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XWIN CryptoBet presented the first blockchain betting platform
Blockchain can be viewed not only as a technology but also as a trust mechanism. The technology of using decentralized smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain developed by XWIN CryptoBet gives you new opportunities for the betting on sports and other events. It is convenient, safe and completely protects you from the fraud risk. XWIN CryptoBet developers tell us about the XWIN platform capabilities and their ambitions.
– What are the characteristic features of the XWIN betting platform? How prospective is it, and what advantages does it offer to investors, gamers, and bookmakers?
– XWIN is a transparent platform intended for the betting on sports and other events splitting your profit. The Ethereum’s blockchain technology and automatic algorithms (smart contracts) give you unique opportunities. Gamers get a comfortable, safe and guaranteed access to bets; bookmakers are able to monitor the gamers’ transactions that are all transparent, and investors are guaranteed to get profit from the activities of the bookmakers that use our platform. XWIN CryptoBet allows building a new trust mechanism and ensures that all the requirements of a bet made prior to the event are met. This is what makes betting on XWIN unique: the platform simply does not let the terms and conditions of the smart contract be violated.
– So, does this mean that XWIN does not let bookmakers and gamers cheat?
– That’s absolutely right. Gamers’ accounts do not get suspended because of arbitrage bettings and frequent wins, and a bookmaker cannot apply individual decreasing ratios to specific gamers. A bet goes on the way it has been made prior to a sporting event. The XWIN smart contract acts as an arbitrator whose decisions cannot be overlooked, i.e., the terms and conditions of the smart contract will be performed to 100%, regardless of the parties’ wishes. The XWIN platform creates an actual alternative for the bookmaker market, and we believe that this betting market will change dramatically in the near future. Our platform may be used for betting on a variety of sports, and thanks to the smart contracts game results, bets, winners, and prizes are indentified unambiguously.
– On October 30, 2017, XWIN CryptoBet started selling equity tokens. What makes ICO XWIN attractive to investors, and what are the advantages of investing in the platform?
– Our platform is the first platform in the world to be based on the blockchain technology and our gamer clients get access to the most perfect betting instrument as of today. We strongly believe that the future of the bookmaking business is impossible without smart contracts and the bookmaking business is really interested in our platform.
Bookmaking is a profitable activity, and the margin on XWIN can be from 6 to 20% of the bid. The investor becomes a co-owner of the first ever cryptobookmaker that has got a competitive advantage of being a pioneer. XWIN CryptoBet is already entering the market, allowing the investor to solve capital management problems in the new economic conditions in one of the most profitable niches.
The fact that ICO XWIN is based on the Ethereum smart contract protects your investments: the investors’ funds are managed automatically. ICO XWIN CryptoBet will last for three months – till January 30, 2018; the price for 1 XWIN token is 0.003 ETH. There is 80% of the XWIN token equity on sale at the moment; 20% is the ‘frozen’ founders’ share that will be available in a year. So, our team is interested in developing the platform – we have invested our own funds in it, too.
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