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Trading / Invest Smartly Ė Choose CryptosBots
« on: May 17, 2020, 08:15:12 PM »

The entire global economy is evolving before our very eyes. However, no matter the condition of things, smart investors will always make gains. This is possible because there are platforms that help when it comes to growing your investments and CryptosBots is one of such.

It is a comprehensive and all-in-one bots platform that allows one to earn Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. With Faucets collector, auto trading bots, and cloud mining, you have precisely all that you need with this platform. When it comes to earning cryptocurrencies without any stress, CryptosBots is the place to be.

Multiple Options for You

With CryptosBots, everything is in place to ensure that you reap immensely from your investments. For those interested in growing their wealth, this is the most ideal platform for you. It comes with numerous opportunities for you as an investor to make as much profits as possible.

It has free, basic, and advanced plans for those interested in its Faucets Collector, Cloud Mining Bot, and Crypto Trading Bot packages. Depending on the one you settle for, you can expect lifetime contracts, automatic daily payments, several currency options, automatic hourly payments, compounding packages, and several other amazing offers.


CryptosBots is not just your regular cryptocurrency bots platform, it is also one that has been designed to be customer-friendly and that explains why it is so easy to use. It even comes with an intuitive interface that turns you into an experienced investor in no time, even if you are just starting as an amateur. With the dashboard, you can easily do the configuration of several currencies, multiple bots, and get the best out of numerous earning tactics.

The platform has all that you need to optimize your portfolio. You do not even need anything special to commence, all you need to do is just sign up and start reaping your profits. It is also a responsible platform that ensures that there is maximum security for your information and they take your crypto assets very seriously. In other words, you can be sure that your investments are in the right hands.

Numerous Freebies for You

Signing up on CryptosBots means you are going to benefit from many freebies. You will get free Faucets collect bot issued out to new subscribers and with this, you can earn Bitcoins at no charge at all. Maximize earning of free Bitcoins without even making a deposit, signing up alone means you can get a free bot with which you can earn Bitcoins for free.

Real Strategy for Wealth Creation

Unlike some other platforms that only promise and never deliver, this is a very different one. More 10 cryptocurrencies are available on the platform and these include Bitcoin and Ether. You can even earn round the clock, this is because there are automated bots in place to assist you to make profits every single hour of the day, every day of the year. Join CryptosBots today and you will be more than glad that you did!

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Trading / Re: Copy trading crypto as a way to make money online.
« on: May 15, 2020, 12:56:52 AM »
I am sorry but not too much of a fan when it comes to copying trading since mostly it works against you. I do use the investment management service in CryptosFundTrading but this is because itís one of the popular names with complete level of security, safe and the important part of worthy results. But I donít think such satisfaction is possible via copying that exists. Itís important to be good with our selection, as this is where we just canít afford to be making errors.

Trading / Make proper strategy to contribute to success
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:09:34 PM »
One thing is must to understand is to ensure that we work through using of proper strategy and method because only then we will be able to gain and succeed. I find it super easy with broker like FreshForex, as they help me with proper strategy and it helps with their epic Rebate Program, which is class of its own.

Trading / Make strong decisions with trading
« on: May 11, 2020, 11:06:16 PM »
Forex canít be done without ability to make strong decision. This is where I find it easier with FreshForex broker, as they are awesome with having low spreads, fast execution of trades, over 130 instruments and much more. It all combines right with allowing me to make solid decisions that leads to strong outcome.

To be very fair, there are quite a lot of options that are worth going for right now. However, my liking is greatest with Akoin. I donít think I would have to say a lot to tell its worth. As Akoin news is almost a routine as itís backed by Akon! I think that should be enough said. A truly worth investing option as far I am concern, especially if you are looking for safety and growth.

Trading / Waw Forex Signals Ė 5 Years In The Market!
« on: May 06, 2020, 09:39:15 PM »

Investment in the forex niche means different things to different people. Some have been able to make massive profits and gains while others lose big time and get added to the list of losers which nearly goes upto 90% in comparison to people in profits. One of the things that guarantee success when doing forex trading is the use of the right strategy or method. But letís face it that very few people in this era got so much patience or capability to do that consistently. This is where trading signals or copier can be highly beneficial and that is precisely what I am going to talk about today.

A signal copier service in the shape of Waw Forex Signals. It offers the very best when it comes to forex trading that will help in minimizing loss and maximization of profits. With Waw Forex Signals, the trader has to do nothing, we give the full solutions, all you need to do is join and the rest is done for you Ė with no stress at all!

This is made possible by Waw Forex Signal through the reliable forex copier provider known for churning out the most informative notifications and suggestions to trade. The fact that Waw Forex Signals come with a trader copier means greater ease of trading as the signals are executed automatically and generates consistent profits.

WAW Forex Trade Copier

With the Waw Forex Trade Copier system, it will automatically copy signals from the Master Account into yours. In simplest terms, the users account is hosted on the Main Server & WAW Forex trades are copied directly to your trading account with complete transparency to keep track on it.

Tested, Trusted & Customer-Oriented

Over the past 5 years in the business, Waw Forex Signals has carved a solid and very reliable niche for itself as a forex signals trader copier and that explains why its stakeholders are often impressed with the results and reason for me to talk about them in this review. At Waw Forex Signals, there are seasoned, trained, and highly-experienced hands who generated these very result-oriented forex signals and allows you to use it via the Waw Forex Trade Copier for trading.

Waw Forex Signals truly stands out and of all the forex trading platforms out there, it is one with a world-class pursuit of a customer-oriented goal and objective. With this venture, the primary goal and objective are to ensure that confidence and trust are restored to all traders across the globe. In the forex business, few things are greater or more important than confidence and trust. At Waw Forex Signals, there is the understanding that there can be a lot of complications with markets and it is for this reason that the platform is always ready to assist traders with all the tools and services that they need to move to the next level.

Reasons to go for it

Waw Forex Signals strongly believes that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. As a respected forex signal copier provider, the management of their signals is done manually. This is possible because the signals were generated in the first instance by highly-trained analysts with years of experience, and they utilize various manual trading strategies when doing the business.

Using any Forex Signal service should be done after strong research and here are some major points why Waw Forex Signals should be first on the list to use.

ē   Fully Automated Copier System
ē   Over 5 years of service in the industry
ē   Over 3k client based with nearly 90% satisfied.
ē   76% Winning percentage in the past 5 years.
ē   Fully Hosted Account Service (No need VPS)
ē   Custom Risk Management, Ability to Customize Lot Size.
ē   Support All Brokers & Accounts Types (MT4, MT5, cTrader, FXCM & LMAX)
ē   Trial is available from $19 with a 1-week duration.
ē   Refund policy without question asked available with the duration of the first 3 days.
ē   Easy to contact customer service via Email and Telegram


If you are an amateur or even a pro when it comes to forex trading, one certain thing is no one wishes to sit in front of the computer the whole day, so thatís where you could make use of a reliable service such as Waw Forex Signals Copier.

Check it out today and start your journey towards achieving success in your career.


The world has seen various pandemics throughout the years. However, this particular one, Corona Virus 2020, comes at a time of high levels of international travel and trade. Globalization has brought people closer and also made financial markets more interdependent. These two factors have contributed in making the Corona Virus 2020 the latest detonator of the current financial market crisis.

The Corona Virus 2020 was first detected in China, in the Hubei province in December 2019. It quickly spread to a number of other countries taking the local epidemic to a global pandemic.While the Chinese government acted relatively quickly, locking-down the population of Hubei province, western governments were more reluctant in doing so.

The hesitation was probably due to the consequences of a partial or total shut-down on economic activity. Mediatic pressure in many cases is what forced various governments into taking tough action to fight the spread of Corona virus 2020. Of course, the consequences are in the making. Economic activity has been reduced in all the countries where the local government took unprecedented action in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. The restriction governments have enacted have led to a large reduction of economic activity and consequentially to a financial market crisis.

Political leaders are trying to balance the need to protect lives and the need to protect economic activity. People cannot live well without jobs, yet there would be many deaths if action is not taken to prevent the spread of the virus. Some countries declared a state of emergency even with just a few deaths, such as Portugal or Taiwan, whilst others such as Sweden have decided to stay open and allow economic activity to continue. The USA is somewhere in between, while some areas like New York or California are on lock-down other parts of the country are still going about their daily business.

Where were before coronavirus caused the financial markets crisis?

The economic situation before the current financial market crisis was that of a global expansion. Some countries were racing ahead, for example the USA, other countries although not at such a fast rate were still enjoying the benefits of economic expansion. The USA was expanding at a growth rate for GDP of 2.3%, with unemployment at decades lows of 3.5%. Clearly the economy was beginning to heat up and analysts were reading the Fed as hinting that there may be the need of increasing interest rates soon, so as to smother an inflation spike before it happens.

In the UK also, economic activity was doing fairly well, before the onset of the financial market crisis, despite the Brexit uncertainties. GDP for the last quarter was increasing by 1.3% and unemployment was at 3.8% Both figures contributing to the FTSE 100 performance at the beginning of the year. The index was close to 7700 for the first 3 weeks of January, a level close to previous all-time highs of May 2018 above 7800. The pound had experienced a rally towards the end of 2019 where it reached a high of 1.3065 towards the end of December.That was after it had touched a recent low of 1.2025 against the US dollar in August 2019. It then, managed to stay above 1.2900 for the start of 2020 as news of the Corona Virus 2020 was still fairly muted.

The Euro area was also experiencing an increase in economic activity. The last GDP data, before the Corona Virus 2020, was an expansion of 1.3% in economic activity. Unemployment had continued to fall, with the unemployment rate going from 7.7% in May 2019 to 7.4% in December 2019. The Euro currency with concerns of the effect of Brexit on the union showed no signs of a well-defined direction. The Euro against the US dollar had been in a side trend during the last 3 months of 2019, with most price action between 1.0980 and 1.1180.

The Japanese economy, after having seen negative GDP growth for the second half of 2018, had begun to show signs of expansion before any news of the Corona Virus 2020. The annualized GDP growth for December 2019 rose to 1.7%. However, the Japanese economy seemed to be stuttering with the central bank still holding interest rates in negative territory. With the asset purchasing program still running, the yen continued in a stable bear trend against the dollar. The USDJPY continued to rise throughout the second half of 2019. The pair went from a low of 104.44 in August 2019 to a recent high of 112.23 in February 2020.

The financial market crisis in 2020 deciphered - Will this lead to a global recession?

The USA has started to feel the effects of the financial market crisis which has come about in recent months due to the global spread of the Corona Virus 2020. Whether your opinion is that the government has been too relaxed in taking action, or you think the priority is keeping the economy running. The fact is the Corona Virus 2020 is taking its toll on most economies, including the US. The latest employment data showed that job creation diminished by a whopping 700,000. Non-Farm Payrolls for the March release came as a surprise. The data was expected to show a reduction in jobs of around 100,000. Many economic analysts from the USA are now seeing a likely contraction of GDP, some analysts marking that as much as a 2% decline in economic activity.

That fares comparatively well to the Euro area, which was hit earlier on and harder. Although expectations of the impact of the financial market crisis are still in unchartered territory, itís easy to predict that economic inactivity will have consequences. Analysts of the Euro area predict sharp contractions especially for economies of Spain, France, and Italy. For the Euro area as whole analysts see the 1Q GDP contracting slightly, with more severe effects of economic shut-down in the second quarter. The Corona Virus 2020 induced economic contraction for 2020 is seen at around 6%. The EURUSD hit an unusually volatile period once the headlines started reporting the expansion of contagion and deaths throughout the globe. The Euro hit a low of 1.0778 on 20th February, to then race back up to a high of 1.1495 by 9th March. It then reversed its bullish trend to fall back to a recent low of 1.0638 on 20th March. The whipsaw price action mostly due to news of how badly the Corona Virus 2020 was affecting the economies in Europe or the USA.

The UK is also in the spotlight. The UK government has been criticized by many for its tardy response to the Corona Virus 2020 outbreak. With the prime minister in hospital, more than 73,758 contagions, and 8,958 deaths, the economy looks set to take a pounding as the cabinet will be forced to implement increasingly restrictive measures. Some analysts see the UK economy falling by as much as 15%, even more, conservative expectations still call for a decline in economic activity by as much as 13.5%. Analysts also expect unemployment to reach double figures. This would give rise to an economic crisis much worse than the 2008 crisis. A worsening of the financial market crisis is likely to set to follow as the government piles on debt to finance spending so as to prop up the economy. The FTSE 100 took a beating as news started appearing of the high rate of contagions and deaths due to the Corona Virus 2020. The index plunged 35% from 7345.5 on its open on 24th February to a recent low of 4777.7 on 23rd March.

In Japan when news of the deadly virus first hit the headlines the yen rallied against the dollar, as the yen sought its status of safe haven currency.As Corona Virus 2020 cases jumped in the USA the USDJPY declined from its peak of 112.23 in February to reach a low of 101.18 on 9th March. Extreme volatility then took price back up to touch 111.70 for a few days. The announcement, by the Japanese central bank, of a new stimulus package and a rising contagion count in Japan helped fuel the rally.

Watch this video: The Coronavirus Recession (10mins 02secs)

The current status of the financial market crisis and what to expect next?

Although the economy showed signs of expansion the Euro started 2020 on a bear trend against the US dollar. Before the financial market crisis, the Euro was already struggling against the dollar, taking the price from its peak at the beginning of the year at 1.1225 to a recent lo of 1.0637 by mid-March. That trend was reversed for a few weeks due to the Fedís surprise interest rate cut. The central bank slashed rates by 0.50% to 0.00% and committed $700 billion to its asset purchasing program. The EURUSD rallied to a recent high of 1.1495 over the next three weeks, thanks mostly to the reduction in interest rate difference.

The pound took a slide down to 1.1409 by mid-March and since has managed a slight recovery. The past two weeks, however, have seen most price action confined between a low of 1.1215 and a high of 1.2485. Restrictions are beginning to kick into place and the consequences are still to be felt. The investors are still on edge even though the FTSE recovered some ground in the last week. From the onset of the financial market crisis the index dropped to its recent low of 4777.70 Despite the uncertainty the stock market has since recovered some ground with Fridayís close at 5876.00

Japan has been less affected by the Corona Virus in 2020 and consequentially by the financial market crisis. The number of contagions at 5,347 and deaths at 88 compare relatively low to countries like the UK, Spain or Italy.

The yen is often seen as a safe haven in times of financial market crisis. Although this time the extreme volatility experienced in most financial markets has not allowed the currency to fully experience that role. After reaching a recent high of 109.38 the USDJPY spent the past week in a bear trend, reaching a recent low of 108.38

How We Can Help as a Platinum Trading Academy

Here at Platinum Trading Academy, we will help you achieve the mindset and the knowledge necessary to be a successful Forex trader. Every trader needs to manage risk in a disciplined manner, we will help you outline your limits and teach you to stick to them. We will help you learn the ins and outs of the Forex markets from people who trade the markets professionally every day.

Are you experiencing inconsistent trading profits? Are you spending more time looking at charts and deciphering a strategy than actually trading? We will help you improve your consistency and develop trading strategies that work. We will address finding the right entry and exit points, or to manage the sensation that your profits and stops are simply always missed. Traders also need to know which are the most active trading hours. You will also learn what makes the markets tick. What headline news are the ones to spark a move? Why a currency might reverse its trend or start a new one. You will also learn how to trade event news, ever wondered what is so special about Non-Farm Payroll data?

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Are you looking to make passive income to add to your 9-5? Then you're lucky to have stumbled on this post. The financial services industry is a huge market with a potential of transforming your financial situation if you tap into the market.

While there are several financial services providers that guarantee high returns on investment, one outstanding platform you can reckon with is Tradera. Let's take a look at what Tradera is and how the company is Revolutionizing the industry.

What Is Tradera?

Established in 2018 by ambitious traders and headquartered in Texas, US, Tradera is a platform dedicated to raising forex trading awareness and network marketing. The company's mission is to educate the public on the gains of the Financial market and empower them to achieve financial freedom.

Tradera offers different financial services including the following:

●   Trading education: You remember the old adage of buying low and selling high right? It is still valid today's financial market. But how do you know when to buy low and sell high? Tradera can tell you when to buy, sell and when to not. Plus, you will learn A-Z of the forex market with any hassles
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Business Opportunity

If you are tired of making active income and you're looking to add a new stream of income to your income sources, Tradera presents an opportunity to do that. With 100$ a month, you will earn a weekly bonus just by referring your friends to join the platform.

Tradera has a ranking system to reward members of the platform. The ranking system is from "Free membership" to "Legend". When you refer 3 persons, you will be moved to the next rank.

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There are a lot of benefits joining Tradera, from robust customer service, receiving trade alerts, participating in live sessions to enjoying financial market forecasts free of charge, the benefits are just so overwhelming. As a matter of fact, joining early will even fetch you more benefits than those that will join later.

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Ever imagined a business model on the block chain that pays you commission straight to your account? Read on to find out how to make thousands of dollars by recommending a business model to friends and family.

As you may know Amazon is the world's leading e-commerce platform with offices scattered around the world. The benefits of buying consumer goods on Amazon cannot be overemphasized; from cheap prices, discount to convenience, the benefits are numerous.

However, when you recommend Amazon to a friend or a family member, you get nothing for your efforts. The most annoying part of the whole thing is that when your friend or family member buys a product on the Amazon platform, you get nothing either. All the profits go to Amazon!

But there is a platform that can reward you (commission) for your efforts if you recommend or refer someone. The good news is that the commission would be paid straight to your account in a currency that is not likely to lose value anytime soon. Zmartbit is the first business model in the world that pay 100% in Bitcoin where you pay a membership to get access to discounts on products, and services.

Benefits Of Adopting Zmartbit

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Ethereum Tokens / Xeron Care Ė The Future Of Health Industry!
« on: March 05, 2020, 10:02:41 AM »

There is no doubt as to the importance of cryptocurrencies in the global economy and one of the areas where digital currencies have found useful applications is that of healthcare. Xeron Care is a system that is composed of the following:

-   Protocol: This is a Personal Health Record that utilizes the sophisticated technological features that can be deployed and controlled by the patient.

-   Coin: Known as the Xeron (XRX), this is what will drive the entire system.

-   Software Application: Available in the public domain, the essence of Xeron Care is to ensure that a water-tight transactional layer is integrated with healthcare systems in a way that is of maximum benefit to the patients. For instance, it becomes a lot easier for doctors to gain access to records of the patients thus allowing for more efficient delivery of medical services. Hence, Xeron Care allows for stress-free accessibility and the rising transferability of patient files.

Xeron Care Ė The Patient-Oriented Application

The main purpose of the brains behind Xeron Care is to ensure that all government hospitals are able to easily reach the digital medical records and at the end of it all, the global health system will be truly centralized.

The application has been designed in such a way that separate medical records scattered all over in different sites can all be integrated together and centralized as vast electronic medical records database systems. Such systems allow for a reliable and steady stream of patient details and that is exactly the principal objective of the application.

The designers are focused on establishing a more trustworthy experience for both the patient and the caregiver, particularly for medical officers who have to move around and work from one medical center to another.

With the Xeron Care DAPP platform in place, it becomes easy to facilitate the analytics of data in place. Data models can then be upgraded so anyone can access and use them from any part of the globe - this is digital healthcare management at its best.

Comprehensive Token Offers

 In order to drive the entire ecosystem, the Xeron Care token has been launched and it runs on the Bitcoin and Ethereum systems. It has been designed to perfectly blend with several third-party services, exchanges, wallets and integrating with other features come easy.

Distribution of the tokens is done via tokens presale rounds, bonus fund, bounties, project team, partners/advisers and core phase of tokens sale. The proceeds are also deployed into several areas like an upgrade of applications, token buyback after exchange launch, branding and marketing, team maintenance alongside bounty and overhead.

The Working Product:

There are many aspects that setís Xeron Care from others but the biggest advantage is having a working product. It makes the potential even higher for Xeron Care and hereís more information available

Airdrop Campaign:

You can also join Xeron Care's Official Airdrop through the below registration form:

There is also going to be Lucky Draw with winner getting upto 1 ETH and 10000 USD worth Xeron Care token!

Further Info Here:

Trading / Re: Looking to trade but tired of paying crazy trading fees?
« on: February 25, 2020, 11:24:36 PM »
Seriously not a fan of them. Itís just too complicated for anyone beginning their career. Even experts at times feel lost with their structure. Anyhow, my current preference is with, which is rather easy to use and reputed name. With them, one really gets everything rolling smoothly and fast with stuff like instant exchange, so really that makes you feel home. And I feel itís really convenient for beginners, so perfect for me too.

Trading / How do you test brokers?
« on: February 15, 2020, 03:36:27 PM »
I am sure there are many people here trading, so I like to know how you did checked your broker before investing?

Was there any particular way you did to test it. If yes then please help me out as well since I am looking to join a good broker thatís secure.

Trading / Become a professional Forex Trader in style
« on: February 12, 2020, 10:01:32 PM »

If you have been thinking of how to start trading forex professionally but don't know where and how to start, take a chill pill and relax, you are at the right place.

Unlike shares or commodities, forex trading does not take place on exchanges but directly between two parties, in an over-the-counter (OTC) market. The forex market is run by a global network of banks, spread across four major forex trading centers in different time zones: London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. Because there is no central location, you can trade forex 24 hours a day.

In this post, we will walk you through how to become a professional forex trader with USGFX. But before we get started, let's take a look at what the USGFX platform is all about.

About USGFX?

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, USGFX is an award-winning forex and CFD broker. USGFX enables investors and forex brokers the world over to trade currency pairs, commodities, and indices in a user-friendly interface. USGFX is highly regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and holds AFS' license.

USGFX operates on trust, honesty, and transparency. The company offers top-notch trading services for her teeming clients. They parade seasoned traders that would leave no stone unturned for you to make profits from the forex market.

Trading Platforms:

Below are the trading Platforms available on USGFX:

●   Meta Trader 4
●   Meta Trader 5
●   Mobile - MT4 and MT5
●   WebTrader
●   MT4 Multi-terminal
●   Social Trading

Deposit and Withdrawal Options:

The following are the deposit and withdrawal options available on the USGFX platform:

●   Bank wire transfer (between 1-3 days)
●   Visa/MasterCard
●   Webmoney
●   Perfect money
●   Skrill
●   Neteller
●   Thailand online banking
●   Malaysia online banking
●   Singapore online banking
●   Philippines online banking
●   Vietnam online banking
●   Bpay
●   Fasa pay
●   Poli internet banking
●   Vogue Pay

Why USGFX Is The Best Platform To Trade Forex?

●   ASIC Regulated: USGFX is a leading forex broker heavily regulated by the Australian Securities & Investment Commission. This means your funds are in safe hands.
●   Segregated funds: All the funds deposited by registered users are held in a segregated account with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. This is also a testament that the security and safety of investors' funds are guaranteed.
●   Quick Withdrawals: Unlike other brokers that delay withdrawal requests, on the USGFX platform, all requests for withdrawal are processed within 24 to 48 hours.
●   Ultra-Fast Execution: The execution on the USGFX platform is super fast. Plus, 10 times latency reduction with optical fibre connections to Interbank Servers in New York & London, allowing ultra-fast one-click trading.
●   Negative Balance Protection: With USGFX, whenever you suffer a loss, it can never exceed your account balance. This is one feature that ranks the platform she's of others.
●   Dedicated Account Manager: Do you need an advisor that would guide you every step of the way as you kick-start your trading career? USGFX has dedicated account managers to help you out. The managers are trained to understand your needs and desires.

USGFX Training Academy

Do you want to start earning profits as you kick-start your trading career? Then visit the USGFX academy section to learn the nitty-gritty of the forex market. When you arm yourself with the requisite skills, the sky would be your starting point. Good forex education on the USGFX platform doesn't come at a cost. The team behind the platform has promised that all newbie and professionals alike would be properly educated so that their fingers would not be burned.

The training session covers everything from trading strategy, trading psychology, how to analyze the market to risk management. USGFX has got you covered every step of the way. After the training session, you are sure of trading like a professional.

Visit the Official Website to open a demo account for free. Once you are confident of your trading skills, you can then open a live account to start trading for profit.

You can also contact their support stuff through the following:

Whatsapp:+886 911 780 359
skype:[email protected]

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