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With the main intention to prevent money laundering and illegal activities, South Korea’s biggest crypto exchange, Bithumb has banned crypto trading in 11 countries. The Bithumb has decided to impose ban on North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and other seven countries scrutinized by the NCCT Initiative.

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Niall Ferguson, author of Book The Ascent of Money has voiced against fraud and scam activities aligned with Initial Coin Offerings. During a seminar Mr.Ferguson discussed on the topic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies organized by Bank of England.

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Scotland has come up with a treatment Centre to cure crypto aficionado who are addicted to crypto trading. Basically, it is the first Centre set up in Scottish Borders to treat people addicted to the cryptocurrencies.

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Nicholas Merten, the YouTube Celeb, the entrepreneur, a investor in the crypto industry. He owns the YouTube channel ‘data dash’ has around 300,000 followers and he has occupied a position between Crypto experts like Tom Lee and John McAfee. Mertan tweeted that Bitcoin will go to $50000 in 2018.

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John McAfee, the tech activist and internet security expert announced his own “McAfee Coin” on Twitter by tagging to a cryptocurrency wallets shop, SmartPayMINT. Soon after declaring a statement on crypto market “there is a war in cryptocurrencies” on May 27, John McAffee tweeted about his new coin with a picture sent to him by SmartPayMINT.

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Sygnia Ltd, the financial services firm runs by Magda Wierzycka, businesswomen in South Africa planning to launch cryptocurrency exchange. It was announced on Friday 25th, 2018, the launch of exchange will be in 3rd quarter of 2018.

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Classification of cryptocurrencies always seems to be a challenging and however centre point for regulators. Recently, Chetan Phull, the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) called on parliament to legalize cryptocurrencies as ‘money’.

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Ashton Kutcher, American Actor and tech investor has contributed $4 million in Ripple’s XRP tokens to the Ellen DeGeneres’s wildlife.  This donation was made during the Ellen Degeneres Show which was telecasted on May 24.

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144 a chinese crypto exchange and a trading App accessible to traders on tip of their fingers is launching a new branch. The full-fledged brand of will be opening in Thailand with plans to make itself a Southeast Asian Crypto Trading Hub.

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BitGo, a California blockchain service firm has keenly studied the custodial needs of customers. Accordingly, it is building its first regulated and qualified custodian solution specifically for cryptocurrency assets.

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Indian Government is levying goods and services tax, GST on cryptocurrency trades. authorities are imposing 18 percent GST on cryptocurrencies.

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Walmart filed patent for a blockchain-based marketplace. Bestowing to US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO patent filing, it is trading with purchased products. The firm is in a plan to extend its digital services for retail shoppers.

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BCG platform also venturing into the creation of online gambling games using uses blockchain tech omitting the use of a centralized algorithm.

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Trading / Coinbase Purchases Crypto Trading Platform Paradex
« on: May 25, 2018, 02:03:25 PM »

Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency has acquired a service called Paradex on 23rd May, 2018. The San-Francisco-based company, Paradex allows users to trade cryptocoins directly with each other.

Check out here: Coinbase Purchases Crypto Trading Platform Paradex


Dalston, a London mosque is the first in United Kingdom to accept bitcoin donations after a Islamic Scholar declared cryptocurrency legitimate under Sharia law. The clerics of the mosque have taken the decision to accept another popular cryptocurrency Ethereum to get repaired out at the mosque in Shacklewell Lane.

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