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Hello everyone! Just wanted to update the ANN threads

Latium is back and better than ever! Check out and see the great new things happening with Latium!

link error


-Translate Post =300 CHRC

-Translate Post =300 CHRC

Social Network:
*Share Post =100 CHRC *share keep 24 hours

-Twitter Post
*Share Post =100 CHRC *share keep 24 hours

*Share Post =100 CHRC *share keep 24 hours

*10 CHRC

i give translation Vietnamese 

share facebook:
g+ :

i get bonus: 300*2 + 100 + 100 +100 + 10 = 910 coins


Charnacoin is a new cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. It's major benefit is to provide much stronger privacy to both the senders and receivers of transactions.
With Charnacoin, you are your own bank. Only you control and are responsible for your funds, and your accounts and transactions are kept private from prying eyes.
Charnacoin improves upon the base CryptoNote technology in several ways that strengthen its anonymity and reduce the size of the global ledger of all transactions, called the "blockchain".

Because of the decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of the Charnacoin network it becomes more robust and resilient as it becomes larger. We encourage all users to run a full node, if they are able to.
Running a Charnacoin node does not yet require a huge amount of processing power, but it does require a few gigabytes worth of disk space to store the blockchain, and there will be some impact on your bandwidth especially from connected nodes that are catching up on the blockchain. The easiest way to run a Charnacoin node, without affecting your home bandwidth, is to purchase a VPS (Virtual Private Server).


PoW algorithm: CryptoNote
Max supply: Infinite (see note below)
Block reward: Smoothly varying
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty: Retargets at every block
1] CPU + GPU mining (about 1:1 performance for now). Memory-bound by design using AES encryption and several SHA-3 candidates. [2] Initial number of atomic units is M = 109 - 1. However, once the block reward reaches 0.3CHRC per minute that is treated as the minimum subsidy, which means that CharnaCoin's total emission will forever increase by ~157680 CHRC annually. [3] Uses a recurrence relation. Block reward = (M - A) * 2-20 * 10-12, where A = current circulation.

Charnacoin Payments:

The Basics
Charnacoin works a little differently to what you may have become accustomed to from other cryptocurrencies. In the case of a digital currency like Bitcoin and its many derivatives merchant payment systems will usually create a new recipient address for each payment or user. However, because Charnacoin has stealth addresses there is no need to have separate recipient addresses for each payment or user, and a single account address can be published. Instead, when receiving payments a merchant will provide the person paying with a "payment ID". A payment ID is a hexadecimal string that is 16 or 64 characters long, and is normally randomly created by the merchant. An example of a payment ID is: 000c75666679706f6e7920697320111115206265737420706f6e7920657689997
Checking for a Payment with Charnacoin wallet
If you want to check for a payment using Charnacoin-wallet-cli you can use the "payments" command followed by the payment ID or payment IDs you want to check. Note that this can also be done with GUI wallet.
Receiving a Payment Step-by-Step
> Generate a random 64 character hexadecimal string for the payment
> Communicate the payment ID and Charnacoin address to the individual who is making payment
> Check for the payment using the "payments" command in charnacoin-wallet-cli or GUI wallet
Checking for a Payment Programatically
In order to check for a payment programatically you can use the get_payments or get_bulk_payments JSON RPC API calls.
> get_payments: this requires a payment_id parameter with a single payment ID
> get_bulk_payments: this is the preferred method, and requires two parameters, payment_ids, a JSON array of payment IDs, and an optional min_block_height, the block height to scan from

It is important to note that the amounts returned are in base Charnacoin units and not in the display units normally used in end-user applications. Also, since a transaction will typically have multiple outputs that add up to the total required for the payment, the amounts should be grouped by the tx_hash or the payment_id and added together. Additionally, as multiple outputs can have the same amount, it is imperative not to try and filter out the returned data from a single get_bulk_payments call. Before scanning for payments it is useful to check against the daemon RPC API (the get_info RPC call) to see if additional blocks have been received. Typically you would want to then scan only from that received block on by specifying it as the min_block_height to get_bulk_payments.
Programatically Scanning for Payments
> Get the current block height from the daemon, only proceed if it has increased since our last scan
> Call the get_bulk_payments RPC API call with our last scanned height and the list of all payment IDs in our system
> Store the current block height as our last scanned height
> Remove duplicates based on transaction hashes we have already received and processed

Download Wallet


Charnacrypto seed node:
Code: [Select]
address= / p2p-port=18090 / rpc-port=18091
Generate new wallet:
Code: [Select]
./charnacoin-wallet-cli --generate-new-wallet="mycharna.wallet" --password="your password Here" --daemon-address="" --daemon-port="18091"
Login to your wallet:
Code: [Select]
./charnacoin-wallet-cli --wallet-file="mycharna.wallet" --password="your password"

wallet: CmohYpu5te4FMjodozXM6uBVULQDLKTDH9U6Tg6LyAHmPD7pYoYFcrfSkL6ESdL6fC218yUzmSF5uNUxgT4G472pQxzYTcN

i think, have bounty?

Coin Home / Re: [ANN] ANT | ANTS Coin 1000% POS, only low supply
« on: July 20, 2017, 02:56:06 PM »

bonus coin Dev?

This is round 4 and you can participate daily!

The winner of this giveaway will get free 1337 coins of 1337!

click & start here

Once you completed your entry please post on this thread: "done"

Thanks, and good luck :)


i hope to win


Orexon -  is a revolutionary Virtual world 3D game on ethereum blockchain


Orexon is a revolutionary Virtual world 3D game on ethereum blockchain
Orexon is a game that features a huge 3D world for you to explore, offering a large social community within a mobile app, web etc,
Orexon offers you the ability to start your own new life on your iOS, Android and other devices.

Orexon Bounty Program

Whole bounty program will be divided as follows :

  • 2%  Twitter Campaign
  • 2%  Facebook Campaign
  • 2%  Thread translations at bitcointalk
  • 4%  Post announcement thread on other forums(outside bitcointalk)
  • 2%  Post our announcement thread on other languages big online forums
  • 2%  Post our game announce thread on other games forums.
  • 2%  Post our announcement on news releases.
  • 25% Avatar and text campaign
  • 2%   Post or talk about us at any game forum, Like Facebook game page etc

Social Media Bounties


Payout will be as follows:

5 Stakes per Week for Every Valid participant
How to Join
For Twitter:
Follow the Official Twitter Handle:
Fill this form:

For Facebook:

Like and Follow Official Facebook Fanpage:
Fill this Form:
Spreadsheet for Twitter campaign     :
Spreadsheet for Facebook campaign  :

Terms and Rules:

1: Twitter Account minimum number of 300 followers in which 80-90% are real followers.
2: Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 100 Friends.
3: Forum account with negative trust are not allowed to joined.
4: Twitter/Facebook accounts must be original. inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
5: You must be an active and regular twitter user, and must be re-tweeting/sharing Orexon3D's official tweets 
6: Multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted. 
7: A user can participate in both campaigns at the same time.
8: Must retweet/post share all a week in order to get fully paid. and make 1 unique tweet/post in a week with @Orexon3D 
9: At the end of the period, compile all the links of tweets/post and retweets/post sharing and post it on a single post (Below).
10: Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

Translations Thread Bounty

Orexon will reward By Translating Orexon Project’s, Announcement Thread and Managing the thread. Keeping active by Posting regular updates,
Translation Thread should be post in Bitcointalk !

How to Participate?
Translate Orignal ANN :
Fill the form:
Spreadsheet:   (link will be up shortly) 
Translation Terms and Conditions:

1: Translation must be Original, Using any kind of translation tools, google translators etc is not allowed.  If detected, the translation will be
2:  Only Valid Posts of the Translators will be accepted for Moderation/management stakes.
     Translators must be active. In the case of translator’s inactivity an another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
3: Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed. These kind of posts will not be counted.
4: The forum should have a decent numbers of posts and posters and not just a new forum.
5: Post your link in Single Post in this thread
6: Manager and Owner Reserve the rights to change the terms or apply new terms

Avatar and text campaign  Bounty

25% of total Bounty will be Allocated for Avatar and text campaign

Payment will be based on weekly stakes:
Jr Member and Member: 5 Stakes/Weeks
Full Member: 10 Stakes/Week
Sr Member: 20 Stakes/Week
Hero and Legendary: 40 Stakes/Week

How to Join :

Wear Avatar and text to your Profile and fill the form below:
Joining Form :
Spreadsheet:   (link will be up shortly)


Personal Text: : Virtual World 3D Game

Rules, Terms Conditions:
1: Keep the Avatar and text until the end of the Campaign. Removing Avatar and text  in the middle of campaign will disqualify you.
2: Minimum of 7 post per week with 1 post in the ann thread to qualify for payment
3: Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low quality posts,  copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted.
4: Eligible posts must be 75 Character Long. Posts shorter than 75 Character will not be counted.
5: Payment will be done once at the End of the token sale.
6: Keep your Avatar and text  till spreadsheet updated with your final post count (allow at least one week to count posts) Removing a Avatar and text
   before post count will simply disqualify you.
7: Newbies are not allowed to Join

Other Media Bounty

4%   Post announcement thread on other forums(outside bitcointalk)
2%   Post our announcement thread on other languages big online forums (outside bitcointalk)
2%   Post our game announcement thread on other games forums.  (outside bitcointalk)
2%   Post our announcement on news releases.
2%   Post or talk about us at any game forum, Like Facebook game page (Best alternative to

How to Join :
Joining Form : (link will be up shortly)

Spreadsheet:   (link will be up shortly)

High Quality: 15 Stakes
Good Quality: 10 Stakes
Normal Quality: 5 Stakes

Terms and Conditions:

1: Translation must be Original, Using any kind of translation tools, google translators etc is not allowed.  If detected, the translation will be
2: Only Valid Posts of the Translators will be accepted for Moderation/management stakes.
    Translators must be active. In the case of translator’s inactivity an another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
3: Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed. These kind of posts will not be counted.
4: The forum should have a decent numbers of posts and posters and not just a new forum.
5: Compile all the links and Post your link in Single Post in this thread
6: Manager and Owner Reserve the rights to change the terms or apply new terms.
7: If you can not copy link in some reason then make screen short and upload to and post in your application (Read condition No. 5)
8.  Posting to games forums, groups etc, Use the word Orexon; similar game to secondlife with some dynamic features

57% bounties to be announced Soon in other forums
joined twitter & face

Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: (External) Earn 800 Free Dent coins!!!
« on: July 20, 2017, 06:28:31 AM »
Hello, is promoting their ICO by giving out 800 Dent tokens!! Visit the following:      (This is your invitation to earn Dent token and my affiliate link)

I posted my verified 800 Dent tokens on my twitter:

Viva la revolution!

joined your ref

mail: [email protected]

Welcome to the giveaway topic of Japan coin. We're happy to welcome you here.

We have several jobs to earn your first sets of Japan COINS for free!

Job1: 200 COINS Follow & Retweet & Like our tweets at
Job2: 200 COINS Like & follow & post about us on Facebook

                                            ---------Original topic---------

Join Japan coin and see your money grow after the official launch. Soon we will start with our promotion tour and generous giveaways.

For all of you who want some free Japan coins. Please go to our airdrop forum thru the following link:

Japan is one of the finest countries in the world, of course we all say that about our own country we live in. You probably already know that Japan is an rising economy which belongs to the top three World rankings. Despite of this beautiful fact, unfortunately there are little to none anonymous payment methods. Especially in Tokyo where there are up to none anonymous payment options as far as we know of and thats a big shame.

We want to make this option available for everyone thru the Japan coin. We want to focus our attention on big online shops, big shopping streets, nightlife and of course day traders and stakers.

Scrypt   PoW/PoS
RPC port                 20018
P2P port                 20017
Block reward          10 coins
Total coin supply     625m coins
Premine percent     20p
PoS percentage      55% per year
Last POW B            3000000
Coinbase maturity  13 blocks
T spacing               64 seconds
T timespan             1 block
T confirmations       8 blocks


For Linux!cm53ATaY!_C2wGkdukH8-BHTMcsFoiAn266p9Yn_qgIXul04hyfA

For Windows!IvgBSLQC!Snp5DWKz5hV9-vnEr0hPGed462rIU0P-v1DpX0yBATw 




Variable Difficulty : 8 ~ 64
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

Variable Difficulty : 64 ~ 8192
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

Variable Difficulty : 8192 ~ 65536
Stratum Host : stratum+tcp://
Username : [YourWalletAddress]

3% Fees

All good mining pools are welcome

Want to translate our topic, bounty 1000 coins.

i get bonus 400 coins

wallet: Jh8o7tuNoigd7KL86eXp1fjEzkwKtQECLB



Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: We pay members once a week!!
« on: July 19, 2017, 05:46:24 PM »
6-26 - Altcoin Pump and Dump Group Check out our new site!

I will be paying in BTC to the person that wins the randomized drawing. I will randomize it 3 times and do my best to video this so there is no question about who wins. I will at that time ask the winner to PM me their BTC address and I will pay them ASAP. Below are the payouts I promise to do after we start pumping

500 people – 0.01 BTC weekly (First place only)
1000 people – 0.02 BTC weekly (First place only)
2500 people – 0.02 BTC weekly (First and Seventh Place)
5000+ people – 0.05 BTC weekly (First and Seventh Place)
(If I see enough interest in this promise, I will adjust the amount of BTC upwards, not to exceed 1.0 BTC)
member: 1639
user: Tien Duong Minh (+84986645454)
I hope to win

Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: Info Coin Airdrop! [EXTERNAL]
« on: July 19, 2017, 05:30:46 PM »
Please post positively on Info Coin here or the thread at Download wallet and post screenshot of your downloaded wallet at . Fill up the form . with the required information and receive 100 INFOs. Thank you

Dont forget to join us @ !
Due to high demand, our servers are experiencing longer than usual load times, please be patient.

i get 10 info coin

wallet: iNFSEhxpAdsrdwQBAL26FAJLsxSmaWGqsV


What is Volpcoin?

Volpcoin was designed as part of a pilot project, where it will be realized an implementation of a new protocol
that will solve a few problems related with scalability and the dimension of blockchain.

With the application of the Volpcoin protocol, the blocks will be compressed before being added in the blockchain,
in this way it will be possible to have a large number of transactions and commands at the same time.

Note: If you want to collaborate to the Volpcoin Project, go to this website:

Airdrop 1st Phase = 5% of the premine .

Airdrop 2nd Phase = 5 % of the premine

1- Go to this website: Airdrop Volpcoin

2- Download our wallet , if you don't have yet

Linux Qt Wallet (64) :

Windows Qt Wallet (32/64) :

3- Paste your Volpcoin Address  and Submit

The Volpcoin Airdrop is a completely FREE . You don't need to register  and everyone can get free coins.

Every person can claim VCP at least 1 time per day.

Payout Chances:

 - 50% - 15 VCP
 - 20% - 20 VCP
 - 15% - 35 VCP
 - 10% - 50 VCP
- 5% - 75 VCP

After you submit your Volpcoin address , automatically after a few minutes ,
it will show the coins that you received  in your wallet.

For more information or any doubts , Contact our send us a PM !!

i get bonus
wallet: VJxU9bXhZE4679JP4yGTPG3Sg8XsYcNHdX


The last hour has been so bussy for us. We finally managed to launch our Topic, Even before that we had tons and tons of work to get everything ready. Right now you are about to EARN your first KOI COINs. To get free KOI COINs, we've made a few tiny tasks. In the days to follow we will release more/other Airdrop tasks. ENJOY!

1. Earn 200 KOI COINs by 
"Following & retweeting & Liking" our Twitter messages.

2. Earn 200 KOI COINs by
"Like & Share & Posting" about us on" Facebook.

More jobs follow shortly!

Do not forget to post your wallet adress next to the proof of your great job.

Original Topic:

Welcome to KOI. KOI is the first project of its kind. We want to honor the world famous Koi Carp with it's own digital currency. Since everyone knows about the beauty and many colors nobody kind of expected us to setup this project. Before we will tell you more about our POW/POS hybrid coin we want to thank all those people who helped us out developing our very own KOI Coin.

The KOI team is a rather big group of internet friends, but we also included several people with a coin background. Our target will be to create a longterm healthy altcoin. Which can be traded at many many exchanges in the near future. We think that this community can help us to make KOI coin even bigger as hoped.

Scypt PoW/PoS
RPC port   19662
P2P port   19661
Block reward   25 coins
Total coin supply   5b coins
Premine percent   10%
PoS percentage   175% per year
Last PoW block   block 4m
Coinbase maturity   10 blocks
Target spacing   64 seconds
Target timespan   1 block
Transaction confirmations   6 blocks!xHgmlQzY!RQKmup-64_kX3nqW2TBuC_LGpX0sxk-WLMKH8Yv_ZWY (WNS)!0OImVAKY!6e2Y3sZdfp25UQNdoOE_2oV8Sm3KPDD_y99UAIknj10 (LNX)

Team meeting 1: We came up with the idea of a own coin.
Team Meeting 2: We chose for the Name KOI Coin
Design of our logo
Development of the software.
Researching to hire a good server.
With help we managed to install the daemon and wallets
Our block-chain went finally live!
Design fase of the topic
Registration and creation of our topic in the Bitcoingarden community
Start our marketing phase.
Design stage of the social media creatives
Registration and Launch of the social-media marketing
Registration of our Website domain
Arrangements to get a valid SSL for our website.
Design stage of our website
Release/Launch of our website
Searching for third party Mining pools and Blockexplorer service
Last team funds raiser to prepare for the first exchange listing
Airdrop campaign to help the exposure and marketing
Launching our coin at the first exchange
Getting listed on the second exchange
Registration within one or more merchant services.
More to follow later!

First exchange will follow within a few days!

Mining pools owners welcome.

Our blockexplorer follows soon!

Merchants will follow soon.

Who wants to help us with translations? 1000 coins.
Website soon

For now this is all we have realized. We do hope you will keep looking at our topic, since we are still in a very early stage of our project. We wish you the best!


Dev team.

i get 400 coins
wallet: KUnW6E5aDEowDV7DnhZpMtT76TRzmuDgvn

i get bonus
wallet: Sf3xw85JLESS4oQgEwUdNTSAQJ1zSYamq1

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