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Come take part in the 1,000 HYPER giveaway brought to you by DKV2:Universe (, just watch this short video to learn how to enter.

Some rules apply, giveaway ends on January 7, 2017 where a winner will be announced and the prize sent.

The Valerian Rebels have intensified their assaults on Battle Cruisers travelling throughout the Universe. The newly discovered Ancient technology that brought us new Star Fighters has also allowed the Rebels to mass produce their already advanced Battle Cruisers and they now attack randomly in fleets. Check out the updates below.

New Rebel Fleets

Scout Fleet
Chance to encounter: 10%
Carries more advanced Drones and Fighters than normal Rebel fleets while reducing their enemies salvage capabilities by 50%. Used to weaken enemy fleets for the Command Fleet.

Command Fleet
Chance to encounter: 5%
Completely obliterates enemy Drones and Fighters, nothing is left to salvage. Their Drones and Fighters are equipped with some of the latest weapons and shields available.

Ancient Fleet
Chance to encounter: 1%
The Ancients are a very powerful enemy, their capabilities far outweigh those anyone else can achieve. If you encounter them, it is recommended that you run or you may face certain death.


This notice pertaining to the upcoming HYPER distribution is for DKV2U players and other HYPER community members

To make this as easy as possible for players in game (DKV2U) I will automatically apply the distribution bonus to your balance based on how much HYPER you have in your game wallet. HYPER that is placed inside the game exchange will be excluded however, if you would like to receive the bonus for these coins please cancel your orders so the funds return to your account by January 3, 2018.

Please note, as I'll be claiming from the distribution using the game wallet balance this will allow me to distribute the coins even further to those who hold less than 100 HYPER in their account. After the distribution occurs I'll have the server update each users balance accordingly.

If you have less than 100 HYPER in your own wallet but would still like to be able to obtain some of the distributed coins then you can temporarily store your coins in game to receive the bonus. If you aim to do this please have it done by January 3rd 2018. Please note, there is an 0.2% withdrawal fee from the game.

The Planet System upgrades have been completed. Players will now be able to select up to 10 levels to apply to a building at once. To upgrade your buildings simply click on the Upgrade dropdown list and select the amount of levels you wish to upgrade. Clicking on an amount of levels will immediately apply that many levels to your planet. If you click on it but do not wish to upgrade that building then you can click outside of the dropdown list area to close it or click on the Upgrade option it provides.

The planet system is currently undergoing modifications for new features. Part of this involved removing a column from each of the tables. The Attributes column information can now be found by clicking the ? icon next to the buildings name.

The Valerian New Year is fast around the corner, but first we must celebrate the victory of our Valerian ancestors in the defeat of the monsters that inhabited their home world.

In celebration of this great day, all currencies offered in the AntiM Exchange will have double their normal exchange rate on December 25, 2017.

In times of old the Unknown Benches would gather round the campfire and tell tales of weary travelers who stopped for a seat, only to never get up again. After the revolt and all Unknown Benches were destroyed people could sit comfortably again and celebrate that day with festive gifts.

Since we don't like to let traditions die we shall continue with it today and have provided you with the Unknown Benche's Last Seat. Each player has gained 5 Booster Packs which can be traded for 5 random Valerian Cards each.

A new Valerian Vault system has been added to the game under the Wallet menu option. Store your unused HYPER in the vault for a period of time to gain interest.

There is a minimum vault deposit and the vaults have to mature for 30.42 days before it can be collected. Once a vault matures you can collect 4% interest on the amount vaulted. There is a 1% fee which is split between the game balance and the faucet balance upon opening a vault.

The graphics for cards listed in the Card Exchange have been changed. In order to see these changes you must first clear your cache for the game and then refresh.

Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe is currently in the process of undergoing a series of changes in order to optimize the game and help with server load as well as page load speed.

During this time you may experience assorted bugs and some pages may not be able to be reached. If this occurs wait about 10 seconds and refresh the game. If the problem still persists after 1-2 minutes please send me a mail (Anarchist) and let me know.

VIP 3 and higher players can now build up to 1 million drones at a time by visiting any port they own and using the new Build Drones option.

A new Hall of Fame option has been added to the Main menu located at the top of the game.

A new Vacation Mode has been added to the game. Using the new Vacation Token will put your account into vacation mode for 7 days per token used. During any taken vacations you will be unable to play the game until your vacation ends or if you end it early.

You can access the new vacation area via the Account menu, Vacation Tokens can be purchased via the Currency Shop using any currency offered in game.

All items in the INFO shop will have an additional 10% off applied to any existing discounts until December 1, 2017. If you have a request for the next discounted coin please post your suggestions in the DKV forums located under the Menu option above.

The Dark Tower has been modified, the last 5 tower levels have been disabled and a minor bug has been fixed on the backend.

As always, thank you for playing DKV2 Universe.

The DKV2:Universe intro video has been updated, check it out at and let me know what you think.

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