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:(as much as we seem to have a lot of these coins out there, which one can stand the test of time...Veil?
Veil should be one of them consider about the fact that it has implemented various technologies on its new platforms and that gives more chance to become the potential coin compared with another zero protocol coin. I don't wanna talk so much about the major one.
But veil has shown its potential and a few months but veil has been growing a lot of time to the time. We must try to see this based on what and how much already created by platforms to be used by the users

Absolutely well written article. I prefer staking my long term holds, this leaves me out of the volatility of cryptocurrency at least for a while. When staking make sure you have already researched the project because some people stake any coin they hear about which is not right. I am currently staking Veil coin and I'm looking forward to earning more from staking other coins as well.
I should agree with the last point but i will not agree with the points above the last point especially when it comes to the staking in the EOS network. A little emission and so many funds are needed and just like you, i prefer to use veil to get my passive income from the network and that's offering a better profit rather than EOS.

All the top 10 coins are pretty much good to invest excluding Bitcoincash and out of this 10 coins I can say, Tron, EOS, Ethereum, Stellar, Iota and of course Bitcoin is great coins to invest in my advice is to spread your money on few not only one or 2.
It looks like a big bet for smallholders remembers about not so many traders are having huge money to invest in those coins. is this a wrong way to look at a potential coin like veil which was created a better product rather than those major coins that look overvalued without any useful product? This will become a wise decision to consider the potential from the medium coin like veil too.

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But the fact our analyzation to the underlying behind the crypto technology will determine anything. When i was buying veil and i just do deep research about that but i was not using any tool but just try to believe in my self and it works so fine and i got decent amount from veil caused by it was creating a good technology that can give impact to the veil market itself.

There are over 5 privacy coins as we speak. Nonetheless, Veil project caught my attention and interest. I have so much confidence it'd do well. DYOR still!
Because those features that available on veil already made from the problems that already discovered from the old platform. We have spoken about a lot of anonymous coins but the only veil can provide a lot of interesting features with significant improvements.
A new innovation will always be needed and veil is the correct answer.

There's a big deal and we are certain that our information are intact in the platform.
That's not a big deal when we can find a platform that already made all of the requirements to create such a best privacy platform. There was a lot of information on the platform but not so many people can understand how we can deal with it. Some people may create non sense argument about that.
Veil was offering various features but there was someone who can't still understand how it works.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Future of altcoins?
« on: May 13, 2019, 05:18:52 PM »
I'm just new to this forum.
What do you think of the future of all Altcoins?
I think only the good coins will survive..

in my opinion it's not only good altcoins that survive, altcoin continues to grow and there are also more altcoins with new innovations. I'm sure this is the beginning of the rise of the altcoin because this week has increased by a few percent.
But the fact that altcoin that already created a fully working product will always alive. Whatever how old altcoin as long as it has a good product and it will still alive. it just like veil that already created a fully working product that can give a lot of benefits to the people and then that will still alive whatever about how bad the trend of the market is. Veil has a bright future consider it was having a lot of usefulness.

Trading / Re: Trading with small budget
« on: May 06, 2019, 11:32:19 PM »
If I get you right, you want to trade with less than one dollar, even if there is an exchange the charges will surely swallow everything.
It looks like you get it, wrong dude. Op is looking for an exchange site that he can get cheap fees for small bitcoin transaction. But it looks like there's no an exchange site that offers it. Basically, to trade bitcoin with small amounts is not recommended at all consider the price of bitcoin is too expansive to be achieved today. If i'm the thread starter and i will try ti look at another potential coin like veil and another small coin with a lot of potentials. The price of veil looks so cheap and we can optimize our profit from there rather than used all of our profits from our small trade to pay the bitcoin fees only.

« on: May 06, 2019, 11:27:57 PM »
Good project yes
A leading example of startup projects yes
But mega no

Only bitcoin is mega; letís find out about veil first
Itís been barely 6 months thereabout
It's not yet and it seems like OP does not even understand what he was talking about. Veil is a candidate of the coin that was having a good potential to grow more consider from its usefulness and new technology that is implemented in the veil network. But that still needs more time to go because of rome was not building just in a day. Veil has the same chance to become as big as any other major privacy coin like PIVX, and MONERO. To understand it first is really important.

Crypto Discussion / Re: How many altcoins are you investing in?
« on: April 30, 2019, 04:16:19 PM »

How many altcoins are you investing in?
1? 5? or more than 10?
Well, it depends on which coin you would like to invest in, In case of altcoins it's common to invest more than 10
It's too much for me. I just need a few potential coins and that will enough. We don't need to complicate ourself within storing various coins. I can try to give you an example when i just put all of my money into the potential coin like a veil as the next major privacy coin. ethereum and few more.

But my bet is on veil consider from its technology and solid community behind it that makes it becomes a very promising coin.

« on: April 30, 2019, 12:49:45 AM »
Ever heard about the Veil project?
Been following this project since the beginning of the year, looks like a great project to me, focused on privacy, built on several privacy protocols and solutions including the bulletproof protocol which aids scalability.
  Veil which is still a young project seems like a good investment, any contrary opinions?
It's a potential investment to place our money dude. A new technology combined with a trusted team and that will create such a good platform with various features. as far as i know, that veil will have implemented a lot of interesting update in the future. But that used POW and POS system which is very interesting for everyone. Veil will be a candidate to become the next major coin. It will be listed by big exchange site in the future

Thank you. I take your advice into consideration. Its not like the project is all bad or the roadmap isnt promising, just the development came longer than expected and unfortuantely i was out of crypto when that happened.
Veil hmm this is the first am hearing of this, will check it out. But an increase in price in this bear market is quite outstanding.
Veil is a good coin, it's created by pivx company and it has a lot of potentials. Veil used Ring CT combined with the latest tech to create a blockchain with full privacy as its feature. Even in the bearish market and veil can defend its price and this time the price of veil looks very stable and it has become a good chance to buy it. You must try to check it out dude. it's a very interesting thing.

We have blockchain and blockchain must be decentralized and that will be related to the privacy. I'm trying to mention veil which was focussing creating such a good ecosystem that will help the crypto users to get its privacy by using blockchain. Not all of the things from the privacy coins are bad. Veil was helping so many people gained their privacy.

That looks impossible because privacy is something that we need today. The government will always con with privacy coin.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Is there a good time to buy cryptocurrency?
« on: April 19, 2019, 05:53:19 PM »
A good time to buy crypto when it gets plunged a lot to the bottom but that's not only the main point, another point should be you must find a potential coin that brings you to the utility usage of the coin itself. I can take an example like how veil was giving various features for us.

Veil is a new brand of the privacy coin that provides always-on privacy feature that will put the users into the way that they will not ever feel worried if someone can trace them all. The token can be used to staking in the network and that gives more usage to the token itself.

Many factors need to be considered before we decide to invest in anything.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Are you ready to invest now??
« on: April 19, 2019, 05:40:53 PM »
We are ready to invest in crypto anytime but the problem when we can't find a good coin to invest right now but this day so many people encountered a lot of problems with privacy. Invest is not about you put your money but we must consider the timing, trend and the platform.

Privacy coin can be a good candidate to be on our portfolios and veil is the next candidate to become the next big thing in the development of the privacy coin. Remember when we investing our money and we must get a potential coin and veil can be a very strong candidate. Used a new technology and it founded by a professional team makes veil becomes a very good coin at this moment. We need privacy and we need veil.

It offers various features that will guarantee the privacy of the users.

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