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How to Use the BASE Cascade

The Cascade is Base Protocol’s first of its kind yield farming opportunity that rewards BASE holders who provide BASE liquidity. Follow these 3 simple steps to earn rewards in the Cascade:

Step 1
Have BASE and ETH in your Metamask wallet. To add BASE to your wallet, select “Add Token” and enter in the official BASE token contract address. :)

BASE Address: 0x07150e919B4De5fD6a63DE1F9384828396f25fDC

Enter the BASE contract address and add BASE to your wallet. Make sure you also have ETH.

Step 2
Add BASE/ETH liquidity to the official Uniswap BASE Liquidity Pool here:

Once you’ve provided liquidity, you’ll be earning a % fee on all Uniswap BASE trades!

You are now providing BASE/ETH liquidity on Uniswap.
In return, you will be issued UNI-WETH-BASE-V2 tokens to your Metamask wallet. These UNI-WETH-BASE-V2 tokens are your key to the BASE Cascade.

Step 3
Go to the BASE Cascade, connect your Metamask wallet, then deposit your UNI-WETH-BASE-V2 tokens into the Cascade.

Cascade staking and APY data will be available on November 30th

You are now earning yields from the BASE Cascade rewards pool, as well as the Uniswap liquidity pool! You can add or remove your LP tokens at your convenience — but be aware, the longer you stake, the greater your share in the rewards pool!

🚀BASE Launch Overview

We're overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm we got from the community at launch! The public sale sold out in seconds - there was over $1M in volume and over $500k in total liquidity within the first hour of launch.

BASE yield farming is live on the Cascade:

💸 Follow this 3 step guide to earn rewards with the Cascade:

Overcoming Obstacles: It was important to us that everyone had a reasonably fair chance to take part in the initial liquidity offering. We became aware of several liquidity snipers who, just prior to launch, had set themselves up to steal that opportunity from members of our community. Having discovered this, we immediately diverted from our rollout plan, took swift action to defang them, and as a consequence, distribution was set back by approximately 45 minutes. But ultimately, we were able to provide a safer, more fair offering to honest members of our community.

There was also a short delay on the BASE Cascade, due to decimal placement and rounding complications we encountered after hundreds of users went to stake in such a short time. This wasn't critical and it was resolved quickly.

We're happy to say that the BASE launch was executed smoothly and securely.


Public Sale Sold
In seconds, the BASE public sale has officially sold out.
Don't forget to stake your BASE in the Cascade ASAP.

We would like to thank everyone for taking part in the BASE community. It is and always will be our highest commitment to see Base Protocol through to its highest potential. Happy trading, happy farming, and BASE up!


Base Protocol (BASE) is a synthetic crypto asset that derives its price from the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies (cmc) at a ratio of 1 : 1 trillion.

BASE is the world’s first and only tokenized crypto market tracker. BASE exists to maintain a market rate that is stably pegged to its underlying asset – the crypto industry.

BASE’s peg to cmc is held stable through an elastic supply protocol. The Base Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on all cryptocurrencies simultaneously, rather than just one or a select portfolio of multiple.

It allows traders to agnostically invest in the entire crypto ecosystem. By holding BASE, users get exposure to the performance of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Important Links:

Buy BASE: Uniswap Exchange
How to Stake:

Contract Address: 0x07150e919B4De5fD6a63DE1F9384828396f25fDC

Martkist Faucet & Masternode Update

Martkist Faucet: Martkist is proud to announce that this is the first-ever program that is based on Twitter.

To become eligible for taking part in the Faucet program, there is a set of criteria. Every user must have:

Account age: at least 60 days
Uses an IP filtering protocol

To start getting regular income, users must do any of the three tasks. They cannot choose the task; rather, users are assigned these tasks. Sometime they will be asked to follow some accounts on Twitter; other times, they will be asked to either Tweet or Retweet a post on their account.

The move is aimed to bring only quality users to the platform while keeping away bots, malicious, and spammy users.

Masternode Update: Martkist community is giving away one masternode to all VoskCoin Fans check out our sponsor video:

Learn more about Martkist and enter the $600 MN giveaway here -

Martkist Staking Guide

A New beginning, we are community! $Martk #martkist No ico, No premine, No presales, Decentralize Anarchy.

Martkist ecosystem will keep on growing. Staking platform with multi tier plans for $Wmartk and time locks, check Martkist Staking Guide.

Martkist have started development in a staking platform with a 3 tier programs and timelocks from 1k WMARTK, 9k & 18k WMARTKs. Time lock periods are from 30, 90 and 365 days a wide set of option within our new erc20 ecosystem. So Stake Wmartk now.

More information within the coming days and releases about our stacking platform.

Official Announcement:

Martkist Altwrap - Exchange Martk To Wmartk

MARTKIST is happy to announce Altwrap, our solution to wrapping and Unwrapping $Martk to $WMartk with ease, check out our beta site for TESTNET operations. Use Ropsten test network when testing!

Altwrap is now live on the $ETH mainnet visit now Wrap #Martkist with altwrap with ease to use $WMARTK is time to enjoy a new ecosystem.

Martkist - Masternode Setup Guide

Masternode hosting platforms are now more practical then before, they allow the users to keep their coins on their wallets by setting up a cold wallet masternode.

This guide is for a single masternode, on a Ubuntu 16.04 server (VPS) and will be controlled from the wallet on your local computer. (Cold Wallet)
The wallet on the the VPS will be referred as the Remote wallet.

First the basic requirements:
  • 18,000 MARTK
  • A local computer – This will run the cold wallet, hold your collateral of 18,000 MARTK and can be turned on and off without affecting the masternode.
  • A masternode Server (VPS – The server that will be on 24/7)

Choose a VPS
We will use OVH (OVH VPS) as an example of a VPS, but you can use any provider you prefer, you can check Vultr, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud.

1) Choose a VPS type, VPS SSD 1 can be use to run a masternode

2) Configure your VPS, with operating system only, and choose Ubuntu 16.04 Server

3) Skip the optional option

4) Review and order the VPS

Cold Wallet - installation
1) From Github, download the latest QT wallet, on your local computer.

2) Run the cold wallet and wait for a full sync, you can check the sync status on the bottom right corner

3) Configure the cold wallet to have the Masternode Tab and then restart the wallet
(Settings -> Options -> Wallet) check: Show Masternode Tab

Cold Wallet - configuration
1) Using the cold wallet, enter the debug console (Tools > Debug console) and type the following command
Code: [Select]
masternode genkey
In output, you get the variable Masternode Private Key

2) Using the cold wallet still, enter the following command
getaccountaddress Name of Masternode

In output, you get the variable Masternode Address

3) Send 18,000 MARTK to Masternode Address

4) Still in the cold wallet, enter this command into the console
Code: [Select]
[b]masternode outputs[/b]
In output, you get the variables Collateral Output TXID and Collateral Output Index

5) Open masternode.conf file and add the following line to it
(Tools -> Open Masternode Configuration File)
Code: [Select]
"Name of Masternode" "IP address":4040 "Masternode Private Key" "Collateral Output TXID" "Collateral Output Index"
Code: [Select]
MN1 892WPpkqbr7sr6Si4fdsfssjjapuFzAXwETCrpPJubnrmU6aKzh c8f4965ea57a68d0e6dd384324dfd28cfbe0c801015b973e7331db8ce018716999 1
VPS Remote/Hot wallet - installation
1) Download PuTTY to establish a SSH connection to the server.
Go to the PuTTY Download Page and select the appropriate MSI installer for your system.

2) With putty, connect to your VPS using IP Address, and use your credential, provide by OVH

3) Update your VPS with the following command
Code: [Select]
apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

4) Install some software needed for running your masternode
Code: [Select]
apt-get install wget nano python python-virtualenv virtualenv git -y
5) add a new user, we are using the coin name for our user
Code: [Select]
adduser martkist
6) Configure server memory swap
Code: [Select]
fallocate -l 1500M /mnt/1500MB.swap
dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/1500MB.swap bs=1024 count=1572864
mkswap /mnt/1500MB.swap
swapon /mnt/1500MB.swap
chmod 600 /mnt/1500MB.swap
echo '/mnt/1500MB.swap  none  swap  sw 0  0' >> /etc/fstab

7) Configure the firewall for allowing masternode connection
Code: [Select]
ufw allow ssh/tcp
ufw limit ssh/tcp
ufw allow 4040/tcp
ufw logging on
ufw --force enable

VPS Remote/Hot wallet - configuration
Install the latest version of martkist wallet onto your masternode. The latest version can be found here:

1) Now, log in to the VPS with your new user "martkist"
Code: [Select]
su - martkist2) From your home directory, download the latest version from the martkist GitHub repository
Code: [Select]
[ -f /home/martkist/sources.tar.gz ] && rm -f /home/martkist/sources.tar.gz
wget -q -O /home/martkist/sources.tar.gz
[ -d /home/martkist/temp_sources ] && rm -fr /home/martkist/temp_sources

3) We can now extract the latest version and place the files in your home folder
Code: [Select]
mkdir /home/martkist/temp_sources
cd /home/martkist/temp_sources
tar zxf /home/martkist/sources.tar.gz --strip-components=1 -C /home/martkist/temp_sources

4) launch the compilation with
Code: [Select]
cd /home/martkist/temp_sources

mkdir /home/martkist/bin > /dev/null 2>&1
mv /home/martkist/temp_sources/src/martkistd /home/martkist/bin
mv /home/martkist/temp_sources/src/martkist-cli /home/martkist/bin

5) Edit the martkist.conf by typing
Code: [Select]
mkdir /home/martkist/.martkist > /dev/null 2>&1
cd /home/martkist/.martkist
nano martkist.conf

Code: [Select]
rpcuser="RPC Username"
rpcpassword="RPC Password"
externalip=IP Address
masternodeprivkey=Masternode Private Key

Press [Ctrl + X] to close the editor and [Y and Enter] to save the file.

6) You can create a service for automatic startup of daemon
Code: [Select]
sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/martkist.service
Add the following lines in this file
Code: [Select]

ExecStart=/home/martkist/bin/martkistd -daemon -datadir=/home/martkist/.martkist -conf=/home/martkist/.martkist/martkist.conf
ExecStop=/home/martkist/bin/martkist-cli -datadir=/home/martkist/.martkist -conf=/home/martkist/.martkist/martkist.conf stop


Press [Ctrl + X] to close the editor and [Y and Enter] to save the file.

7) Now, you need to finally start the wallet service with the following command
Code: [Select]
systemctl enable martkist
systemctl start martkist

8) You have now waiting for the blockchain synchronization, you can check the status with
Code: [Select]
/home/martkist/bin/martkist-cli mnsync status
Start your masternode
1) From the cold wallet debug console (Tools > Debug console)
Code: [Select]
startmasternode alias false [color=red][b]Name of Masternode[/b][/color]
The following should appear
Code: [Select]
“overall” : “Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1”,
“detail” : [
“alias” : “Name of Masternode”,
“result” : “successful”,
“error” : “”

2) Back in the Remote Wallet, start the masternode
Code: [Select]
/home/martkist/bin/martkist-cli startmasternode local false
A message “masternode successfully started” should appear

3) Use the following command to check status
Code: [Select]
/home/martkist/bin/martkist-cli masternode status
You should see something like
Code: [Select]
“txhash” : “Collateral Output TXID”,
“outputidx” : Collateral Output Index,
“netaddr” : “IP Address:4040,
“addr” : “Masternode Address”,
“status” : 4,
“message” : “Masternode successfully started”

Congratulations! You have successfully created your masternode!  :)

Different platform masternode setup guide here:

1) Pecunio:-

2) Zcore:-

3) Ihostmn:-

Official Links:

♐️ Website:
♐️ Twiter:
♐️ Discord:
♐️ Telegram:
♐️ Medium:

About WMARTK - The new Ethereum token

Martkist is presenting to u the new WMARTK token, which is enable the conversion between the MARTK mineable currency (the classic one), and the new token of Ethereum network, WMARTK, which would take a step forward in the adoption of Martkist by users all over the planet, in order to convert the currency into one of recurring circulation. For this new project, Martkist will use AltWrap platform, and following this link you can find a video tutorial by wrapping or wrapping classic MARTK coins to WMARTK.

Uniswap WMARTK listing
Martkist is glad to announce that Wrapped Martkist is now live on Uniswap. You can trade it for Ethereum all the times you want. They have enough liquidity for a low market cap token.

Martkist Partnership With ZCore Blockchain Service

Another great alliance has been with the Brazilian platform of services on the Blockchain zCore, which has allowed Martkist to have a new wallet for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iMac) capable of running masternodes with a single click. You only need to have the necessary coin collateral for such action (18,000 coins) and a little capital (less than $5 in Bitcoin) to pay for the service. Right away you will be able to run your masternode having full access to your wallet at all times –along with your seed– and enjoy passive recurring payments.

You can watch a video tutorial made by ShadowCrypto showing how to run a masternode from the zCore wallet (the video tutorial is in Portuguese but you can surely understand it).

Martkist! Decentralized anarchy has arrived!
To show the project to the planet and be heard by thousands of people, Martkist's Colombian team decided to make an alliance with the American marketing agency Murtha & Burke, which has proven to be a great option to spearhead a personalized marketing campaign to exhibit the project in front of thousands of its subscribers on their Instagram profile and on the networks most recognized by Internet crypto users.

Martkist Twitter and Discord Rewards
Martkist seeks to position itself as a pioneer in the distribution of its cryptocurrency with Martkist's Twitter social faucet -the first of its kind-, and the airdrops, rains and trivias made on its Discord server, moderated by main members all day.

Martkist For Business & Advertising Promotion
If you are an entrepreneur who wants to have an advertising impact and be known worldwide for his work, you can apply to be listed in the Martkist services directory through this link. Your business or venture will be exposed in the brand new Martkist Services Directory, in which some of the global entrepreneurs who accept Martkist as payment currency are already listed. Developers works for SEO, positioning it very well by the most popular search engines, increasing the exposure of users and, consequently, its sales.

I appreciate your reading and I invite you to be part of Martkist project, where you can earn valuable cryptocurrencies, invest and learn the latest in cryptographic technology. The future of money has arrived.

Martkist Colombia would like to officially announce the opening of medical services paid with MARTK.

Martkist community has come together to gather important professionals in the medical field to provide medical services,
From Plastic surgeons to Gynecologist among other specialist with in our list of partners to receive MARTK as a form of payment for their services and procedures.

The global medical tourism market size is expected to reach USD 207.9 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 21.1%.

Medical tourism generates direct foreign exchange income and contributes to the overall development of any economy. It provides employment and business opportunities for residents. Moreover, it helps in the growth of associated businesses such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare devices, and tourism. Government support to maintain the general reputation and political stability of the host country is a key influencing factor that drives the market.

All reports show how medical tourism is on the raise giving us an edge to become a lead community within the cryptocurrency ecosystem to offer this services.

The following is a list of doctors already confirm and ready to offer their services to anyone with MARTK:

The list of doctors:
Edinson Orozco - Plastic surgeon
Reynaldo Corrales - Plastic surgeon
Juan Carlos Escaf - Ophthalmologist anterior segment and cornea (surgery without glasses)
Ingrid Salazar and Cleofe Villa - Ophthalmologist (facial rejuvenation, eyelids and botox)
Marped Morales - Ophthalmologist Glaucoma
Mary Cabarcas - Neuro-Ophthalmologist
Ramiro Albis - Pediatrician
Roberto Leyva - Retinologist
Emil Marabi - Vascular surgeon
Elvia Molano - Otorhino
Rafael Campanela - Gynecologist

List of procedures and basic price cost: (some prices will change with physical evaluation of the patient)

Medical procedures available with martkist
Refractive laser surgery AO $ 1600 usd
Facorefractive surgery with intraocular lens AO $ 6990 usd
Vaginal rejuvenation $ 4000 usd
Botox package $ 1000 usd
Upper Eyelids $ 2100 usd
Upper and Lower Eyelids $ 3990 usd
Liposculpture $ 4159 usd
Breast surgery $ 4300 usd
Tummy tuck abdominoplasty $ 6200 usd
Inner thigh lift $ 5159 usd
Facelift $ 7890 usd
Lifting with prostheses $ 5199 usd
Lifting without prosthesis $ 4490 usd
Liposculpture + Lipotransfer $ 4980 usd
Septoplasty + Rhinoplasty $ 4690 usd
Bichectomy $ 2799 usd
Breast reduction $ 4490 usd
Brachiplasty $ 2990 usd
Lip Contour $ 1400 usd
Plasma $ 450 usd

We also count with a medical supply distributor Surtidrogas de la costa, a special hotline will be announce in the next few days to answer all public questions and set virtual appointments with our specialist.

Martkist Colombia.

Coin Home / ♐Martkist (Martk) Mining Tutorial - Full Guide
« on: September 25, 2020, 02:06:17 AM »
Martkist (Martk) Mining Tutorial - Full Guide

Algorithm: Sha 256
Block time: 60 seconds
Block size: 6mb
Difficulty: adjusted every 3 blocks
Supply distribution: 30 millon MARTK in 10 years
Pow: longterm mining
Rewards: 70% Miners, 20% masternodes, 10% superblocks.

Martkist Mining Pools

port 2634
fee 0.9%
solo and share mining.

port 3336
fees 0.5%

Port 3311 general
Port 3322 nicehash
Fees 2%

port 3341
fees 0.5%

Martkist Mining Pools Status


Step-by-step guide on how to mine Martkist⤵

1) Basic step guide in how to rent and mine martkist with sha256 miners miningrigrentals:

2) Registration is easy make sure you create a pin you will need it to make important changes to your accounts:

3) Fund you account by sending a bitcoin payment like any other bitcoin platform service. Fund available after 3 confirmation: 

4) Finding a miner, now by clicking on the word rigs type the algorithm sha256:

5) Martkist is sha256 algorithm just like Btc and other cryptos is the most commercial algorithm so renting a miner is really cheap:

6) Budget for daily mining, some people use 10usd some people use 100 usd on their daily mining rentals:

7) Once you click rent now is time to configure the miner for hours and pool settings:

8) For this setup we are going to use the most active pool bsod they have great support:

9) pool settings, this is sample of how the setup will look:

10) Pool host:port bsod has different servers, usa, eu and asia, in this case the main server is set with the port for martkist 2634, now on workername you need a martkist wallet address use the QT wallet to generate a new wallet and at the end use .rig, for password just the letter x and save:

11) Now we are ready to start mining, click on pay now and mining will begin:

↪If you have any questions don’t forget to visit Telegram

Coin Home / [ANN] MARTKIST - Decentralized Anarchy Linnks & Resources
« on: September 20, 2020, 06:04:21 PM »
Links & Resources

Martkist is focused on continuing its legacy to improving the capabilities of the blockchain technology to an endless amount of possibilities. A no premine, no ico, no presale crypto currency focus on decentralized anarchy.

Official Links
Voting Hub:-
Business Directory:-

Social Links

Discord Bounty:-
Bitcointalk Bounty:-

Block Explorers
Main Explorer:-
Alt Explorer:-

Martkist Wallets


Docker hub:-

osx 64:-
Osx Dmg:-

64 BIT:-
32 BIT:-

Exchange Tracker


Martk wallet:- MHGQwBsubd3JJF83NKon6sx79nQygcCLyK
Btc wallet:- 19sd2h6GfMzfzjKnqQvdy1qCB4Dtdsy72U


Martkist community focus budget proposal voting, no ico, no presales, no premine, long term mining pow, Martkist decentralized anarchy. One of the main usages for martkist is decentralized listings, offering users a means to participate in online commerce with no down time, also users will be able to apply for an arbitrated position to earn martkist as an escrow agent, creating a more stable ecosystem giving users different ways to earn martkist, and those that participate with in the online commerce transaction a feel of more secure with their transactions.

Algorithm: Sha 256
Coin Ticker: MARTK
Block time: 60 seconds
Block size: 6mb
Difficulty: adjusted every 3 blocks
Supply Distribution: 30 millon MARTK in 10 years
Pow: longterm mining
Rewards: 70% Miners, 20% masternodes, 10% superblocks.

Martkist Budget Voting Hub
The Martkist hub is an fair simple graphical interface to the martkist decentralize governance system, allowing proposal creations, voting of the proposals for masternode owners, news and community discussion. The hub keeps track of all the proposal created on the QT wallet and is a more efficient window to how governance funding takes place in martkist as a community crypto currency.

Martkist Forum
Community forum to document our growth and process in each area where the community is active, from services listings, reviews, support and community organization.

Martkist Business Directory
Services and business partnerships that offer payment with martkist, we are growing daily with more services each day been added by the community. Visit Martkist Business Directory for information on this.

Martkist Faucet
Users can collect coins every hour from the faucet or twitter tasking. Amounts are set from .05 to 1 martk on each twitter task. Over 10000 users now and growing, rewards can’t stay the same all the time. You can also join martkist faucet & earn martk coin.

Martkist Bounties
Our Markitst Bounty program is linked to our community board job positions as a Martkist promoter. In order to apply please post your bitcointalk accounts in our Discord channel bounties section, you will be assign a special role within discord if approved for our daily bounty program. Daily bounties are going to be paid based on user activity visit our discord channel for more information.

"I am not a member of this project team, I was hired as a community wiki creator. If you have any questions for this project, comment down below."

He's chosen a rolling fund structure for reasons of flexibility.
Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, announced the launch of a new fund based around his own person and brand.

"Today I am announcing a new rolling fund that will be backed by a group of successful investors across Silicon Valley and Wall Street," Pompliano said in a Sept. 11 blog post announcement. "This rolling fund structure gives me ultimate flexibility, which I believe will lead to a significant advantage when investing in early stage technology companies."
Visit here:

Opinion: Binance ignored its own guidelines by listing SushiSwap’s anonymous and unaudited token. Chef Nomi has cooked up what appears to be the biggest exit scam of 2020, but should others be held accountable as well? Binance, like many other major exchanges, listed SUSHI raw and unaudited on Sept. 1. The token price doubled upon listing. The token contract was deployed on Aug. 26, it started trading two days later, and the first and only security audit was published on Sept. 3 (the firm confirmed to Cointelegraph that it had not discussed its audit of SushiSwap with Binance prior to publication).
Visit here:

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