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AXIA is the organization building a digital ecosystem around AXIA Coin (AXC),
the first ever hyper-deflationary, asset-supported digital currency with global useability.
The AXIA ecosystem includes several platforms that provide value to participants from a staking program
offering the most favorable rates in the industry to apps like AXplorer that let users earn AXC daily just for doing what they were already doing everyday.
Plus, AXIA is bridging the worlds of traditional finance and crypto with unique offerings like the AXIA Debit,
which allows AXC holders to spend their crypto anywhere in the world, anytime.


More info:


We are crawling every new added block to BSC (Binance Smart Chain) for new created contracts. As soon as we find a new created contract, the new coin will be posted on our website with all available information extracted from the block (coin name, contract, supply, holders, transfers, website, block number we extracted the coin from and the transaction hash of creation).

After ~30 minutes we will make a second crawl to update the holders and get a count of all transfers since the creation of the coin. If the coin has more than 100 transfers, it will be posted on our Telegram group and on our Twitter page.

Please note that a coin can be deleted anytime by its creator. And being listed in this site does not mean that the coin still exists.

All listed coins are non financial advice. Please do your own research before buying any coins.

The project is still in beta. If you have any feedback feel free to write us in our
Telegram group:


Guys I found a powerful project staking with big APY, BUSD rewards Audit, Maybe the features that I can’t count. This is a moon project guys. I leave all the information below
First Dual Reward with Auto-Staking, Auto-Compounding & BUSD Reflection
1. Biggest Fixed APY – 385,945.80%
2. Auto Dual Reward
3. BUSD Dividend Every 1 Hour
3. Get Rewards Every 15 Minutes/96 Times Daily
TG :
Website :
Audit :


Blockchain Technology to Ensure Seamless Payment
Secure and simple Payment Protocol

Address : 0x5f7871433322b9f9795b97801ec3396276d1d056

YmplePay is a blockchain-based payment protocol

Our project
YmplePay is a platform that provides a payment protocol and payment gateway for diverse blockchains and tokens, including commerce connectors for retailers. The platform supplies unique payment features while pooling their security. Businesses can use the platform to request token payments. The transactions are managed by the platform for the entire flow. In brief, YmplePay is a scalable heterogeneous multi-chain payment technology.

We propose a secure payment gateway supporting blockchain.

Value Proposition
“Simplified token payment protocol and payment gateway integrated with retailers, so you can reach your goals faster in terms of future payment technology—all from a single platform."

Why Choose Us?
YmplePay is a platform for the future of funding that powering data for the new equity.

We offer users a fully operational long-term platform. It leverages blockchain technology to facilitate payments.

We offer the payment tracking information in your personal wallet.

Safe & Secure
Security is essential. All transactions are secured with an efficient and fully secure authentication mechanism.

Buy & Sell
We provide a custom interface to sell your product.

We offer the possibility to setup multiple flow for your product.

More info:


T10 Yield Fox provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards it's users with 0.018% increase in their assets, every 10 minutes. Yield Fox NFT Airdrop - 365 times a year for Yield Fox Holder will random give away, value 0.1-100 BNB. The rarity of NFTs is based on the growth in the number of Yield Fox Holder.

T10 Yield Fox rebase tokenomics
To support its price and rebase rewards, the $T10 employs a complex set of factors. It includes the T10 Insurance Fund (TIF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the $T10 Protocol's price stability and long-term viability by maintaining a consistent 0.018 percent rebase rate paid to all holders every 10 minutes.

Staking - Easy and Safe
T10 Yield Fox always stay in your wallet; it doesn't need to be put into the high risk staking contract. All you need to do is buy & hold it and automatically multiply rewards in your own wallet so there's no need to learn about the staking mechanism and also avoid paying an additional tax fee on staking operations.

T10 Yield Fox insurance fund
T10 Insurance Fund, abbreviated TIF, is a separate wallet in the T10 Yield Fox DAPP. TIF uses an algorithm that supports Rebase Rewards and is funded by some of the trading fees accumulated in the TIF wallet. In other words, the TIF parameter will Support the return stacking rewards distributed every 10 minutes at a rate of 0.018 percent to ensure that $T10 token holders receive a high and constant interest rate.

T10 Yield Fox Treasury
The Treasury plays a very important role in T10 Yield Fox Auto-Staking Protocol. It provides three extremely critical functions for the growth and sustainability.
The treasury may also be used to fund new T10 Yield Fox products, services, and projects that will expand and provide more value to the T10 community as well as providing funding for marketing.

T10 Yield Fox Blackhole
The burning in blackhole consumes 1.0 percent of all T10 Yield Fox traded. The more that is traded, the more that is added to the fire, causing the fire pit to grow in size, larger and larger through self-fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and maintaining the T10 protocol stable.

In Conclusion
Our mission and vision is to revolutionize the reward engine with our first and unique protocol that is highly profitable. The T10 protocol comes packed with innovative technologies and features that other forks lack. Create activities with the community for sustainable growth of the community.
TG Group:

ElonBank is a groundbreaking financial protocol that includes mechanisms for auto-staking, auto-compounding, and auto-liquidity. Users receive the highest APY (400,977%) in the market simply by purchasing and holding ElonBank.

ElonBank offers automated staking and compounding, as well as the market's highest Fixed APY of 400,977% for the first 12 months. The team has identified the following critical aspects to support this interest rate and consistent financial development for our investors:

ElonBank Reserves - The ElonBank Reserves hold 5% of all trading fees, which helps to maintain and back the staking rewards by ensuring market stability. When required, this money will be utilized for Buyback and Burn events.

Investor-Friendly Approach - Regardless of your investment level, you will begin to get your interest yield into your wallet after you purchase the token, and it will be compounded automatically for the next rebase.

Highest Fixed APY - In the first 12 months, ElonBank pays out 400,977%, which is the highest APY in the market. The interest rate will be set at 0.96% each day after the first 12 months.

Fast Interest Distribution - ElonBank rewards each holder every 15 minutes, or 96 times per day, making it one of the quickest auto-compounding mechanisms in the world.

Auto Token Burn - The deflationary process will burn 2.5% of each and every transaction, allowing ElonBank to retain the highest APY accessible on the market.

By maintaining a steady 0.02368% rebase rate given to all ElonBank holders every 15 minutes, the aforementioned features will assist ElonBank achieve price stability and long-term viability of the enterprise.

How to Auto-Stake?

You receive rebase incentives as interest payments straight into your wallet by just purchasing and holding ElonBank token in your wallet. Every 15 minutes, your tokens will rise.

ElonBank's Positive Rebase formula allows token distribution to be paid directly proportionate to epoch rebase incentives, which are worth 0.02368% of the entire number of ElonBank Tokens stored in your wallet every 15 minute epoch period. All ElonBank holders receive rebase incentives once per EPOCH (15 minute rebase time).

ElonBank holders will get an annual compound interest of 400,977% in Year 1 without having to move their tokens from their wallet.

Interest Cycle

We have specified two separate interest rates that will provide ElonBank token holders with continuing compound interest in perpetuity in order to preserve sustainability and future growth.

Each Interest Cycle is 15 minutes in length and is referred to as an EPOCH.
There are 35,040 EPOCH's in 1 year.
EPOCH 1 - 35,040: 0.02368% every EPOCH (First 12 Months)
EPOCH > 35,040: 0.01%

Learn more about our project on our official documentation website:
Benefits by investing in ElonBank:

Audit done
Liquidity locked for 1 YEAR
Burning tokens to a dead contract
Interest is paid every 15 Minutes
High Fixed %APY – 400,977%

Automatically staked and compounded.
CA: 0xD5f363F83b36E10e8a823166b992c0bDc3deDE2C


Media contact
Company name - Elonbank
Contact name - Vlad Gerg
Website -


What is Argead?

It's finally here! We are very happy to present to the world our brainchild - Argead! As a team with backgrounds in construction, communication technology and education, we noticed that something was missing! Or at least that something could be made far easier about the ways in which the online trade sector, one of the most important in the world’s economy, handles business.

How can Argead help?

The FIAT system is fast becoming redundant and cryptocurrencies offer a way to implement a more efficient payment and reward system that frees this sector from the centralised control of banks. Argead has been produced with a view to enable consumers and businesses to spend and make cryptocurrency through applications that serve to connect people in the exchange of relevant goods and services.

Our aim

The aim of Argead is to bridge the gap between cash and crypto in the online trade sector so that it can have real-world benefits. Our mission is to create an application allowing trades and services to be booked, completed and paid for quickly and securely.

Our vision

Coins will be safely stored in the system ensuring the easy and safe transaction of funds for goods and services and can be used to make payments and generate rewards to be used on the application. This will also eliminate the complexity the online trade sector faces in monitoring payments in a range of currencies, and provide a user-friendly hub where consumers can obtain goods and services and businesses can expand their clientele. We are currently in the process of listing Argead on a number of exchanges and we will be updating our community as progress is made!


Coin: Argead
Ticker: AGD
Algorithm: Scrypt PoW
Total supply: 50,000,000 ARGEAD
Block halving: Every 1,250,000 blocks
Block target: 30 Seconds
Block reward: 10 ARGEAD
Premine : 10%
RCP port: 44827
Target time span: 5 minutes
Transaction confirmations: 6
ICO: None – fair launch


Source Code:
Windows Wallet:

Social media

Email: [email protected]

If you have any questions, please respond on this thread or email: [email protected]



In a Debt-Faced World, having a Good Credit Score is one of the most important requirements to integrate the economy. Most times, however, for many of us, following up with how well one's Credit Score is often confusing and frustrating due to errors and inconsistencies that affect a credit score. Based on our Credit Repair Company, we created the Credit Cleaner Token (CC) on top of the Eureka Smart Chain as well as the Polygon Network to be a Blockchain-Based Extension of our aim at facilitating Credit Repair and Credit Scoring through Decentralized Solutions and allowing everyone to achieve their Credit Score Potential. CC will be the fuel of the Credit Cleaner Sidechain that is being built on top of the Eureka Smart Chain. CC holders will be able to Stake their Tokens on the CC Sidechain and govern the Sidechain through a Decentralized Consensus Mechanism while receiving Staking Rewards from the fees generated by the Sidechain's Transactions. The sidechain will serve as a Ledger where individuals can open accounts and stay in touch with their Credit Data as well as receive an updated Credit Score based on the Sidechain's Rating Algorithm. We expect this to eventually turn the CC Sidechain into a reputable Decentralized source of Credit Data by leveraging the unique strengths of Blockchain Technology to create a reliable and trustworthy Credit Data Source. Aside from Credit Repair and Credit Scoring, the CC Token will serve as a Governance Token for other Decentralized Finance Solutions such as Lending, Borrowing, Earning as well as other Decentralized Applications that are necessary in everyday life.


Blockchain Solutions have advanced considerably over the years and are solving problems all over the world. Thanks to Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, many people are now using Cryptocurrency to have more control over their Assets.
DeFi is revamping the Finance Industry by making transactions more Transparent and Fair as well as providing unique access to Decentralized Finance Opportunities to Earn and Borrow.
Traditionally, a person’s Credit Score holds a significant weight in a person’s ability to apply for Loans, enjoy Low Interest Rates, or even Rent
an Apartment. While there are Credit Repair Agencies out there aiming to help people Manage and Fix their Credit Scores, this industry is largely
Centralized and Inconsistencies arise from Foreclosures, Bankruptcies
and more.
Furthermore, Algorithms that calculate Credit Scores are plagued with Security and Transparency problems. Credit Cleaner was created to
change that! Built on the Eureka Smart Chain Network and the Polygon Network, Credit Cleaner is the world’s first Multi Network DeFi Platform
that is building a Community Governed Credit Rating System as well as other Decentralized Finance Solutions needed in everyday life. Its CC
Ledger serves as a hub for Credit Repair and Data Tracking, while the Sidechain will house Data and a Community-Backed Credit Rating System. With this system, you will be able to Dispute and Remove
Outdated or Unverifiable Data and Easily Manage Proper Reporting. The Blockchain ensures Full Security, High Speed, and Very Low
Transactional Costing.


The Credit Cleaner Sidechain is Powered by the Credit Cleaner Token, symbol CC, which is a Stakable Token that serves a variety of Utility Functions. 30% of the Decentralized Platform’s Net Revenue will go into a Buyback and Burn Program in an effort to provide more Stability for the Token.

Credit Cleaner Token solves many world problems and will serve many different Utility Purposes.
One of those problems is the industry wide problem of Congestion, Slow Transfer Times and High Fees caused by the Blockchain being overburdened with too much traffic as well as causing Mining Fees to Fluctuate. It also solves a really big one, especially when it comes to the Credit Industry where Data is most prone to CyberAttacks,

Credit Cleaner is working towards protecting this Data using Blockchain Technology that offers the Highest Level of Protection to date.
Credit Cleaner aims to become a household name with both on and off Blockchain Solutions. Join the revolution today with Credit Cleaner Token.

CC Token is now Listed on QuickSwap.Exchange and available on the Polygon Network through the MetaMask Wallet.
Visit Twitter Or Telegram for more news and updates
including more exchange listings and developments.



Peermoon is a super app - a DeFi wallet, that has raised $4,17 million during the PM tokens pre-sale campaign. Join Peermoon's Private sale B round from March 28 and receive up to a 30% bonus!

Details of the special offer

More information about the investments raised

Join our Private sale B round and get rewards!🤩 A great Airdrop deal and up to 30% bonus are ready for you🎉🎉🎉 Get to know how to receive Peermon rewards

#Peermoon #wallet #airdrop #crypto



Blockchain-based Ecosystem $XMDEX -MetaDEX to provide affordable housing options to bypass credit and mortgage systems with real world point of sale transaction hardware infrastructure for mass crypto adoption, and use.

$XMDEX  MetaDEX is a Hyper Deflationary Token with 4% ETH Rewards to the Holders. MetaDEX will be creating a complete ecosystem and will offer following: Exchange, Wallet, Debit, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain, Web3 Apps, ATM/POS System integration, discounted land/housing in MetaDEX Communities.

Georgetown, March 30th 2022-- XMDEX, is a new venture in blockchain technology, has today released a white paper outlining further details of its token structure, ecosystem and confirming that it's ICO will commence on April 1st 2022.

A number of intended partnerships are set to be announced in the coming months, which will see the platform installed on millions of ATM and Point of sale systems, particularly in the fast-growing South-East Asian and South Asian markets where it seeks to break into these markets and give Access to millions of 'unbanked' consumers. MetaDEX already has partnerships with the manufacturers of the ATM and POS systems to be distributed to retailers worldwide with XMDEX and other Crypto payment options.

With the XMDEX platform, customers will be able to purchase XMDEX tokens in cash through the existing exchanges and the XMDEX DEX tool.  Customers will be able to use these tokens at any authorized retailer, or to buy land purchased by the MetaDEX company to be resold to holders at cost or discount.  MetaDEX mission is to provide affordable housing options from buying apartment buildings and raw land for development, and then selling it back to the token holders to create affordable housing options and sustainable “Crypto Communities”.

XMDEX will be powered on BSC, but will be migrated to it’s own MetaDEX blockchain in the next year or two. MetaDEX holders will be able to trade coins for free on the DEX and, get a 50% discount on trading fees on the CEX. MetaDEX will create it’s own cold wallet system to interact with the Point of sale retail devices securely, and easily.

The token-based XMDEX platform will give developers access to tens of millions of game and app consumers who do not use credit or debit cards (the World Bank Global Finance Index 2014 identified 2 billion unbanked' adults worldwide), yet do have relatively easy access to cash and 3G/LTE smartphones.

The platform will also offer it’s own Metaverse access, NFT market, Gaming and digital content creation tools.  The name “MetaDEX” stands for “decentralized data”, in the sprit that companies like META, GOOGLE, etc should not be the holders or gatekeepers of our personal data any longer.
MetaDEX Unique housing options will launch within 1 year, the goal for urban apartments is to purchase the building, and then apply the residents rent payments in tokens to buy the unit bypassing the traditional credit and mortgage systems. The sustainable Crypto Communities will be raw or semi-developed land purchased and sold back to holders who wish to participate In the sustainable community building, farming etc.

MetaDEX recognizes the huge problem with power consumption in blockchain, this is something we wish to offset/correct by installing our own solar power in our communities not only to power the community, but also to power the blockchain.  We will be teaming up with TESLA, to use products like Tesla Powerwalls to store the energy, for vehicle charging stations, and optional Tesla Tiny Houses for people who want more land less house. With the interest in colonizing mars increasing, we want to offer options for experiments on earth with some of our communities.
ICO to commence on April 1st 2022 Worldwide except the United States
The XMDEX ICO will commence on April 1st 2022 for 30 days; 2 Trillion tokens will be available for presale on Pinksale.Finance.

Following the conclusion, XMDEX will be listed on Pancakeswap immediately and available to the public.

About MetaDEX
MetaDEX is an ecosystem, based on blockchain technology, which is set to transform the housing industry around the world. It is a venture that will help some 1.3 billion people fine affordable housing options and will make the push to make the use of crypto currency mainstream with its implementation in retail and housing.

More info at:


The freelance market is one of the fastest-growing sectors of traditional finance. A study last year found that there are over 59 million freelancers in the US alone. These freelancers contributed roughly $1.3 trillion worth of value to the American economy — in 2021 alone!
Those numbers prove that the world is shifting from lifelong corporate commitments to freelance opportunities. People are getting the option to cut out corporations and earn the fair market value of their skills.

At the same time, however, we’re also seeing the same old patterns repeat with the emergence of centralized freelance marketplaces.
The Irony of Traditional Freelance Marketplaces

When popular freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr emerged, they became the rallying call for talented individuals around the world. After all, these marketplaces offered people the opportunity to monetize their skills and passions by attracting a fair market value.
Unfortunately, things have taken a turn for the worst as popular traditional freelance marketplaces have established a monopoly of sorts. These platforms take over 20% in commissions from freelancers and then tax the buyers as well.

As a result, many freelancers feel that they are back to depending on middlemen that take a cut from their earnings. Where corporations used to profit off of the hardwork of these talented individuals, third-party marketplaces are the middlemen of the gig economy and they’re more than willing to tax users unfairly.
Elancer is Leveraging Decentralization to Democratize Freelancing

By leveraging blockchain technology, Elancer has created a democratic platform where freelancers and their clients can trade value without the intervention of any third parties.
The result is a wide assortment of benefits that the traditional finance world cannot hope to match:
Impartial Access. As the platform isn’t bound by the legal hurdles and bureaucratic red tape that’s common in the traditional finance world, Elancer can serve users from any geography and walk of life. Furthermore, all users are given the same, professional treatment, as the underlying blockchain mechanisms are designed to offer impartial access.

Minimum Commission. Unlike the industry standard of 20%, Elancer has managed to cut back its costs significantly by leveraging blockchain technology. The creators are proud to pass these savings off to users by lowering their commission rate to 5% only.

Unparalleled Security. The distributed-ledger technology ensures maximum security across every aspect of this ecosystem. Security lapses are virtually impossible given the impeccable track record of blockchain technologies to date.

At the same time, the platform has all the positive features from traditional marketplaces integrated into its own offering. These include things job posting, bidding, escrow services, ratings, reviews, favorite posts, and much more,

The Elancer platform supports payments for both clients and freelancers in many popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin. This is on top of credit card payments, which incur a 7.5% transaction fee to make up for the payment processor’s markup.
Launching the Elancer Token ($ELCR)

Elancer is proud to announce that it’s launching an in-house token to further solidify its footprint in the decentralized finance world.

The $ELCR is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain with a wide assortment of utilities baked into it. This utility-first token will enable payments for freelance services on top of a variety of other utilities within the Elancer freelancing ecosystem.

Proving its commitment to offering a safe and transparent environment for all stakeholders, the creators of Elancer token will lock liquidity for 5 years immediately after listing the token on Pancakeswap.
Furthermore, this is a reflection token with rewards for its holders, thus enabling freelancers to add another source of revenue to their portfolio. There’s also an NFT integration planned for third quarter of 2022.

To learn more about Elancer and join the decentralized freelancing revolution, please explore the following links:


Since the launch of the blockchain and crypto technology,
a lot of solutions have been built around it and more improvements and excellent opportunities are way more open to various individuals
presently than what has been experienced in the last decade.
Multifunctional ecosystems are about to have a new definition with the launch of the Rising Bird platform and its products.

Presently it is of great importance to know that this ecosystem is producing integrated solutions and opportunities
in the aspects of Taxi hailing, Ecommerce, Staking and DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT.

In a short brief
Rising bird ecommerce platform is also known as Rising Hub,
this is where fully tokenized product buying and selling can be carried out with a seamless experience of the smart contract functions
which will enable transparency and data privacy.
Our ecommerce platform is coming with more than 2 million physical products including Women’s Fashion,
Men’s Fashion, Jewelry & Watches, Home, Pet, Appliances, and even Christmas decorations and all other kinds of products.

Another ecosystem product is the Rising Metaverse, we are creating a virtual world with a class of its own and within this space,
we will create a virtual experience for all users to also benefit from the trends of technological advancement such as P2E gaming,
virtual reality, extended reality, NFT arts and so on.

Thirdly, Rising Taxi is a ride-hailing product within our ecosystem where anyone can interact seamlessly with smart contract integrated logistics.
The solution that is enabled by this is the actualization of the real use case of cryptocurrency in users' daily life.

Finally, as a decentralized finance service, the Rising Staking platform will give users the opportunity to monetize
the blockchain system through the staking feature so they can earn up to 365% annualized percentage yield (APY) return on staking (ROS).

The Rising Bird platform certainly has amazing features,
and they are expressed in the presence of a number of innovative and necessary services and products.
The presence of a large number of use cases suggests that Rising Bird is a large-scale platform
with great ambitions and plans, and wants to cover the maximum range of different directions.

The organization is headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations
in accordance with the policies established by the British Government.

Social Media Channels:



Viral World Coin
Viral World Coin is a smart chain powered crypto currency, that rewards its holders in Binance USD.
By doing this VWC brings stability to the unstable, this also allows holders to take profits along the way without having to sell their tokens.
VWC will use subsidiary business affiliation to bring more value into VWC as well as the holders.

  Profit With A Purpose.


VIRAL WORLD COIN willl be available on Pink sale for the pre sale then directly to Pancake swap

What are Tokenomics? The term is a reference of combining token and economics describing the economics of a crypto token.

VIRALNOMICS Are the economics and features of Viral World Coin that make it desirable for investors.

More info at:

In this rapidly changing world, virtual currencies are a safe haven for almost every internet user. Most of the trading is being done through virtual currencies in developed countries. Virtual currencies are decentralized and anyone can get their hands on virtual currencies. The major reason for that is the increase in decentralized finance around the world. People no longer want to be controlled financially. That’s where virtual currencies takes the game.

Benefits of Decentralized Finance (Virtual Currencies)
One of the major benefit of virtual currencies is that no one has the power to control these virtual currencies. This allows each and every user to have financial freedom and have their wealth in their control fully. allows the end user to invest and earn profits in three different ways.
The first method is a simple method where the user can charge their TRXmining account with TRX and can earn daily profit ranging between 4% and 15%. The profit is distributed daily at 12:00 a.m. Singapore time and you have to collect the profit daily and withdraw it.
The second method is investing the TRX in a contract cycle which is suited for you and earn the profit and get the principal amount once the contract ends. Different contract cycles have different returns and you can choose from them easily.

The third and last method is referral bonus. If you invite your friends with your unique code and they invest or charge their accounts with TRX, you can get a certain percentage as well as commission. Level 1 user can get 10% of the charged amount with 10% commission rebate. Level 2 user can get 5% of charged amount and 5% commission rebate and level 3 user will get 2% of charged amount and 2% commission rebate.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 TRX which you can withdraw easily by just entering your wallet address and the amount will be transferred to your wallet within 3 to 10 seconds. The minimum top up amount is 5 TRX.

So, is definitely a good platform for earning handsome amount. Since the world is shifting towards virtual currencies, therefore, everyone must be aware of how they work and the wonders it can do if used properly. Currently, the value of 1 TRX is 0.314 USD, it would increase over the course of time and definitely get a place in top virtual currencies around the world.

Register link:
Official invitation code: 542599


Investor’s Edge DAO is a community driven ecosystem that focuses on supporting the backbone of our society; ENTREPRENEURS.

Our goal is to create a healthy and prosperous world in a web3 way. We will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start ups. This process will be quick, simple and fair.

In addition, we will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants.

By investing in our token you are investing in the businesses and communities that we will support and impact in a positive way. Join our movement and invest in the token that invests in you!

How It Works

70% of revenue generated will be used to fund businesses
7% for domestic starvation & homelessness
8% for financial hardship grants
15% for team, marketing & project development

We will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start ups. This process will be simple and will not require credit checks and the many other hoops traditional financial institutions require you to jump through, just to be turned down. Members of the DAO will participate in voting for the approval of funding as well as own a predetermined minimal stake in the companies that receive funding.

In addition, we will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants. Everything our governments should be doing, but unfortunately aren’t, as they prioritize financial gain over the lives and well being of fellow mankind. We will represent true DEMOCRACY in the DECNTRALIZED world. By investing in our token you are investing in the businesses and communities that surround you and making a positive impact on society. Join our movement and invest in the token that invests in you!

Benefits Of $IED

– extremely low transaction costs on Polygon’s rapidly growing & highly efficient network
– 8% reflections to HODLers in USDC for stable income in lieu of price volatility
– 6% rewards in the form of 3% buy tax & 3% sale tax
– anti whale feature with 1% max wallet restriction
– anti dump feature with 14% tax on sell transactions held less than 30 days
– optimal buyback to regulate and maintain token price
– blacklisting to protect token supply and price if and when necessary

More info

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