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As we know, currently the market price has increased. Bitcoin has crossed $12,000 recently and all the other cryptocurrencies following the Bitcoin. If we have USDT, then which coin can we buy using USDT? We know that USDT is a stable coin and the price of which will not change.

In the last six months, Ethereum performed the best in the month of May, where it reached $272.36 on 27th of May, 2019. Before this, Ethereum has gone through so much volatility, where it was lingering somewhere between $100 to $150, but it has managed to touch $250 by mid-May. The market experts are predicting that Ethereum might touch $300 in the month of June 2019 because of many possible reasons.Now the current market price is reached 7.06%.Current market value is $335.01.So, Ethereum is certainly one of the best options which you can currently invest in. You need to, however, look at the tremendous increase in the price of Ethereum in the last months. Thus, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the price of Ethereum can reduce its value in the shorter term. However, in the longer term, you can be positive that the price of Ethereum would increase.
\On 2019 Ethereum may heavily boost its price and totally take an upward turn. We assume as high predictable a mass adoption of this cryptocurrency next months. We expect in 2019, Ethereum price prediction might rise with strong capitalization and consequently a concrete value per coin increase. It might experience frequent ups and downs in the first and second quarter. From the third quarter, it will start growing at a steady pace from $484 in July to around $1449.89 in 2019.

Out of the two, Ripple would be a better option to hodl. Currently, bitcoin is going through a bullish surge with the price increasing to $9000 and more. Ripple is comparatively stable, and hence the better option out of the two. So, converting btc to xrp can be a good idea.

This is quite informative!
Tron price prediction is comparatively easier as it's stable when compared to other coins.
EOS price prediction has been done by many critics and according to them, it'd be favourable for the investors to invest in eos.
Just like Tron, Bitcoin Cash is comparatively stable and hence the Bitcoin Cash price prediction is on the easier side.

Crypto Discussion / Re: ETH
« on: June 18, 2019, 08:58:03 PM »
Whatever you do, whichever coin you trade, or invest in, do so after doing thorough research as the crypto market is highly volatile and anything can happen. So, trade at your own risk.
Talking about ethereum, well, the price currently is growing again and the idea of converting btc to ethereum isn't that bad either. Bitcoin is also going through a huge increase in price, following the bullish surge and all.

If you're asking for the number 1 cryptocurrency, then obviously it's Bitcoin and will remain so as well. After all, with bitcoin's inception, the world of cryptocurrency began. Ethereum might be the silver of cryptocurrency, but bitcoin's the gold and no other altcoin can take its place, at least not now, or in the near future. The eth to btc exchange might seem like a plausible option.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Will you invest in ripple ?
« on: June 18, 2019, 08:39:51 PM »
I might invest in Ripple, considering its bright future and steady growth. Even thinking of converting my btc to xrp as well. Ripple does take a lot less transaction time when compared to bitcoin.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Bitcoin, is it really just a bubble?
« on: June 18, 2019, 03:29:47 PM »
Bitcoin's a bubble or not, that's for you to decide, it being controversial and all. But, it indeed is a great asset. With its current bullish trend of price surge over $9000 and increasing, it might increase more and more over the next year, with the Bitcoin halving nearing.
Converting BTC to USDT can be tried, as USDT is comparatively stable.

Well, that is pretty informative! I was thinking of converting my BCH to BTC, now will have to wait for it then, I guess.

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