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Due to recent changes in crypto regulations in the United States I will be removing the in-game exchange. If you have an order placed in any market here that uses a coin as one pair please remove it as soon as possible. After an unspecified time the exchange will be put offline and all remaining orders will be cancelled.

The following changes have been made to the planet system,

1. Planet upgrading speed has been increased, you should be able to level your buildings up faster now.
2. The maximum planet level has been increased to 5,000. Levels over 2,000 will not provide DarkM.

The following changes have been made to DKV2:U,

1. The amount of drones you can build in ports is now based off of your VIP level. The higher your VIP level, the more you can build at once.
2. Normal rebel fights are more randomized with the amount of drones and fighters you will encounter.

If you experience any bugs with these new changes please let me know as soon as possible, and as always thank you for playing.

The HYPER Distribution is taking place, if you have HYPER stored outside of the game in an amount greater than or equal to 100 then you will have until April 4, 2018 to register that address on the HYPER Information website found at The login system there is the same as here so you can use the same login to access it.

If you have HYPER stored here in game then your account balance has already been modified to award you your share. If you have coins stored in the Vault then the distribution bonus from those has also been added to your balance.

The following changes have been made to the game,

1. A new planet has appeared at 20,000N, 20,000E called CannaBisia, it is similar to Valeria.
2. A new mission has been added for the latest Galaxy update.

If you discover or experience any bugs with the latest updates please send a mail to Anarchist and let me know. As always, thank you for playing DKV2:U

A new update has been added to the Valerian Universe regarding galaxies. Players are now able to display a text message inside each galaxy in the Universe. The description chosen for each galaxy can be whatever you like as long as it isn't offensive, whether it is advertising your website or claiming a galaxy in the name of your Alliance. Offensive galaxy text will result in your text being removed and your access to the galaxy description system will be revoked.

Galaxy descriptions can be purchased from you at any time by other players, in the event that this happens you will receive the price you paid for your ad back in the currency the next player uses to purchase it. If you use BTC to purchase a galaxy and the next player buys your galaxy using LTC you will receive LTC instead of BTC.

Each time a galaxy is purchased it's price will increase by 100%. 50% of a galaxy purchase will go the the current owner, 25% will go into the game balance to be exchanged for AntiM, and the remaining 25% will go into the game faucet for that currency.

If you come across any bugs or other issues relating to this update please post it in the forums or in the DKV2 Discord

The follow updates and/or changes have been made to Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe,

1. Additional anti-bot measures have been added to the Valerian Universe. Traveling too fast through the Universe will trigger this.
2. A new option has been added to the logo settings found under Menu.
3. A new setting has been added to the settings page. VIP3 users and above will now be able to auto build an additional 20% of their max drone storage limit when their drone count falls below 30% and they have enough Credits to cover the cost.

I have registered with your website. I didn't get any login notification. After registration, Job/service menu isn't working as well. can you please check it once for me?

Thank you :)

The site was having some capacity issues, those should be sorted out now can you try again and see if it lets you access it once logged in.

The Card Exchange now has a new tab called CD that contains 4 new card exchanges. These new options don't provide just one bonus, with these new cards you will gain Star Fighters, Drones, Credits, and Energy when you trade them in.

These new cards are sponsored by indie developer Team Disaster, creator of Captain Disaster in: Death Has A Million Stomping Boots

This new update also has a companion, players now also have a 1 in 10000 chance of running into the spaceship Disaster Area owned by Captain Disaster when exploring the Valerian Universe. He is constantly saving the universe from problems he inadvertently creates but he is very generous and if you come across him he will give you 1 GoldPieces.

Read more about Captain Disaster below,
Additional game pages on Itch, FireFlower Games and GameJolt

AntiM has been upgraded and a new Rich List has been added. In addition to this new Rich List, a new vault for AntiM has been opened. You can now stake your AntiM in game for 30.4 days at a time and gain a 1% increase.

Katana KTX has been added to the game, you can now withdraw, deposit, and use KTX along with the other coins in game.

Collect KTX from our faucet every hour, trade KTX for other currencies with players, and earn KTX from playing DKV2U.


A new Jobs/Services database has been added to Crypto Database in order to create an easily searched collection of all available services provided by the Crypto Community.

Right now the amount of services listed is minimal but you can help change this! If you provide crypto services then you will be able to submit your service to our database completely free of charge. Simply login or register to and then visit the new Jobs/Services option provided in the Database menu.

You can submit as many services as you would like without limit, as long as they are valid. Submitting invalid services or unrelated services can lead to the suspension of your account so please don't abuse this.

If you would like to submit your service listing here to be added then this is fine as well, just leave a post below containing your bitcointalk thread and a short description of 150 characters or less relating to your service.

Dragon Knights of Valeria 2: Universe has been listed at NewRPG, a game ranking website.

Please vote for DKV2:U here,

And the winner of the 1,000 HYPER giveaway is.. Cody Panama.. as determined by my wife lol. Congratulations and thanks to all that took part.

Winning Comment -

The 20th mission has been added to Valeria at 0,0. Complete this mission by defeating Ancient Fleets while exploring the Universe.

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