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Stake for tomorrow, today.
Unstake your initial investment, anytime.

The premier cross-chain stablecoin accrual protocol for everyone in DeFi.
Stake BUSD / USDC in a low-risk environment to earn 365% to 1825% APR.
Unstake your initial anytime. Compound for additional growth.

The safest way to earn - backed by diversified investments.
Wealth Mountain is backed by a diversified investment wallet that continuously generates yield using a variety of earning vehicles.
As the protocol gains adoption and more stakes / unstakes take place,
the investment wallet yield will disproportionately increase eventually reaching a point where more yield is earned by the protocol than is paid out.
While maintaining safe investment vehicles for backing,
the diversification wallet will also be used to support other platforms in the space!
Community votes will be enabled eventually to vote on which protocol you'd like Wealth Mountain to support.

Protocol Goal
Ultimately, the goal of the protocol is to design a long-term, sustainable,
and easy-to-use source of consistent stablecoin accrual.
The team behind Wealth Mountain took inspiration from protocols like DRIP and Avarice to create a direct dApp
where users can work strictly with stablecoins without worrying about bear market price fluctuations.

More info

Mesher, a Korean DeFi production studio, is releasing a staking protocol time capsule on June 30.
The time capsule is the staking protocol of ENTER, the governance token of Mesher.
ENTER is the new symbol of the existing oDON.

Mesher, a subsidiary of Chain Partners, is composed of members who launched and operated “Donkey”,
a coin deposit and loan service. At one point, Donkey's accumulated deposits exceeded the 1.8 trillion won mark within six months of its launch.
Despite large amounts of deposits,
there have been no hacking or security incidents up to this day since it has been rebranded as “Mesher Center.”

The time capsule is the key to the strategy of boosting the value of the ENTER token.
In particular, Mesher put in place several devices inside the capsule to prevent liquidity leakage.
One of them is to pay a certain portion of Mesher's B2B revenues to the stakers of the time capsule.
Recently, Mesher's B2B DeFi solution signed a contract with MARBLEX(MBX), a blockchain ecosystem of Netmarble.

※ Mesher is a subsidiary established by Chain Partners,
a first-generation blockchain company in Korea, to expand its DeFi business.
Mesher operates Mesher Pro, a DaaS (Defi as a Service) for businesses,
as well as the DeFi service for general investors.

You can check the news on Mesher through the communication channels listed below.
●   mesher Official Twitter:
●   mesher Official Telegram:
●   mesher Official Discord:

Hybrid/Other Tokens / Stake your BIT3 to earn monthly rewards
« on: July 21, 2022, 08:22:00 PM »

A BSC Token to earn passive income by purchasing and staking BIT3 in 3 liquidity pools of your choice. BIT3 is an investment token and allows users to receive token airdrops or NFT airdrops previously unattainable.
Choosing and staking your BIT3 in a liquidity pool will result in a monthly airdrop. Each liquidity pool has there own benefit. Either receive tokens from another project, NFT airdrops or 5% return on staked BIT3 airdropped monthly.
Mid term we are working on getting listed on the major exchanges and continuing to grow our liquidity. The long term future of BIT3 is bright with plans for a BIT3 mainnet, BIT3 wallet, BIT3 exchange and BIT3 meta verse opportunities.
One can also use Binance coins to invest in certain ICOs that are listed through Binance's Launchpad program. New cryptocurrencies list on the Binance exchange, and the use of Binance provides a seamless marketplace for trading in a variety of established and new virtual tokens.

 Smart Chain Token Address

Stake Your BIT3
Rewards Pool Address:

NFT Pool Address:

Main Liquidity Pool Address:

Step 1: Purchase BNB
You can purchase BNB on Binance, or another exchange.

Step 2: Send BNB to Trust Wallet
Create a Trust wallet (can be downloaded on app store). Then send your BNB from your exchange of choice to your Trust wallet.

Step 3: Swap BNB for Smart Chain BNB
This can easily be done when viewing the BNB balance in your Trust wallet.

Step 4: Swap $BNB For $BIT3 on PancakeSwap
Connect your Trust wallet to PancakeSwap, then paste our contract address into the token field to swap $BNB for $BIT3. Always confirm the official contract address:


Click the link below, connect your wallet and start trading BIT3


Step 1: Purchase BIT3
You can purchase bit3 using the previous guide.

Step 2: Send Bit3 to Desired Staking Address
Using your trust wallet send bit3 to your desired staking address. Generated assets will be sent to your trust wallet monthly.

Step 3: Collect Profits Monthly
Every month an air drop is performed to stake holders. Depending on your staking address you will receive bit3, a genesis token or genesis NFT on the binance network.

Step 4: Receive Staked Tokens Upon Completion
When your ready to cash out your staked bit3 simply copy and paste your wallet address in the section below to get your tokens back.

Earn Money with BIT3
Don't miss out
BIT3 Wallet Coming Soon

More info


All Ethereum network supported wallet can connect with Webpay
Fastest pay ment with lowest gas fee
No extra fees or monthly charge
All the top 200 currencies on Ethereum network can be used
Every transaction is open and transparent
Users in every country and region can use Webpay for transaction
More than 20 wallets can use Webpay
24 hours online customer support
Webpay rewards are sent directly to users wallet

It only takes five minutes to register
and become a member of Webpay

Webpay, Crypto and Future

Webpay will become the top ten digital currency payment platform in Asia and Europe in the next three years. We will continue to improve the payment speed of Webpay and expand the supported tokens in the future.

Anywhere, Anytime with Webpay
Online payment and face-to-face payment are equally low gas fee and high speed

20+ wallet supported
More than 20 different wallets can be directly connected to Webpay

Every transaction requires the user's permission

VolumeUnlimited transaction volume for everyone

More info


Logium - The 1st platform allowing to long and short any token

Bet up or down, use multiplier and predict future value of every token listed on Uniswap

Take your first bet now

With ease, take existing bets or create your own,
predict the value of your favorite tokens, and earn profit!

What is Logium?

Logium solves the problem of decentralized finance and opens the absolutely free market for derivatives. The Logium does not hold any assets of its users, all the trades executed at Logium are P2P, fully transparent, and available at its decentralized contract.

How it works

Step 1
The P2P betting system allows users to use leverage and trade any assets available at Uniswap, so on, by using Logium you can trade both long and short bets on leverage for over 500 cryptocurrencies.

Step 2
The “bet”, professionally referred as “option”, or “position” is a P2P agreement between two users about the future price of any chosen ERC20 asset. In the system, users place a bet against each other, where one user predicts the price to go up, while the other one predicts it to go down.

Step 3
In the system, only one user, that is right about the price prediction, wins and earns the 100% of the opponent's bet. The users are settled after a fixed duration of time, that can be 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 7 days or 1 month.

Read the docs
Want to know more about how the platform works? Check all information about Logium available in one place.


Many are saying that C4C, Crypto 4 A Cause is THE most quickly expanding, multifaceted revolution in decentralized Investment AND Community funded Grants/charities.

C4C utilities:

●   C4C's very own Crypto Exchange: Up and running now/ testing
●   STABLE cross Chain Yield farming platforms In progress.
●   NFT minting/gifting to C4C members Running now.
●   Lossless lottery Coming soon!
●   Dao governance voting system Coming soon!
●   Grants/charities
Partnering up. We are partnered with OneTreePlanted

The $C4C token is available NOW at a very safe entry price of $0.00349 USDT during Private Auction Sale on Sushi. Don't Miss out on this bullish Gem of an investment.

How do I invest in $C4C?

The investment process is easy. Navigate to our webpage (, then you are given 3 purchase options to use BNB, USDT, Or USDC. You connect your wallet to the sushi Miso auction app, then make a purchase using Trustwallet, or similar.

The Private sale will last until end of October so make sure to purchase before that, and witness your investment shoot through the roof once the coin starts trading on DEX/CEX's.

Why is there a need for C4C?

C4C's main goal is to combat human suffering by addressing domestic and worldwide issues. 5% of C4C proceeds will go towards a specific charity or recipient. We will also combat systemic scamming in the crypto industry by educating our community on the red flags of Cryptocurrencies. C4C Team are doxxed and fully vetted. You see our faces, we will be here giving it our best every day. 100 %Truth and Transparency

How can All benefit from C4C?

C4C offers an expansive number of benefits to everyone, both investors and beneficiaries. With the purchase of $C4C, the investor is granted voting rights to help choose our communities Cause. The voted-upon recipient may receive C4C funding, government-issued grants, and
Edu-grants. Our goal is to award $1000 - $10,000 every 9 months in education grants, to eligible participants through the Udemy Edu-grants system

To find out more about Crypto4ACause,
visit the official website:

Follow C4C on social media channels:

White paper:

Contract address:


PAYC Finance Presale July 31 2022, + 385,945.8% APY Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding Platform With Nine Percent BUSD Reflections.

PAYC Finance = Pandas Yacht Club Finance (PAYC)

PAYC Finance provides a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model through use of it’s unique ASAR protocol.

The PAYC Finance Auto-Staking Protocol and Auto-Reflection (ASAR for short) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, more efficient and awards $PAYC Finance token holders the highest stable returns in crypto.

ASAR gives the PAYC Finance token automatic staking and compounding features include BUSD Reflection, and the highest Fixed APY in the market at 385,945.80% for the first 12 months.

PAYC Finance team is a diverse group of high-skilled developers, security experts and best viral marketers. We have analyzed every successful product in the DeFi space to bring you a break through product on the market today!

Easy and Safe Staking – The easiest auto-staking in Defi. We provide Autostaking right in your wallet, the PAYC Finance token always stays in your wallet so it doesn’t need to be put in a centralized authority. All you need to do is buy, hold and automatically receive rewards in your wallet so there’s no more complicated staking processes at all.
PAYC Finance Dividend – 9% of all trading fees are stored in the PAYC Finance Dividend Fund (PDF), which helps to achieve a variety of outcomes, including most profitable, stability and long-term sustainability.
Fastest Auto-compounding protocol – The PAYC Finance Protocol pays every PAYC Finance Token holder every 15 minutes and 96 times everyday, making it the fastest auto-compounding protocol in crypto.
Auto Token Burn – One of the most exciting features of the PAYC Finance Protocol is an automatic token burn system named “The Fire Pit” which prevents circulating supply getting out of hand and becoming unmanageable. The stone Fire burns 2.5% out of PAYC Finance Token transactions.
Highest Fixed APY – PAYC Finance pays out at 385,945.80% in the first 12 months, the highest you can get anywhere in the world. After the first 12 months the interest rate drops over a predefined Long-term Interest Cycle period.
PAYC Finance has entered into a cooperation with Pandas Yacht Club (PAYC).

5% of the total supply of the PAYC tokens will be sent to the NFT holders. All those who buy a PAYC NFT receive a share of PAYC tokens. Buy your PAYC NFT now and benefit from free PAYC tokens.

PAYC Finance will use pinksale finance to launch the token 31 july 2022:






Vision & Mission

Our mission and vision is to revolutionize the reward generation mechanism with our very first and unique protocol that has advanced profit making. PAYC Finance is equipped with innovative technologies and features that other forks lack. We aim to provide auto staking and reward multiplication protocol in the crypto space and NFT. The revolutionary PAYC Finance DeFi.

More info

Hybrid/Other Tokens / BE PART OF HISTORY - The Oktoberfest Coin
« on: July 11, 2022, 07:41:53 AM »

The Countdown is on!

When it’s “o’zapft is” again at the Oktoberfest, there will be the biggest airdrop for all holders!
At least 10,000 WIESN must be in your wallet to receive the Airdrop!
(The more Oktoberfest Coins you hold, the more BNB you get.)



On this date all buy and sell fees will be set to 0%!
We will burn 10%(10.000.000 WIESN) of the whole supply!



The Oktoberfest or Wiesn, as the locals affectionately call their folk festival, is an integral part of Munich tradition. Today, beer, tents and chicken are known worldwide.
Around 7 million “Maß” are drunk on the Oktoberfest every year. 500.000 “Hendl” are eaten on the Oktoberfest and nearly 100 Rides and attractions are on the Oktoberfest.
We are developing our own Oktoberfest ecosystem with our own wallet, a game in the metaverse, NFTs and swapping.

Only cash is allowed at the Oktoberfest.
Perhaps one day the Oktoberfest Coin will replace cash at the Oktoberfest.

"We combine culture and fun in life!
So let’s sit together, drink a beer, eat and just have fun!"


 A community driven coin. You decide in which direction the rollercoaster goes.

Oktoberfest NFTs

Social Community and International Networking for Events.




Oktoberfestswap (stake and earn “WIESN”, “MAß” and “HENDL”).
“Oktoberfest Game” Developing.(The virtual Oktoberfest in the Metaverse).
“The Oktoberfest Wallet” to pay on every Oktoberfest in the whole world.

How to Purchase Oktoberfest Coin (WIESN)




More info:
Telegram: @oktoberfestcoin


What is the Jupyter Network ?
The Jupyter Network is a suite of decentralized applications (dApps) built on the BSC Blockchain.

What is $IOM ?
$IOM is a BEP20 compatible token which can be used in all Ethereum wallets that support the Binance Smart Chain.


• 50% or 500'000'000 $IOM
Tokens are available for trading on Pancakeswap( $BNB/$IOM), for better security and prevention from rug pulls exploits, the proof of liquidity (position) from this liquidity is sent to dead wallet addresses

• 24% or 240'000'000 $IOM
Tokens will be available for trading on another DEX(TBD) From which 6% or 6'000'000 $IOM Tokens are available for trading on Pancakeswap for the $TKP/$IOM trading pair.

• 20% or 200'000'000 $IOM
Tokens are held in a Gnosis Safe multi-signature wallet and used solely for project funding. (Team Wallet). The majority of the token is in the community's hands forever.

Where can i get $IOM ?
You can get your $IOM from Pancakeswap or later on from Jupyterswap.




As of recent world events we have noticed that more and more innocent people, wake up to a
reality where bank accounts are blocked, transfers
freezed, and so on. We see this as a huge opportunity for the crypto space, why trust a bank
when you can read the smart contracts, that will follow an immutable protocol.

Our Goal

Advancing the bigger mission of getting people away from the Fiat currency system, to a
decentralized system, where the price of cryptocurrencies is not measured in dollars,
instead, dollars will be measured in

Visit :
More info


No KYC, Privacy focused crypto cards
Pay online or offline using any crypto currency and earn instant cashback with ultimate privacy.

Types of Credit Cards Crypney Offers
Compare the card tiers and select the best option for you.

Control all Your Crypney Card Activities
The Crypney Dapp gives you the ability to access and manage your card and transaction all in one place.

Card transaction history
Comprehensive Dapp to track and manage all you card activity

Change Pin Anytime
Change your card pin anytime anywhere

Easily Change Transaction Limit
Limit your card transaction and get full control over spendings

Benefit of Crypney Crypto Cards
Privacy and rewards with ease of use, everything with Crypney Cards

More info


Make money while others trade! Ponzicoin is safer than houses, more profitable than gold and easy to get started.
Use current low crypto prices to lock your profits in now!

The concept is simple.
Buyers and sellers pay a 5% contribution into the common pool, raising the value of the token as they trade.
Holders watch their tokens
grow in value as others trade.
Prices fully reflect the contribution so what you see is what you get.

It's safe. The contract code is fully open and real time contract stats are visible to everyone on the website.
The balance in the contract is shared equally by all token holders.

It's profitable.  You'll make money simply by holding on to your tokens.
Others pay to trade, you get a share of their contribution.

It's easy to get started.
Visit to buy tokens now. Trading is on the Binance Smart Chain so gas fees are low.
All you need is a wallet and some BNB to get started. Visit the
website for more details.


  The Kii Foundation has announced their launch of the identity utility token Kii in partnership with
 NuID, a tech company developing authentication & digital identity solutions. Kii, which is slated to launch this summer, will be the transactional token at the root of NuID’s initiative to develop the decentralized Nu Identity Ecosystem.

The Kii Foundation was formed to aid with development efforts like advocating for Kii and its use in the Nu Identity Ecosystem, organizing a roadmap toward sustainable growth, and supporting the technologies and applications that depend on it.

NuID is a technology partner of The Kii Foundation, and is best known for pioneering a trustless authentication solution for enterprises and developers. Their []solution [/url] utilizes zero knowledge proofs and distributed ledger technology, preventing the need for applications or platforms to store user passwords server-side. When deployed, this protocol eliminates the risk of mass credential breaches.

NuID has built upon their existing authentication solution to launch development of the Nu Identity Ecosystem along with the identity-optimized KiiChain, which will be underpinned by Kii. The ecosystem will include participation from services and individuals alike, providing portable, secure management and verification of online identities. Individuals will represent their identities with their zero-knowledge authentication credentials, stored on a public blockchain; services will deploy the NuID trustless authentication solution.

Individuals will be able to participate in the ecosystem by owning Kii, as Kii will pay the cost of registering credentials, issuing data attestations on a blockchain, and enabling future identity use-cases. As individuals verify their identities, and more enterprises deploy the authentication solution, this NuID-enabled identity ecosystem will grow.

Kii’s public sale is this summer, and the Nu Identity Ecosystem & KiiChain are in development. You can find Kii launch details or request to pre-purchase at a discount ahead of the $0.30 public sale price at !

The existing NuID trustless authentication solution is live
and available for custom and
self-deployments. The authentication solution will be switched to being paid for in Kii rather than USD in the near future, following the token launch.

Find NuID at their website

And learn more about Kii and The Kii Foundation here.

US residents and those in other Excluded Jurisdictions are excluded from participating in the global presale of Kii.


Nashtek is a company designed for the people , we will have a app full of crypto learning for beginners and memberships will go on for three months at a time . Nashcoin will power our site and platform we will be starting our ico on August 8th 2022 with members getting an extra percentage when they make there first purchase. Nashcoin will be used to learn how to trade and Buy from online stores . We have got a Nashcoin Wallet being developed for apple and android and also 2 games that can be played on the app to win nashcoins and Nashtek NFT prizes

Mission and Vission

The Mission of NashCoin under NASHTEK is to enable the people
to grow and make huge assets with blockchain and
cryptocurrencies. NashCoin wants to give proper knowledge
through teaching its community about the blockchain. The users
will learn about the way the world is getting and enjoying incentives
with the use of these blockchain in various industries. We intend to
provide people with the knowledge and resources necessary to leave
their typical 9-to-5 job and live the life they always desired. We will
educate people how to invest, when to invest, and how to execute
crypto trades. We will offer online cryptography courses for
beginners and experienced users. The vision of NashCoin is to make
the people rich and provide with the maximum opportunities to
learn and avail the already present opportunities in the market.
This will help the people to avail all the opportunities in the market
as they will already have the idea where will be the opportunities
and where to avail them.


The ecosystem of NashCoin is very broader and robust
as it has its coin with a proper utility. The ecosystem is
focused on the usage of NashCoin to teach the common
people about the use and benefits of cryptocurrencies
with the use of tools and other techniques. The
ecosystem is discussed below in detail.


The process of removing a certain number of tokens from
circulation in order to raise the value of the tokens that are already
in circulation is referred to as "burning" in the world of
cryptocurrencies. Burning will take place within the ecosystem of
the NashCoin coin in order to increase the value of the coin


Name: ---------- Nashcoin
Total Supply-------------21 billion

More info



Business talks between Avita and the Government of El Salvador are being held continuously and consistently. El Salvador has already legalized Bitcoin as one of its legal tenders, so these talks are the first steps toward the Crypto world.

Italian co-founder Antonio Vietri, the Golden Shoemaker [Il Calzolaio d’Oro] told us:

“A second meeting with representatives from the Government of El Salvador has already been held, and we believe that great alliances will be sealed, we were welcomed with great kindness and the talks were very productive”
-“We are absolutely enthusiastic about the contacts we have had so far with the government of El Salvador re the creation of a Design Academy in Bitcoin City, but this is just one of the points on the agenda. We are in touch with different Fashion Weeks in different Countries to be part of them”.

“Avita coin has been on the market for almost 2 months now and this is a major achievement, which was possible thanks to a great work of a team that supports and accompanies us.”

“The creation of a Design Academy and the adoption of crypto currencies as a way of payment will empower emerging designers and will give them the chance to have a broader reach for their products and art.” – Said the Italian designer.

Avita token is a decentralized token and Binance user, just like Blockchain. Avita token was designed to create the first true ecosystem of the fashion world, this is why the slogan is “Avita. The future of fashion”. Avita aims at creating an ecosystem that allows the interaction of all parties involved in the fashion industry, that is students, design schools, production, distribution and marketing companies to the end consumer.

The ecosystem will generate benefits and opportunities for the crypto as much as for the fashion industry.



Kalories is a project that is set to be launched to offer its holders two ways of passive income earning: Move-To-Earn and Hold-To-Earn. It claims to be the first crypto project combining Move-To-Earn Web 3.0 App with $BUSD reflection to guarantee greater gain to $KST holders so that users can “Kick out Calories, Move to Earn”.

The project's application KaloriesGo APP is a Move-To-Earn Web 3.0 app that is combined with an 8% BUSD reflection protocol to assist users in achieving a balance between health, wealth, and social connection. The application is a modern combination of the latest Web 3.0 technological elements, including SocialFi, GameFi, and NFT. After the project's launch, users can download the application and join the Move-To-Earn feature to select modes as they purchase NFT shoes available in the marketplace. NFT shoe holders will select these modes bearing in mind their health and profit interests.

KaloriesGo offers four types of NFT Sneakers, namely Walker, Jogger, Runner, and Trainer. Holders who earn the rarer NFTs will be rewarded more for their physical activities, including brisk walking, running, and walking. The application offers easy, normal, and hard challenges, and rewards in $KST will be based on motion, and the type of NFT sneakers users own. Each challenge mode carries different $KST rewards in proportion to the steps; for example, 'easy' accounts for 4000 steps for 1000 $KST while 'hard' is 24000 steps for 6000 $KST.

The rewards are multiple at the Sneakers level; each NFT sneaker has four different levels. The common sneakers are 60% with x1 $KST rewards, while the legendary is 2% with x5 $KST rewards. Holders can also buy and sell NFT Sneakers and Shoeboxes in Kalories' upcoming dApp Mint and Marketplace.

The application contains anti-cheating measures to prevent users from gaining an unfair advantage through third-party tools and to ensure fairness between them. They have enabled GPS tracking and the device’s sensors in the health app, so physical activities are measured accurately, without manipulation from the user’s end. An extra layer of protection has been added to detect fraud via machine learning so that the application does not work on a device that is jailbroken, rooted, or has a modified OS.

The Hold-To-Earn phenomenon works on Kalories’ nature as a deflationary token with a finite supply of 1,000,000,000 on the Binance Smart Chain network. When the token is traded, 5% of buy and 8% of sell transactions are redistributed to $KST eligible holders; therefore, users who hold $KST tokens in their wallets earn passive income in $BUSD. The BUSD reflection is the key feature of Hold-To-Earn and is meant to incentivize people as it rewards holders by adding new crypto to their wallets. Per its tokenomics, 2% of buy and 3% of sell transactions are channeled to the marketing pool, which is used to fund Kalories products such as its APP and for building other services that expand its community, so a larger number of people benefit from its value. The locked liquidity pool providing liquidity to stabilize $KST also requires funds which it gets from 1% of every buy and sell transaction.

Kalories is working on community building and marketing, and bounty campaigns. The latest phase covers the important KaloriesGo APP Beta Launch, including a public presale on the PinkSale platform. Its official launch and partnerships will then follow along with cross-chain integration.

The presale set in phase two will start at 3:00 PM (UTC) on June 29th, 2022, and end at 3:00 PM (UTC) on July 1st, 2022. Early adopters of this crypto asset will benefit from its tokenomics and unique passive income-earning ability, along with physical health benefits in the real world. Further updates, changes, and news regarding the public presale and otherwise are announced on Kalories' social media handles.

About Kalories

Kalories is a Move-to-Earn and Hold-to-Earn project built across the Binance Smart Chain, providing utility to health within the blockchain technology. This project combines the concepts of passive income and Web 3.0 technology through the gaming elements to bring about efficiency and drastic innovation within the digital space. With the presale for the project announced, Kalories is all set to offer health benefits amidst the digital inclusion of its users in the blockchain.



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