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Start Earning Today
We are presenting system where you can build passive income without referrals. Stable platform and automatic payments once a week. You can start with one or more $20 position and earn $2440 per position.
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Cryptocurrency mining for the masses
We are building the world's most successful mining operation
By purchasing ICETOKEN, you acquire a share (stake) In the project and start earning profit in Ethereum according to the percentage of the share ownership.
Monthly payouts of minimum 5% + Annual dividend payment.
First payment made on the 1st April 2019 paid out from existing mining revenue generated from our UK mining operation.

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CoVEX: Cryptocurrency platform offers 0% trading fee offer on all available coins. Signup here
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Hermione is a unique opportunity to get better results from using Bitcoin or other altcoins. It also represents a unique opportunity for turning users to equal stakeholders with mining service providers.
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Bulls coming back to town! Crypto #mining profitable again with these prices! Amazing reduced prices!!! Closing sale on this shop 40-60% off

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Fightbackcoin token is a utility token. We are Community Driven, Inspired and Designed. Our grand design is to add value to our token right out of the gate. We have done that. Until now there was no safe harbor in crypto. It was and still is in many factions, the Wild Wild West of profit and scammers getting away with good folks’ money, not anymore. visit Telegram Channel , website


How to Use the Fibonacci Retracement to Trade Binary Options with high accuracy? Watch this video and see how to draw and use teh Fibonacci Retracement to trade price action strategies:

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Secure your 50 USd no Deposit Trading Account
Start Trading for Free today - just sign up, verify your account and start trading with 50 USD without making your own investment! Get started here:

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Hello and welcome to my blog post about my Binary Options Price Action strategy I´m using mainly. In the video below I showing a trade using my favorite Broker Pocket Option!
To trade this strategy, you just need Trend lines, the Fibonacci retracement, the Stochastic Indicator, Candlestick Charts, and the RSI Indicator! First, watch this video
Please read this post to learn how my strategy is working and how it can be used in different market conditions!
My Trading Decision explained
As you can see inside the video, a strong downward trend started in the past. I ´ve drawn the Fibonacci Retracement from the starting point to the end point of the first trend move. The Price already reversed and started the price correction (The move against the trend) till he touched the 61st Fibonacci level!

This is the point where the trend move starts again! It would have been a good entry point, but at this time I was not online!

A few minutes later on the price moved up again till the 50% Fibonacci level, showing an extreme in the Stochastic (near or above 80) and in the RSI Indicator (Near or above 70), all three are good signs for a starting downward move in this situation! (In an upward trend, the Stochastic and RSI should be in the opposite extreme, near 20 or 30).

An additional good sign is the candlestick you can see at the same time! Inside an upward move, a long upward shadow and a short downward shadow as well as a small candle body are a sign for a move reversal and a starting downward movement! So all signals are showing a Put signal!

Make sure to look out for my next blog post showing the next trade I´ve done in this market situation! If you want to try this strategy yourself, I recommend to start with a free Demo account (Get one here withtou deposit) till you got a feeling for the market and how it moves! Also, read my post about how to choose the best markets for your strategy!


If you want to learn more about candlestick patterns and how to use them in your trading, I suggest to get the Candlestick Trading Bible, you can read more about it here!

Can you really make money with binary options and forex trading? Watch me trading binary options and see how I determine market movements and trade oppertunites! Watch this video:

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Golasso nhas arrived, the currency thats connects investors to young and talented Brazilian football players. Learn more about this project on

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Join and get $40 on friends you refer and $10 on friends they refer up to 5 levels of indirect referral. **Weekly payout.

Mining / Arian Coin, the Smart Interactive Mining
« on: June 21, 2019, 09:42:30 AM »

Arian #Coin (ARIAN) is the decentralized #cryptocurrency that can be mined from a simple computer by only downloading and installing the Arian Interactive Node, and it’s effective thanks to its exclusive Proof of Achievement (PoAch) protocol, which guarantees the essence of the Human-Machine Symbiosis. It has its own #blockchain and bases its security on the AES-256 encrypting algorithm.

Arian Coin presents the Proof of Achievement:
Arian’s Proof of Achievement (PoAch) is the result of the impeccable fusion between the Proof of Play (PoP) and the Proof of Work (PoW), the key is that this algorithmic consensus protocol raises a Human-Machine symbiosis, in which the effort is rewarded every time the goal raised by the posed challenge is achieved. That is, anyone who #invests time developing an activity can achieve that block’s validation and thus be the winner, which will invariably translate in a real reward of arians.

Take a look of us at:


Our translation is a copy of the Bitmex trading orders from experts, helping users earn a profit of 20-30% 1 month. Risk premium up to 80%. to know more follow

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Lunar is a blockchain based solution for sharing renewable energy. The software is running on a microgrid meaning there are no energy providers nor network operators. The energy which is being produced is only produced renewably. Each KwH is represented by one $LNR coin. With one $LNR you have the right to use 1 KwH of energy. You can either trade them via exchanges or via private transactions. Lunar encourages private persons to use solar panels themselves and become a self supplying energy producer. Homes turn into smart homes and all household devices exchange information between each other.

What are the advantages of producers?

First, they finally get a fair price for their produced energy. Right now the reward for producing energy is ridiculously low. We want to change that. You can be sure that you will be rewarded with a decent amount of $LNR for producing energy.

Secondly, Lunar enables local production of energy through the microgrid. You know where your energy is coming from and you can support local energy production.

What are the advantages for consumers?

Lunar issues CO2 certificats when the energy is produced 100% renewably. As a consumer you can decide whether you exclusively use renewable energy or not. With the certificat which is issued with every coin you can ensure the 100% renewably produced energy.

Also consumers don’t have to pay insane amounts of network operating fees for energy consumption because there is no such central authority. There is no reason for paying fees which are getting higher every year. We have the technology to share energy without a central institution.

What is Lunar Rail?

Currently, there are many blockchain start ups developing blockchain solutions. The problem with a usual blockchain is that it is getting slower with every new network participant. We are solving this problem with our self-developed network-architecture called the “Lunar Rail” which is getting faster with every new participant. The Rail also is AI-driven which analyzes the current transaction-volume and adjusts the network to its best perfomance.

When is the ICO?

The ICO will probably be in September, 2020. We kindly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter on our website ( ) to get the latest news about our developments and our ICO.

Best Regards!



No more bureaucracy, no more delays on payments, Fozup is here to make your life easier
Watch the video here
Get ready for enjoy your flight delay,
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