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Bounty Programs / (Bounty) Token of Digital Money - TDM [700 TDM Reward]
« on: November 11, 2017, 01:26:30 AM »
Vote on Mercatox and get 700 TDM reward and an additional 700 TDM for additional votes.

Check the announcement here:
Telegram Channel

Ethereum Tokens / [ANN] [ERC20] ListAndPump (LAP) [NoICO] [AIRDROPS]
« on: October 23, 2017, 12:19:00 PM »
ListAndPump (LAP)

Coin Details
Ticker symbol: LAP
Contract address: 0x87aE38D63A6bbB63E46219F494b549e3bE7Fc400
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 10Mil

About ListAndPump Coin

LAP is a new digital coin that everyone can use to pay online services and online purchases. Buying, hodling and using LAP will open the opportunity for managing easy payments and easy access of accepting services and bought products from different online companies who's willing to accept LAP as form of payment. It's development will encourage individuals and businesses to engage in cryptocurrencies particularly LAP to enable best tool for payment and catering product and services. Through this, it would be easier for the parties involved to shorten the time span of giving the satisfaction and quality output expected from each of them.

The availability of this new digital currency will soon participate in different sponsorship and programs that caters valuable help to seniors especially to those who were forgotten by their family and relatives. Through LAP's existence, their happiness and joy are treasured. That will be possible through appreciation by giving them some of their needs and gifts for them to feel and remember their importance.

Development Plan

Contact reputable exchanges that will list LAP  and make the coins available to traders and enthusiasts.
Introduce the coin to the community by providing bounties and air drops particularly for merchants.
Engage in Massive Crypto Educational Marketing Campaign for online and offline merchants.
Look for more exchanges to make LAP available to a bigger trading community
Create crypto awareness among merchants and encourage them to use LAP for a continuous demand for the coin

Etherdelta already sent some info for listing
Mercatox Soon
Coinexchange Soon
Cryptopia Soon
Livecoin Soon

Whitepaper creator = 10k LAP reward
Help to get listed on any exchanges = 100k LAP reward
More bounty to follow

To check the announcement and airdrops:

Vote for Royal Empire Coin at Novaexchange and get 100 REC for every Npoint you have. For coin specs, you can see it here:

If you don't have your Npoints, you can buy at the Novaexchange

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