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Investor’s Edge DAO is a community driven ecosystem that focuses on supporting the backbone of our society; ENTREPRENEURS.

Our goal is to create a healthy and prosperous world in a web3 way. We will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start ups. This process will be quick, simple and fair.

In addition, we will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants.

By investing in our token you are investing in the businesses and communities that we will support and impact in a positive way. Join our movement and invest in the token that invests in you!

How It Works

70% of revenue generated will be used to fund businesses
7% for domestic starvation & homelessness
8% for financial hardship grants
15% for team, marketing & project development

We will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start ups. This process will be simple and will not require credit checks and the many other hoops traditional financial institutions require you to jump through, just to be turned down. Members of the DAO will participate in voting for the approval of funding as well as own a predetermined minimal stake in the companies that receive funding.

In addition, we will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants. Everything our governments should be doing, but unfortunately aren’t, as they prioritize financial gain over the lives and well being of fellow mankind. We will represent true DEMOCRACY in the DECNTRALIZED world. By investing in our token you are investing in the businesses and communities that surround you and making a positive impact on society. Join our movement and invest in the token that invests in you!

Benefits Of $IED

– extremely low transaction costs on Polygon’s rapidly growing & highly efficient network
– 8% reflections to HODLers in USDC for stable income in lieu of price volatility
– 6% rewards in the form of 3% buy tax & 3% sale tax
– anti whale feature with 1% max wallet restriction
– anti dump feature with 14% tax on sell transactions held less than 30 days
– optimal buyback to regulate and maintain token price
– blacklisting to protect token supply and price if and when necessary

More info

Explotto: Cryptocurrency Based Lottery and NFTs marketplace
The lottery tickets can only be purchased using the Binance Coin ($BNB)
Competetive Rewarding Systems
Players and teams with highest points win rewards

More info:

How are the points awarded?
The points on explotto are awarded based on matching numbers at matching positions.
An example lottery draw, with two tickets, A and B:

Ticket A
The digits at positions, one, two and four match the draw, hence rewarding Ticket A with three points

Ticket B
The digits at position one, three and five match the draw, hence also paying Ticket B with three points

An individual player/s and team/s with tickets scoring a maximum number of points wins the lottery prize pool

Reward distribution
The BNB paid by players buying tickets for that round goes into the prize pool which gets distributed among all the winners in equal proportion
The BNB paid by players buying tickets for that round gets distributed to all the members of the winning teams in equal proportion
The BNB paid by players buying tickets for that round goes into the maintainence activities
Players contributing zero points to their team are not eligible to team rewards unless two or more tickets were bought



Dogeone is a Binance Smart Chain cryptocurrency combining memes & NFTs to bring creative art to the masses of the internet, selling worldwide.
Our vision is to become the one-stop platform for all Doge NFT enthusiasts and investors on the blockchain.

🌔DOGEONE has: 
✅ Auto-Reflections
✅ Charity Wallet
✅ Deflationary
✅ Locked liquidity

We have a very unique use case which till now no one have

It's about Space Cleaning

We as a team love SPACE and would like to contribute to SPACE in any ways possible as to our strength.
We are inspired from ELON’s “DOGE-1” mission. We also plan to donate to “SPACE CLEANING” in our later stages.

Enjoy your
incentives here

2% of each sell transaction is redistributed to token holders.
Earn more Dogeone coins by just holding them in your wallet.

A dedicated portion of the taxes set on all sell transactions will be used to buy back and burn coins
periodically for an ever decreasing circulating supply and increasing floor price.

A Constellation of DOGEs
Dogeone App,
You're worth it!

Buy and Sell all the DOGE Memes & NFTs here with a minimum gas fee and slippage.
We enable the community to mint their own NFTs in the next stage.

For the Love of Collectibles

A Galaxy of
Mesmerizing NFTs
DOGEONE will have its own Galaxy of NFTs launched in only a matter of time.
Our NFTs will give us a breakthrough into an entirely different Universe.

More info :


Take Control of your Finances Build your Nest!
“The greater the passive income you can build, the freer you will become.” ~Todd M. Fleming

Pepperbird Finance
Multiple reflections, hyper deflationary, ecommerce centric and charity focus

Hold Pepperbird Token in your wallet and earn passive income rewards in WBNB, Y-5 Token and Reflecto Coin. The best part is both Y-5 and Reflecto also give out rewards. Make your money work for you

Pepperbird Finance is a comprehensive financial solution ecosystem built with our investors in mind. Its driving focus is the development of utilities that creates consistent passive income for all holders of Pepperbird Token. An ecosystem with high yield staking and farming, a Lending and borrowing platform and an integrated money management system. Our goal is simple, real world financial solutions for real world people. There is so much we have planned, 2022 is just the beginning.

Buy-Hold and Enjoy the Flight.

Pepperbird Finance a wealth management fintech ecosystem. Pepperbird Token offers 6% reflection in multiple token (Y5, WBNB and Reflecto), gasless dashboard and an option to customize your reflections.
Whitelist Event going on now - launching in May



The world’s first cross-chain, multi-level interactive cryptocurrency raffle-based platform built for the community, offering a user-adjustable winning chance, NFT-integrated winning chance boosters, and a rewarding, automated affiliate program, all within a new, smart-contract secured, fully transparent process that guarantees financial fairness, privacy, and instant, tax-free, full prize-pools distribution.

Win up to $5 million in crypto assets, high-value NFTs, exclusive cars, and high-end luxury properties around the world in daily raffles!

- full transparency
- fully private
- instant, tax-free, full prize-pool distribution
- smart-contract secured
- user-adjustable winning chance
- every raffle has always 3 to 10 winners
- NFT airdrop
- free tickets giveaways


Future updates propose a native token RAF which will be used to enter different raffle categories:

NFT raffles – Partnerships with top ranked NFT creators which will allow Raflle World to offer several NFT Raffles of high-value NFTs from current existing market every day.

Exclusive cars raffles – Partnerships with top rated car brands which will allow Raffle World to offer several Exclusive Cars Raffles to people around the world every day.

Real estate raffles – Partnerships with international real-estate agencies which will allow Raflle World to offer several Real Estate Raffles to people around the world every day.

Staking and Farming will be available for RAF token holders that will offer as rewards free raffle tickets and winning chance booster NFTs with an APR up to 1000%. Users will be able to choose which raffle categories they want to receive the rewards for.

With the cryptocurrency industry growing exponentially within our society, people will soon realize that this segment of business must take its place in the crypto world.

With tangible, easy-to-win assets, and fast, instant, tax-free prize-pools distribution, this previously untrusted industry is now offering so much more within a smart-contract-secured platform that values the community’s privacy and financial fairness.

A fully transparent, crypto-currency based raffle platform with a high community interaction level in setting its own desired winning odds before the draw, choosing different type of ways to enter and different prize categories is now live and running!

Share the good news by sending your affiliate link to your friends and we will reward you with free tickets through our affiliate program! With Raflle World , you know exactly what you are aiming for, and the prizes are fast and big enough to share with a friend! Good luck!

More info at:

Hybrid/Other Tokens / Based Finance - Introduction and Innovations
« on: March 26, 2022, 08:17:03 AM »

Introduction to $BASED
The Based Finance token, $BASED, is an algorithmic token pegged to $TOMB built on the
$FTM network. The protocol’s underlying mechanism dynamically adjusts $BASED supply,
pushing its price up or down relative to the price of $TOMB. Based finance is a multi-token
protocol which consists of the following three tokens:

• BASED Shares ($BSHARE)

• BASED Bonds ($BBOND)
The price of $BASED is pegged to that of $TOMB, and through our LP farms $BSHARE is
produced as a reward. When the price of $BASED is above that of $TOMB, $BSHARE
tokens can be locked (for at least 24 hours) in the Acropolis in order to earn further rewards
in $BASED (inflationary).

If the price of $BASED goes below 1 $TOMB, the Acropolis stops printing to prevent further
inflation and $BASED can now be burned in exchange for $BBOND (deflationary). $BBOND
can be swapped back for $BASED (+ a holding incentive) from the DAO treasury once
$BASED is back above its peg.
You can find an introduction to our based team here.

$BASED Timeline
Jan. 31: Giveaway #1 (1 $ETH)
Feb. 5 - 6: Successful Project Launch " " (TVL >$10M)
Feb. 7: Curve Geist Stablecoin Pool Receipt Token Farm Added
Feb. 8: Competition #1 (700 $TOMB)
Feb. 11: Team KYC’ed by AssureDefi (TVL >$20M)
AND Audit Initialized with Obelisk (still ongoing)
Feb. 12: Curve Tricrypto Pool Receipt Token Farm Added
Feb. 15: Competition #2 (3 prizes, [10k | 9k | 9k] $USDC)
Feb. 17: Now listed on multiple platforms (TVL > $50M)
Coingecko, Vfat, Coinmarketcap, Defillama, Debank
Yieldwolf, Beluga, Grim Finance

Feb. 22: Partnership wih $TOMB (TVL >$75M)
Feb. 23: TVL Reaches $100M
Feb. 25 - Mar. 11: Listed on additional platforms
Matrix Farm, Podtown, Apeboard, Beefy, Devil Finance, Tarot, Autofarm
Mar. 4: Giveaway #2 ($3000 of $BASED) and First Based Friday
Mar. 9: Giveaway #3 (0.5 $BSHARE)

Mar. 14: RugDoc Review
Mar. 18: Competition #3 (2 prizes, [4k $USDC + 1000 $BASED] each)
AND Fully Audited Zap-in Feature Implemented
Current Farming/Staking Options
• Agora (Earn $BSHARE)
• Deposit $BASED-$TOMB LP
• Deposit $BSHARE-$FTM LP
• Deposit $BASED-$MAI LP (0.2% Deposit Fee)
• Deposit $BASED-$BSHARE LP (0.2% Deposit Fee)
• Deposit Curve Gheist Receipt Tokens (0.2% Deposit Fee)
• Deposit Curve Tricrypto Receipt Tokens (0.2% Deposit Fee)
• Acropolis (Earn $BASED if $BASED > $TOMB)
• Deposit $BSHARE
• Parthenon
• Burn $BASED if $BASED < $TOMB, get $BBOND
• Burn $BBOND if $BASED > $TOMB, get $BASED + hodl incentive

External Sites
• Auto compounders
• Yieldwolf, Beefy, and Beluga
• Autofarm and Matrix Farm
• Grim Finance, Pain Finance, and Devil Finance
• Leveraging and Reward Boosting
• Tarot
• Podtown

What Makes $BASED Different
Beyond having a BASED AF team, a partnership with $TOMB, large TVL, listings on multiple
platforms, a clear security-first focus, over $40k worth of giveaways/prizes, (should I
continue?) so far the based devs have implemented 3 key innovations that set us apart from
other projects:

• Triple yield stable coin pool with curve gheist receipt token
• Tricrypto pool with curve reciept token
• Based Fridays (weekly announcements and recaps)
A profit sharing feature is also in the short-term roadmap, along with a tease at an additional
protocol being developed. Much more to come from this team, don’t miss out on this you are
still early.

For now however, $TOMB on and stay $BASED!

APPLE STAY TOKEN game, metaverse, NFT Apple Stay Token, It starts Metaverse Business Expansion after Game Mobile Payment Platform

- It announced the expansion of its business to Metaverse  as well as its role as an AOS, RPG, and FPS game payment platform Apple is a technology that links various systems such as pre
- purchase payment and cryptocurrency in the Apple Pay payment structure using Apple commerce, a traditional payment method that has been used so far. While considering intro duction, Apple Community has developed NFT tokens linked to payment module platforms such as AOS, RPG, and FPS.

- Developed by Apple Community, NFT Tokens are partnered with digital payment companies As a result of partner review, it will be operated by Madison Group, which has operational experts.
Game publishers produce and distribute the best games, and many users around the world are Apple's While downloading and using the App Store, according to mobile data and analysis  platform App Annie, It has announced that the global mobile game market will be close to $100 billion, and the game sector accounts for about 65% of total app sales based on IOS.

airlines from 60 countries around the world Opening of NFT Payment Module
- Apple community members have formed an initial business model that can faithfully fulfill their     role as. Furthermore, a travel agency in the U.S. And with airlines from 60 countries around the world    The nft payment module is also about to be released.

Global partners include Apple Pay, Cardano, Binance, OKEX, Block Media, and Coinbase


WAI Token to be an Essential Part of the WitLink Metaverse.

WAI is an ERC-20 utility token built on the ethereum blockchain that will serve as the basis for transactions within the WitLink Metaverse.
It enables users to create, experience, and monetize applications and content.
Users spend WAI to pay for in-world goods and services in order to access contents,
advertise, buy various Nfts, rent plots, and earn WAI through Staking which allows for passive revenues on LANDS:

The WAI Token is currently selling for $0.3 on the WitLink website
with the WitLink NFT Lands coming soon.
Already existing token holders will enjoy special offers when the WitLink Lands are up to facilitate their ownership of plots in the WitLink Metaverse.

WitLink Mission
We are building our metaverse world, we want to build commercial sites
to create opportunities for AI professionals worldwide to develop their projects and talent,
provide young startups with sites to develop with the right experts and develop a culture for growth in various sector.

With the growing scarcity of AI talent,
we intend to build educational institutions in the metaverse with AI oriented courses
that will make training easy for new professionals and developers.

We are bringing a future where each lands offers growth ,
experiences, competitions, events, seminars, community activities and much more.


Get Magnolia Token on Dx
Dx is the most advanced decentralized launchpad protocol!
Get your $MAT before it is too late!

Preservation of forests for future generations.
Forests play an important role in storing carbon on the planet. However, when forests are cleared for agriculture and other activities, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This leads to climate change. Our vision is the creation of a platform that gives people, token holders and future generations the opportunity to promote protection of our forests and create a more sustainable way of living.

Many of us are not aware how bad our habits are hurting our planet.

Unite blockchain technology with a sustainable way of life.

We believe that we must ensure that new technology minimizes or eliminates actions that negatively impact our planet. We must take action to mitigate climate change, as the planet cannot sustainably exist with it.

To accomplish our goals, Project Magnolia will join the Crypto Climate Accord, and is committed to help, inspire, and create new solutions to achieve the goal of powering crypto with 100% renewable energy by 2030. We see it not only as our mission but also our duty to create a climate friendly environment in the crypto and blockchain industry

Project Magnolia was created to give people, token holders and future generations the opportunity to promote protection of our forests and create a more sustainable way of living. With every transaction a percentage will be donated to plant trees.

More info:


The Procrastination Killer
First of its kind, blockchain based DAPP intented to increase productivity.

Watch the video

Why Wilson?

People start but do not finish.
You start Gym on a high note but stop after a few days.
You browse social media sites instead of getting started on important tasks.
You would repeatedly put off homework assignment until the night before it’s due.
You really like to develop a new positive habit, such as dieting, exercising, or saving money, but repeatedly delaying it while telling yourself that you’ll start sometime soon.
You want to initiate a business but waste time looking up inspirational material and unimportant information instead of setting something up.
You found a life changing online course but due to laziness could not complete it.

"As an international instructor of 20k students from around 150+ countries, I have observed this procrastination plague in new generation at first hand. At any eLearning portal, completion rates in online courses are generally low, averaging around 13%."
~ Mirza Hyder Baig

The problem of procrastination is not just limited to academia or lifestyle, it’s everywhere. Anyone who overcomes this problem has undoubtedly the best chance to be successful.

Many solutions have been proposed in the past, thousands of articles were made, innumerous motivational videos are made and are accessible to everyone. But still people procrastinate big time.

The best solution is to break the overall commitment into smaller milestones and complete them. Again, if we leave it on self, we end up not doing the work completely. Hence there must be some other person/entity kicking us on each milestone. Well, you don’t want people to yell at you, isn’t it? Almost all of us are incapable of handling criticism from others. In some cases, the other person might already have made a negative bias and we do not find who can provide constructive feedback on what went wrong. So, how do we solve these issues arising out of main issue of procrastinating.

Here comes the ‘WILSON’, who will keep you on toes for achieving your goals without judging you. WILSON utilizes block chain technology at its core for making a decentralized platform which can help people overcome procrastination. Here’s how it works:

The User Commits a goal and sets a few milestones.
User Stakes WILL tokens for the complete commitment.
The system divides the total stake by the number of milestones. This provides the number of tokens to be returned to the User if he completes the milestone on time, else these tokens will be burnt and will forever be lost without anyone’s control.
Total rewards to verifiers would be issued based on the total WILLs staked by the user.
Each milestone can be voted with a three-vote power weight (this is not necessarily 3 votes, but the VP should be 3).
In short, you deposit real money in the form crypto. You get it back only if you achieve the milestone or else your money would be burnt. This will keep any procrastinater motivated.

This is healthy for tokenomics as WILL token price moves up under the standard both conditions:
If users complete the goal, their productivity would increase. Hence more and more people would adopt WILSON and stake them in committments leading to the token price increase.
If users doesn't complete the goal, their productivity decreases, it's sad. But even in this case WILSON value grows as the committed WILL tokens would be burnt leading to decrease in supply of token.

More info

News of the conclusion of IPX - PlayDapp Business Agreement (MOU), Metaverse & NFT Platform Synergy Expectation!!

IPX (for example Line Friends) and blockchain service platform PlayDapp have signed a strategic MOU(memorandum of understanding). Through the article, he said, "We will launch a full-fledged digital IP entertainment business based on Metaverse & NFT by conducting various collaborations around our digital IP generation platform 'FRENZ' that will be officially introduced earlier this year." There are several reasons why this combination is receiving great attention.

"IPX" is a new name for "LINE FRIENDS," which is already very familiar to us and very popular other countries besides Korea, with the dual meaning of "IP eXperience," which means providing various IP experiences and "Impressive Present eXperience," which means unforgettable gifts.

IPX's characters have been conducting various collaborations, starting with the original character "LINE Friends" In particular, collaboration with celebrities is notable, and character businesses such as "BT21," a collaboration character with BTS, and "WDZY," a collaboration character with ITZY, are expanding.
In particular, the character IP business has gained great recognition not only online and offline but also overseas, so it is very encouraging to enter the metaverse business.

PlayDapp is a DApp(Decentralized Applicatio) game portal that provides NFT marketplace services as well as launching multi-homeming games that can move and use various platforms such as "Cryptodoser" and "Along with the Gods" based on blockchain technology.

It is a company that is drawing attention not only in Korea but also abroad because it has already accumulated various cases and experiences using blockchain. It has already been the only blockchain team in Korea to be listed on Binance, the world's largest exchange, and Upbit, Coinbase, proving its competitiveness.
While many projects aim to be listed and have shown little progress since then, it seems that they have met the standards of the largest exchanges with tricky tastes.

An IPX official said, "With this strategic business agreement with PlayDapp, we will expand our activities by NFTing our IPs and linking them to blockchain games to build a new 'digital IP entertainment business' model."
The popularization of NFT and Metaverse platforms is expected to accelerate as NFT and Metaverse platforms are becoming more concrete through partnerships and business agreements. I'm looking forward to how various services and platforms will change in the future.

Related websites.


MOU between IPX, a digital IP platform company, and PlayDapp, a blockchain service platform, announced that it will launch a full-fledged digital IP entertainment business based on Metaverse and NFT, focusing on IPX's digital IP generation platform, FRENZ.

In May 2022, NFT Marketplace will allow anyone to NFT and trade their own character IP through the IP generation platform "FRENZ." In addition, it is said that users are preparing to link their character IP with the blockchain game that PlayDapp is serving.

PlayDapp, which is known as a blockchain service platform, is a DApp game portal that releases multi-homing games that allow users to move and enjoy various platforms such as “CryptoDozer” and “Allong with the Gods” based on blockchain technology and provides NFT marketplace services. It is also listed on global exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and Bitrex.

IPX is moving to promote metaverse and NFT businesses in earnest by changing its name from Line Friends. Line Friends' IP has reached about 1 trillion won in 2021 and is gradually increasing. The mission change is aimed at establishing a company's identity for a digital virtual IP-oriented business transition beyond offline-oriented retail business, and the name IPX contains the meaning of special experiences such as providing various IPs and unforgettable gifts.

Based on IP3.0 era in which anyone can create, own, and share character IPs, and blockchain know-how accumulated so far, PlayDapp has shown its willingness to speed up NFT popularization through various collaborations with IPX by creating a new digital IP ecosystem with FRENZ platform. As the two companies have excellent technology and global character IP, this MOU is expected to proceed successfully.

Related websites.


Welcome to the future of luxury and asset building.  Royal Riches provides a lifestyle that pays for itself.  With Penthouse suites in Scottsdale, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Miami Florida, we meet a client’s luxury accommodation while they earn fully-secured crypto-currency. But, why stop at real estate? From private chefs to car rentals and even wraps and private jets, our unique platform curates unique experiences while securing future income. We are the only savior-fare luxury line with the ability to provide asset growth from maintaining one’s lifestyle.

Each time a non-crypto currency transaction is made, Royal Riches will invest a percentage back into the company. We are building a motorized foundation for the coin, increasing its value and delivering well-faceted perks for our affluent clientele. 

The concept is revolutionary and its execution is simple. With five of Zay Hampton’s already revolutionary luxury lines as established successes, those with ten thousand dollars worth of coins invested will receive ten percent off all services. The inclusivity of utilizing luxury services, such as jet and car rentals, pays almost for itself. The benefit structure grows from there. See our FAQ section.

Additionally, Royal Riches with Royal Riches will deliver weekly gifts and complimentary services for coin owners with more than a 100,000 investment.   After the 100,000 baseline, the perks increase.

Why invest in crypto-currency that hasn’t been well-thought-out when it comes to both strategy and reward. Live your best life with an ROI that is unmatched within the crypt-currency community.

[email protected] for general inquiries
[email protected] for investment opportunities


Is Royal Riches Secured:  Yes, while it is an ever-expanding market, our team thrives on transparency and securing investments. Further, a percentage of all services paid for with anything other than crypto-currency is then backed by a re-investment into Royal Riches, creating a strong and sound financial baseline.

What’s the secured promise look like? Hybrid perks as added solutions as a motivation to invest in crypto-currency. Royal Riches is its own ecosystem to help investors not only gain long-term ROI, but obtain real-time rewards that benefit their already affluent lifestyle. Further, we work to lock with PINKSALE for more than six months.  Royal Riches works to provide transparent audit efforts and ensures no anti-dump efforts will ever be successful.

How much can each waller hold?
Two percent of the total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000. The maximum transaction amount is one percent. The one percent transaction fee is reinvested into marketing and future waller development.

What is the reward structure:
20k investment equates to 15 percent off all services and rentals
30k investment equates to 20 percent off all services and rentals
50k investment equates to 30 percent off all services and rentals
80k investment equates to 40 percent off all services and rentals
100k investment equates to 50 percent off all services and rentals
200k investment equates to a single complimentary service per month
500k investment equates to free automation upon holding of 12 months

Watch us elevate, join us too! Royal Riches is vested in transparency. Regardless if you’re an investor, a curious potential curator, or a member of our team, having a comprehensive understanding of our vision and the delivery plan is crucial, which is why Royal Riches is publishing our plan. Our roadmap is a fluid blueprint of how Royal Riches and its subsidiaries are going to flourish and impact the industry.

Jan. 19th, the completion of our final website design.
Jan. 17-24, delivering ten percent in sales of our supply to capitalize on $100k in liquid assets
Jan. 24-28, an exclusive pre-sale of five percent of our supply on PinkSale
Jan. 28th, the completion of our Smart contract
Jan. 29,  Manion party to be hosted as an introduction to utility and related charity
Feb. 01,  Royal Riches will officially launch
Feb. 29th, our well-calculated silent launch
March, TBA - Crypto-based houses and luxury release houses to launch in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and more. Royal Riches program will be applied
April - December,  the national and international deliverables of our expansion core

Defining our business pillars as we grow;
Develop a strong, organic community
AMA and education - a pivotal, ongoing effort
CMC listing
All-encompassing marketing plan from content creation to multi-channel static and viral delivery
Ongoing strategic business development efforts by leveraging relationships with major luxury transportation, private jet, chauffeur, and other service-based efforts

What Is Royal Riches

An exclusive coin created to furnish upper-crust lifestyles. Invest in yourself, reap the luxurious rewards.

Our Mission

Royal Riches was cultivated to meet the high expectations of those living their best lives. We don’t cater to a trend, we deliver a lifestyle. Our crypto-currency is held and backed by the most meticulous security available. Our products have been developed to meet the ever-evolving lifestyle needs of the affluent. Our products simply don’t build wealth, our products create and manage it.

Our Role

Lead with confidence and elegance, this is the foundation for our brand. Why? Because Royal Riches is a pillar in the asset community. We define what needs must be anticipated and exceeded for our diverse clientele.  From cryptocurrency to luxury car rental and an all-encompassing portfolio of service-based efforts, Royal Riches is the ONLY choice for our wealth-based, driven clients.

Our Values

Money makes life easier. Luxury things help life feel more comfortable. However, money and luxury should never come at the cost of questionable ethics or worse. Royal Riches is driven by ensuring all of our products are developed in a transparent nature. Our company believes in securing the assets of our clients while providing stable, open-ended documentation and resources that are well-vetted. Everyone understands the brand standard associated with Royal Riches and the honest oath we host at our company day-in and day-out.

Zay Hampton

Great leadership and profitability shouldn’t be left to chance. Zay Hampton, Founder and CEO, is a force within the entrepreneurial landscape. His ability to dare to dream paired with a solid foundation of conservative risk has elevated his many efforts within the business community. From luxury car innovation services to bootstrapping global connections to elevate his concierge company, Mr. Hampton is quickly becoming the navigating force within the cryptocurrency market. A well-known, stellar reputation are just two of the positive attributes that have wealth managers and business development specialists seeking to add Mr. Hampton to their books of business.

More info


Our Idea
A new smart blockchain based marketplace for trading digital goods and assets according to users interests.
Automatic matching of buyers and sellers via unique artificial intelligence approach.

Contract address :
Network Smart Chain
Token Name : Triumph
Symbol  : TRH
Decimals  :18

Why choosing Triumph?

Triumph is a block chain based marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to carry out operations involving digital goods and assets with crypto currency transactions.
The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on straight AI approach.
It is a first ever artificial intelligence marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contract, block chain, future oriented ideas of connecting people
and performing operations by analyzing users preferences. Innovative token design increase system performance up to 1024 times faster.

Watch Video Config Triumph Review
How artificial intelligence & block chain revolutionize the world of online marketplaces

Our Tokens
 What is Triumph?

Triumph TRH are tokens, based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain technology.
It is the core asset of the new Triumphin Marketplace. Users possessing Triumph TRH  can exchange them for buying digital goods on the marketplace.

Main Features
The first cryptocurrency without blockchain fluctuations
No transaction fees. Sellers enjoy 100% earnings
Instant operations without any centralized system
Protects the identity basing on AI

More info at:


We are happy to announce that we have launched Doozie Token (DZT), a blockchain based personalized reward platform for the internet.

We believe users and contributors deserve appreciation for their part in the growth of an organization and organizations can achieve higher user engagement, ecosystem expansion and increased user loyalty by integrating DZT into their products.

DZT website:

A short video to explain why DZT is born, what is it we are trying to solve and how the user experience will be in the DZT ecosystem:

DZT white paper:

We are looking for collaborative partner to expand our vision at maximum speed. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in potential partnership.

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弊社は今月Doozie Token (DZT)という新しいプロジェクトを立ち上げました。

DZTは、ブロックチェーンを基盤とする、ユーザーにパーソナライズされた報酬を提供するプラットフォームです。DZTは既存のreward programの課題を解決し、顧客のプロダクトにユーザーエンゲージメントやコンバージョンの改善をすることで、ブランドロイヤリティの向上に繋がるエコシステムです。

ユーザーが好きなように自分が得たrewardを使え、既存の決済システムがサポートしていない地域でも、ビジネスに貢献している3rd party contributorに平等にrewardを付与する仕組みです。詳細は以下となっております。こちらでDZTのエコシステムについて説明をしています。



DZT white paper:




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