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Ledger CEO Pascal Gauthier says the firm won’t be providing any compensation for users who had their home addresses revealed. Read More:

Even with today's correction, Bitcoin is still in an uptrend, but most major altcoins have lost momentum and may remain range-bound for the next few days. (Read More:

Useful Cryptocurrency Resources / Flare to XRP Airdrop Ratio Announced
« on: December 21, 2020, 10:11:35 PM »
After slumbering for a while, Ripple’s XRP token finally rose in price since the start of December in anticipation of the long-awaited Spark (FLR) airdrop. Holders needed to have their tokens on a participating cryptocurrency exchange or wallet in order to receive the airdrop. How Much Flare Do:

We're in record-breaking times for Bitcoin The post The number of bitcoin wallets holding more than $10 million rose above 4,500 this weekend appeared first on The Block. (Read More:

Just recently, reports of the Ledger customer database breach being dumped on Raidforums for free has become a viral story among cryptocurrency proponents. Now customers are threatening to take legal action against the hardware wallet manufacturer, and one customer has complained of getting an em.

Linzhi’s “Phoenix” Ethereum ASIC miner is three times more powerful than other machines on the market, as well as more energy efficient. News:

The lawsuit alleges Greenidge circumvented state laws by seeking regulatory approval "through two separate but interdependent approval applications. News:

The BASE/ETH pair ranks at #1 for 7 day volume on Uniswap with over $280M in trading volume.

We are proud to be the official sponsor of the #Chainlink Total Marketcap oracle!

Today the Total Marketcap is at $552B. Our protocol will use this secure and transparent number to determine the exact amount of the rebase.


Base Protocol has reached #1 for Uniswap volume Unicorn face

All we can say is thank you - for joining us on this journey and for all the great energy. The $BASE community is amazing. See you at today's rebase!

Tokenomics announcement!

We have setup our company multisig wallets. If you look at token holders now, you’ll see several new large wallets. We’ve distributed tokens across several multi-sig wallets in order to represent the different parts of the company tokens.

This represents:

1. Ecosystem
2. Foundation
3. Advisors
4. Cascade Rewards Original
5. Cascade rewards from Rebases
6. Dev Fund

We need these stable wallets in order to update the circulating supply on token tracking sites, so that they can show a marketcap for us.

We’ve also obviously done this for security reasons as well.

Cheers! Base Up!

⭐️Rebase Announcement:

Earlier today we performed out first REBASE! The rebase was for 136%.

Overall we are very happy that the rebase went smoothly, and everyone received the extra BASE exactly as they should have!

We are currently at our peg price, and ultimately that is our long term goal.

We truly appreciate the support from everyone in the community. You guys have made launch, and our first rebase quite spectacular.

1. #1 hottest token on Dextools
2. Top 15 most volume on Uniswap
3. Over $1M in liquidity within 24 hours!

Thank you everyone!

Explanation of the large transaction that occurred at rebase:


The first thing I want to make completely clear is that nothing malicious occurred. The team did not sell. There were no hackers. There was no single BASE holder who dumped all their tokens.

What we believe occurred is that a number of people had open limit orders, stop loss orders,  and regular orders at the time of the rebase. When the rebase occurred, it made the price drop to $.58 and at the same time, it triggered all open orders.

This means that it was not an individual, but rather it may have been dozens of BASE holders. In general, this is just normal market behavior, but the rebase made all of it happen at the exact same time.

We are investigating ways to potentially mitigate the impact of this, but again, it is simply normal market behavior. As volume for the token grows, the impact of an event like this should be reduced greatly.

We are not 100% confident that this is exactly what happened, but it is very likely something along these lines.

Dude the project is just waste of time since their is no good support on this project. That will not last even for 6 months.

Hellos dude will u please give full details like social media links in the main posts.

💥Base Protocol Cascade Reward Announcement

We have had amazing support in the Cascade so far, and we have seen over $300k worth 142000 BASE being added into the Cascade. As a result, we are now over $1M in total liquidity!

We are officially adding in rewards tonight, so everyone should be able to see their rewards soon.

We have decided to set this first 3 month Cascade period to a 150% APY, which makes it among the highest APY staking platforms in Crypto.

As more money comes into the Cascade, we will add more rewards in order to keep the APY at ⚡️150%⚡️ for a 3 month staking period!

All of this means that today we are putting over ✨142000✨ BASE up for rewards, but like I said we will be putting even more in every few days to maintain the high staking returns.

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