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In case you are willing to try the new Stealth address feature from DeepOnion, please wait until there is an official announcement in the official DeepOnion forum, in the meantime check this info about this been fixed by developers, they are also getting ready to release the new version 1.6.2 until then and once they give green lights you are ready to use this feature stealth address!!

The feature works fine but only on the test network, a bug was found in the main network but they are working on that now!!

Share with the people you know, so they can prevent any issues!

In other news, if you are using Android wallet for DeepOnion, make sure you have plenty of backups of your wallet!

The fork happens in like 12 hours, then the Stealth addresses shall be available, I'm so excited. ^^

Indeed, all DeepOnion wallets need to be upgraded before the hard fork, so everyone gets the benefit of the Stealth address protocol, meaning that your transactions are going to be very private, sending or receiving ONIONs only the sender and receiver will know the details. Privacy matters and here is DepOnion to cover this necessity that banks or other third parties don't have t this time!

No more intruders sneaking your finances anymore!! another great accomplishment from the DeepOnion talented developers and the big community of supporters!

More details about this upgrade here:

I just read the newest newsletter, nice recap of what happened this week.

Just finished reading the DepOnion newspaper, well done with plenty of details of what developers are working on, information about the new releases coming soon like VoteCentral, DeepSend, including the lottery from Themonkii, etc! in just one place subscribers can have all the info and check what is happening in DeepOnion ecosystem.

In case you haven't voted yet here is a list of the many exchanges that will be adding DeepOnion very soon:  1.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion to list on Coinpulse
2.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Dontoshi
3.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on
4.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Zironex
5.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on CoinDeal (every 24 h)
6.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Cobinhood

And now you can pay directly with $ONIONs take a look and try to buy these physical coins, if you don't have ONIONs yet but want to pay with ETH, that is easy, just buy ONIONs with your ETH or any other crypto you own and there you have it, you can be paying with ONIONs right there on the website, two options to try: or
Using the Woocommerce plugin, that is fantastic! a great tool to accept ONIONs at any website and to buy any item from businesses accepting $ONIONs as payments!! many businesses to add that plugin soon!

Take a look at this list of different DeepOnion's wallpapers looking great all of them!
Soon DeepOnion will be all over the world enrolling new members and giving people opportunities to make their financial life great! There are already enough money in this world! the only thing people need is DeepOnion platform (a place where any person can earn ONIONs for their skills or talents and support this project) so people can claim their freedom and privacy back!

Mike Kubera made new video about DeepOnion.
After his previous video we changed marketing model and DeepPoints was cancelled.

He even registered on DeepOnion forum. Very good youtuber. Before talk about something he always make researches

Use Di1zov5J1vqLoQ9VG4xLRKjU5Z7inPxn8A to verify.

Wow! great to see Mr Kubera making Youtube videos about DeepOnion, Good to have people with integrity like him in this community, glad that he made a research about this project, he is professional and wants to bring good and verified information to his Youtube followers! Soon we will be able to see many other YouTubers that believe in DeepOnion ecosystem and will support as well!

Thanks for the reminder, I just went to vote on all of them and now sharing the links on my social network so other DeepOnion enthusiasts can do the same and keep supporting this very important project! In some of the exchanges, people can vote even every 24 hours, that will help to move DeepOnion to the top of the other candidates!

Every day there is something new in the DeepOnion platform/ecosystem! this time let me share the new expansion DeepOnion is having via the differents blockchain/crypto events in different cities worldwide! here in this link, you can see them and post anything related to this forum created specifically for real-life activities with DeepOnion:

Feel free to create your own presentation and promote DeepOnion in any blockchain or cryptocurrency related event, the DeepOnion team already agreed to cover your expenses such as travel, stand fees, etc. In this way, you can become a DeepOnion embassador or representative, support, let other know this project, enroll and be part of this amazing journey!

guys. DeepOnion project has very interesting weekly Event:
- DeepOnion Weekly World Peace Donation Event.

We choosing one important organization which supports human rights and freedom and every week we make donations for this organization.

like example, here is video report for this week, but we doing it already a lot weeks.

here is short summary:

Use Di1zov5J1vqLoQ9VG4xLRKjU5Z7inPxn8A to verify.

Great to see how DeepOnion is supporting other important projects with similar DeepOnion's vision to solve real-world problems, this speaks volumes from this project, helping others with its own resources, from the power of community.

And this is just the beginning, there will be so many new projects to engage and support soon! this is where things get even more interesting in the DeepOnion project!

In VoteCentral things are going to be better! DeepPoints system coming back! A lot of new members will join because they will be rewarded for their skills, a lot of bloggers, YouTubers, Writers, media workers, etc! joining this platform.

Great video About DeepVault Technology

Very professional and informative video about the main features of DeepOnion. I have seen many new Youtube videos lately about DeepOnion, this project is getting popular, big Youtuber are joining the official DeepOnion forum! New releases are coming very soon, among them VoteCentral, Stealth Address (Done and just waiting for the specific block to start using this feature), Android wallet released! and many more!

Remember that if you want to have the status of DeepOnion founder in the VoteCentral, you need to have participated at least in 20 airdrops without skipping and have a minimum of 1,000 ONIONs in your wallet!, still a good time if you need to cover that with the next airdrops (4 more pending airdrops!) or have only 50 ONIONs if you just want to have the holder status.

Help DeepOnion be listed on new exchanges

1.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion to list on Coinpulse
2.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Dontoshi
3.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on
4.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Zironex
5.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on CoinDeal (every 24 h)
6.) Vote & Comment for DeepOnion on Cobinhood
Oh, I didn't know that DeepOnion's thread is also in this forums.

I voted at all of them. Coindeal looks like a promising exchange to me, I hope Onion will get listed here.  :)

Just went to vote on all of those websites also! and now sharing these links on my social media networks! it is great to see that almost every day there is a new exchange where DeepOnion can be listed, few more weeks and the airdrop is gone! better to keep holding ONIONs until reaches a decent price! I have seen more new Youtubers making new DeepOnion videos and others joining the official DeepOnion forum!

27th Weekly Newsletter from DeepOnion team

A lot of changes at this week:
- stealth addresses
-android wallet
and else

Read more here:

I downloaded the new DeepOnion wallet, installed and it works very fast! staking even with more coins! waiting for the next blocks where the Stealth address will be totally functioning, in this way all the transactions will be untraceable, so no one will know who sent what to who! Also the DeepVault feature it is available and soon will be online, so people can use and authenticate any legal document from there!

Hello bitcoingarden

This is official DeepOnion topic.
We have another thread about DeepOnion on this forum, started buy one of the our community members, but looks like old topic not active and very long time was not updated. So we created new one and we will keep it updated.

Great to have this new thread about DeepOnion here, This community is also growing fast and this will help to spread the word about this interesting project to the people that don't know about DeepOnion yet! but ask any question and I can help with what I can.

The newest version of DeepOnion wallet is available here:

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