last Week As Cardano ( ADA ) Surges, Stock Markets Rally On Employment Data

Cryptocurrency markets were flat last week, maintaining total market capitalization around $259 billion. Cardano was the market outlier, running +21% last week on Coinbase rumors and positive developments coming from the Cardano Shelley Summit. Stocks rallied on better than expected employment data, despite coronavirus worsening.

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OKB Token, A Utility Token Adopted By OKEx, Continues Partnership Expansions

According to an announcement, the OKB global utility token will start working with Coinrule, the well-known crypto aggregation exchange.

HitBTC Launches Trade On The Go Experience For Android & IOS

HitBTC, one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges has recently unveiled its “trade on the go” experience for Android and IOS. The company understands the importance of mobile functionality, and has created a seamless experience for traders on the go.

dexFreight Partners With TruckPark To Transform Global Logistics

On July 2, 2020, dexFreight announced that they were collaborating with TruckPark to make parking reservations and payments seamless for truck drivers. TruckPark is the fastest-growing truck parking service in the US.

Simplex Extends Product Offering, Now Supports Bitcoin SV ( BSV ).

Simplex, the leading payments processor has expanded its global network by offering support for Bitcoin SV. With Simplex catering to 150+ partners such as crypto exchanges, wallets, and other gateways, it is expected to help further the adoption of BSV.

Nexo Will Make Dividend Payouts In August To Token Holders - Profits Expected to Exceed Expectations

Nexo, a leader in the digital finance space, announced on July 1, 2020, that they would make their third dividend payout on August 15, 2020. The payouts will be made to all eligible NEXO Token holders. Nexo will release the details of how much each holder will receive on August 15.

LocalBitcoins Saw Increased User Growth After KYC & AML Integrations

LocalBitcoins, an industry leader in Peer-To-Peer Bitcoin markets recently announced its financial results from 2019. Aside from revenue growth, the company was able to grow its user base after integrating know your customer ( KYC ) and anti-money laundering ( AML ) protocols.

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Top Crypto Risk Management Firm Elliptic Is Helping Exchanges Monitor Privacy Coins ZEN & Zcash

Elliptic, a leader in the crypto risk management industry recently announced that they added support for two leading privacy coins, ZEN and Zcash. According to the announcement, this will create new opportunities for crypto exchanges by allowing them to monitor unshielded transactions done with these digital assets.

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