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Hello Sir,

Everyone who completes all taks will get a WHOPPING 1000 coins!

All coins included your are send!

Waiting for more participants!

Next payment round will be in 12 hours, So be sure to vote-tweet-share-post about us!

i don't get 1000 coins in wallet Cai5zoUuwDep6LtMcRFPMiRLVzPF41zxf6

I have exclusively offer for BitcoinGarden members. 500 NOTB and 10K WNOBT as airdrop for first 100 BG members
Round 3  applying for Jr. Member and above
Send 0.1 WAVES to address 3PAvryYBS4gCev6nL6AagxMZ8eAtZj6F96V in order to verified that you are not altaccounts
As BG admin post  Nobtcoin Airdrop [EXTERNAL] thanks admin
Reply with this format
    your TX details
     your BT usre name ( e.g nobt )
     your BT rank ( e.g Jr. Member )
    your BT profile ( e.g;u=913200 )
     Round ON  ( e.g 3 )
     participants No: (e.g 7)
     nobt address ( 7vmfjf25ffbndjknf145LG57dlkfgf147f )
    waves address (exchange address won't work)



    1- don't reply at ANN thread at bitcointalk with you nobt address it is not allowed if you do so
 you want get your airdrop shear and BANNED form any future nobt free distributed and as well as all nobt bounties.

  2-  Were not involved in the previous rounds

     your BT usre name duongtien86
     your BT rank: new member
    your BT profile;u=1065755
     Round ON  3
     participants No: 96
     nobt address:  7ByHRx1GKxLRVXVBDwEHtADYC6WwBzonKe
    waves address : 3PA6fDzHHeFQ7Kx23QKqVDi6Ca9QYQeQw3K

I get bonus coin

i think bonus coin for : twitter, facke, intergam, telegram, slack, ...

wallet: VJxU9bXhZE4679JP4yGTPG3Sg8XsYcNHdX

Other Stuff Giveaways / Re: Win 10-Pack Head Sweatbands
« on: July 18, 2017, 10:00:31 AM »

Coin Home / Re: [ANN] ASIC COIN [ASCC] sha256 pow
« on: July 18, 2017, 08:44:09 AM »
i get bonus 15k coins ASCC
wallet: MGPSsQ1s2L8TN1LJCK6WgpkmKyzDrFq9mW

don't join

errror: code mail


We got Listed at!

Welcome to the Airdrop / Rewards topic of Women Coin.

When you help us a bit with the following rather easy jobs you help with our marketing bigtime!
Also we need some other favors. For this we can give you all a nice stack of Women coins.

keep in mind there are currently about 4.200.000Women coins around.

Job offer 1:
The voting period is over. All remaining voters will get their coins early in the morning. Thanks a lot!

Job offer 2:
Earn 100 coins by posting & following & retweeting our Twitter:

Post the proof/work and ofcourse your wallet adress.

i get 100 coins

Gold/Cash/Points/Gift Cards / Re: [HOT][EASY] FASTEST $25 [HURRY UP]
« on: July 17, 2017, 04:18:42 PM »
reqest: in balance 100 ATB


Want to earn even more Cyclone coin?
Job 1:  Vote for us on  (rewards 500 coins )
Jov 2: Follow & Retweet & Like our Tweets at  ( 250 coins )
Job 3: Follow /Like / Post about us on Facebook:  ( 250 coins )

Welcome to Cyclone COIN

In the year 2017, another new generation of POW/POS coins has been born! It's not just the climate, the high tides, the earth quakes. Not even the bad breath we all have in the morning, It's the year where the Biggest Cyclone is going to enter the ALTCOIN Market!. In this topic we are going to reveal the thru power of the KING of all Cyclones.. And how you can get started right away.

Team & Purpose of Cyclone Coin:
We've agreed with our tiny team to develop worlds first Cyclone coin! With the Cyclone coin we want to show the world that a decentralized coin can do the trick. It's both anonymous and extremely safe. With the coin everyone will be able to both trade the coin on several altcoin exchanges and keep the coin in your wallet for a nice 10% POS. For the miners among us, we made a rather large number of pow blocks to make sure there will be enough power to keep it healthy while you can earn some good coins.

Cyclone Airdrop Warning:
Follow & Share/Write something about our project on Twitter  = 250 coins
Do not forget to vote for us on

How to get the coins?
Post you wallet adress in this topic with proof of your great work.


Coin name   CYCLONE COIN
Algorithm   Scrypt
Type   PoW/PoS
RPC port   19200
P2P port   19199
Block reward   16 coins
Total coin supply   550000000 coins
Premine percent   20%
PoS percentage   10% per year
Last PoW block   block 12500000
Coinbase maturity   6 blocks
Target spacing   64 seconds
Target timespan   1 block
Transaction confirmations   5 blocks

Before 24 august 2017

Soon suggestions welcome.



Wallets:!YC42CDJC!CrwqC9FrVOsMwVgvljn_9bCIr4dH-tLGMaOS_4D-yYU  (windows)!MShmjIzQ!FiUiFD3314Sx085fw5kfJG6wP-CdwIeVZn2iWL1NZVU   (Linux)

In early August 2017!

More great updates will follow later.

i get 1000 coins

Welcome to the Airdrop of Primulon.

Would you like to order some great amount of free Primulon to start?

Easy, just do one of the following tasks and our crew will send you free coins to your wallet!

Start by installing our Wallets:!Nf50DZDS!TqZnRbYQaSNj9s1PudDD1MTBnFATYSJqF89H8ARqG40  (win)!0H51QTzT!rZzj6R4dGa5BqvW7730VExryHODHnrH8kGqK6qTJBVg (linux)

1. Get 100 Primulon for following/reweeting/liking our messages on Twitter.

2. 100 coins, To like & Share and write about us on facebook

3. 100 coins Share information about Primulon thru snapchat/instagram & instagram stories

Good luck earning those first coins!

The Original Topic:

Expected to be launched in the beginning of July 2017!

Primulon the coin not just for regular fighters

Welcome to the Fight of your life!

Aren't we all fighting for a better life for our-self and of course for our relatives and friends around us. This is why we should all realize that freedom and everything what comes with it are not for granted. In some parts of the world there are conflicts or even wars. This should stop. This must stop. We should fight for it to stop. This brings us to the main purpose of this ALTCOIN. Buy, Sell, trade or stake this coin while Fighting for a better life for everyone.

Algoritm = Scrypt
Type =  POW  / POS
POW rewards per block 10
POW Blocks 6000000
Staking Rewards per year 50%
RPC port   19668
P2P port   19667
Prermine: 20P
Coinbase maturity   20
Target spacing   64
Target timespan   1
Transaction confirmations   6
Total coin suppy 750m

1. Devs agreed on the creation of Primulon Coin
2. Registration and creation of the topic.
3. Social media campaigns and other marketing
4. Development of the Windows wallet
5. Development of the Linux wallet
6. Devs will be bussy with our main server deamon and nodes.
7. Submision to several Altcoin exchanges
8. Start of the trading at the first Exchange.
9. Upgrades and development of the Mac wallet
10. Agreements for acceptance in Miningpools
11 Agreements for acceptance in several faucets
12. Development of our website and intergration of merchants services, so sites and portals can accept Primulon coins as payment option.
13. Airdrops and other giveaways to attract more endusers, daytraders and stakers!Nf50DZDS!TqZnRbYQaSNj9s1PudDD1MTBnFATYSJqF89H8ARqG40  (win)!0H51QTzT!rZzj6R4dGa5BqvW7730VExryHODHnrH8kGqK6qTJBVg (linux)

Soon from now


Follow later

Thanks a lot for taking time to check out our topic.

Our airdrop has started.

i get 300 coins
telegam: duongminhtien

HOT NEWS!!!! GET FREE 50.000 Satoshi Just Sign up

HOT NEWS!!!! GET FREE 50.000 Satoshi Just Sign up
Get free 50.000 Satoshi just sign up

Sign up here
For those who have signed up don't forget to enter the BTC address in the profile
How to click the user CP ---> Click edit profile ---> Enter BTC address.
example image bellow:

New crypto forum PAID to POST &GIVE AWAYS!
New crypto forum
Rates(1bit=100 satoshi):
New Post: 10 bits=1000 sat.
New Thread: 50 bits=5000 sat.
New Poll: 20 bits=2000 sat.
New Registration: 500 bits=50000 sat.
Per thread reply on your thread: 5 bits=500 sat
No minimum!
First payments on July 31st.

Sign up here

user: duongminhtien

wallet get 50,000 SAT: 1KUwzqEip2GQEsY3qPfoENfqg1Ew2kAjYk

Other Crypto Offers / Re: free ltc few day
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:44:26 PM »
0,0005 LTC


Windows Wallet

Official Website

Mining Pools


Download Windows wallet and post your address for 1,000 Turbo Coins.

Follow @Turbo_Coin and get an extra 500 coins.
(Post your Twitter handle & receive address in the post.)

i get 1500 coins TURBO

Wallet: tTZ5CuUCCnh6sN6DrnyPFCiCcsJTnRMnk7

helo tato
i join

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