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Mining / Re: One of the best mining soft Utopia
« on: December 05, 2019, 12:26:29 PM »
Then what's the point inventing some coin which can't be used outside the soft? I think the developers are waiting for more users to come that will mine it and make it valuable in order to make a full release after that.

Mining / One of the best mining soft Utopia
« on: December 02, 2019, 10:03:37 AM »
Guys, whatís that Crypton new altcoin which can be mined easily without slowing down the PC? Itís a kind of all-in-one service called Utopia, and during the time you run it, you can mine that coin. They call it a payment unit of that soft. Had anyone tried it already? I thought the mining era passed away already, but it sounds interesting.

And Utopia itself is a totally encrypted soft which lets us stay anonymous and free. As Iíve understood, the more users join Utopia - the more powerful it becomes, and more Crypton can be mined. Like we can build everything ourselves. I hadnít found that coin on the global market yet, but I think when more people will mine it, itíll become more powerful and will be released outside the soft also.

I've read a lot of info on their new website and also found nothing concrete about coin release. Just that everything that will be mined now will be ours and can be used. But have no idea how..

Darknet exists for a long time already and humanity didn't disappear yet. It will always take place as a world without crimes is impossible. Each can choose how to use this soft. I hope for a good coin value and safe transactions.

Anything like what? For now it doesn't seem to be very popular and many people don't even trust it. So I'm not sure it will be really possible.

I believe that if there will be any investors it will be known already. The only condition when it can be kept in secret is if the developers of the app are the investors also, no?

I also can't find anything about the coin. I think that it can probably be in a beta too for now and it will be released together with a full version of Utopia. Let's see..
How does usually coin appear on the market? What are the conditions for that?
As I understand it should be mined first and then due to its quantity its price will be set, no?

Not really sure that it can bring enough money.
I like how fast does the mining work, but have no idea when and where could I use Crypton.

ofc not too much time had passed and I'm waiting for the full release to come. But for now agree, it's quite interesting project. Hope it will only upgrade.

Probably yes. I think it's the only browser that will let you stay anonymous without using VPN and other stuff. It will be also nice if they'll add a crypto wallet for other coins like btc and eth.

i like their messenger, when will they release a mobile version?

Have you tried messenger only or you've tested other functions also? It's a big ecosystem and it's interesting if it solves all online privacy questions. The mobile version will be also developed one day, but now it's time of beta and improvement of a basic version.

Why devs keep their names in secret? What is really all about? Have you by any chance heard something about it? Dont you think it is gonna be better to give the names away? Probably it will enhance the credibility of the product.

Development of our ecosystem in secrecy mode, non-disclosure of founders identities and entire UTOPIA team is a reasonable step in anticipation of what resonance this software will initiate in the nearest future. While working in anonymity mode, we removed one of the points of failure - specific people who could be a target for pressure for implementation of certain actions. The stability and security of our network is a top priority and we will do everything for this.

You can choose 1, 2 or 3 roles at once. It depends on your skills only and how do you want to help us.

Under the additional bonuses we mean points that you can get for finding a bug, introducing a new idea or promoting us. All the point could be withdrawn in BTC.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and create tickets on our beta portal. We'll be happy to help you!

We are looking for the best beta testers to take part in closed testing of a new decentralized peer-to-peer network. The network is supported by users and offers high-quality features as well as a smooth user interface. The main functions are confidential communication and secure financial transactions. All information is impossible to steal, and all conversations stay private. With our ecosystem, you will be able to send instant text and voice messages, exchange files, create group chats and channels, view news feeds, conduct private discussions.  Moreover, our network has an inbuilt browser , API and financial functionality.   

Join us

The project is absolutely unique!

The problem of security and privacy has been bothering us for long years. Thatís why we gathered the best team of specialists to produce such a place for everyone.  Experienced developers were consulted by the top experts of data security sphere from around the globe. We spent more than five years secretly working on the development together to make the world better.

What we expect from you:

During the registration on the beta portal, you can choose one of three available roles: a tester, a promoter, an assistant, or all three at once:

- actively use the ecosystem
- search for bugs and report them
- suggest improvements for the software
- give feedback with an assessment of the system
- promote our software
- provide assistance to other users


- an opportunity to be the first to test this unique software
- crypto bonuses (paid in BTC)
- lifelong access to all the features of the ecosystem
- additional rewards in BTC for promotion and bringing new beta testers
- additional bonuses for bugs reporting

Vacancies are limited! We need just 1000 testers.  So be quick and join us! Donít miss your chance to get access to an absolutely innovative product in the secure digital technologies market. Itís a unique system that doesnít have any analogs.

P.S. If you are a blogger, a journalist, or an owner of a YouTube channel, your offers for collaboration and promotion are welcomed.

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