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Here is another Youtuber that made this new video about DeepOnion

The good news about DeepVault online version, soon developers can use this tool to provide authentic software for downloads and users, in general, can use it for verifying legal or any type of documents they want to send on the blockchain for later verifications.

The rank for DeepOnion at Coinmarketcap is getting better, this time is in the position # 273, but the website show # 244
I guess the CMC website need some updates!

And the VoteCentral platform each day is getting ready for improvements, in this link you can see the rewards for VIP members and for holders, the DeepPoint system will soon be back, so everyone will be paid for their contributions:

With this new feature, the DeepOnion wallets won't need to wait long time downloading the DeepOnion blockchain, take a look and download the file:
Having this in your DeepOnion folder will help to speed up the synch of your wallet, no more waiting for syncing.

And here are some of the details for the last 40th DeepOnion airdrop:

This one is very important, it has more ONIONs rewards for the participants, and it is a must to participate in this one! one of the requirements for the VoteCentral participation! so don't miss this one and keep supporting DeepOnion!

Find also exciting news about the DeepOnion Academy videos in that link mentioned above.

I just finished uploading this week's draw video for the giveaway I am running here, on bitcoinGarden forums:

Congratulations to the winners! I hope they will all come to the my thread to claim their prizes so I can send them our as soon as possible.

Congrats on taking this initiative, this type of actions bring value to the DeepOnion ecosystem by having valuable DeepOnion members like you!

And here is a big list of new things happening in DeepOnion ecosystem!:

Very soon the crypto industry will experience something different from DeepOnion platform, many crypto users will join DeepOnion because of it many features, tools, advantages, total privacy, big community, etc!!

Check the new section in the DeepOnion forum about the Votecentral proposals:

There are already so many interesting proposals to consider voting, meaning this project will be even bigger after the 40th airdrop!! Great time to send your proposal ideas there, and once VoteCentral is alive the devs will just pull that list into VoteCentral, that is my guess now... In the mean-time read them and get ready to select and vote for them once you can.

But DeepOnion will go to a totally new level with this new platform, where everyone's voice will be heard and voted!

Here is the proposal for a hardware wallet which is a great idea, hopefully, this one can be voted and implemented ASAP:

Until now hardware wallet is the best way to store your cryptos because they offer options to recover your cryptos if the device is lost or broken, as long as your seeds are stored.

DeepOnion star trek video.  ;D ;D  8)

Use DmaGE9eRGERWSXeorm5XAjPkeDPJeVtpne to verify.

Great video! great way to promote DeepOnion with a creative story!!

One more airdrop and then things will change forever in DeepOnion ecosystem! New exchanges to enroll and get listed especially in the big ones! now the DeepOnion members will be more focused on exchanges, marketing, features! VoteCentral, etc!

And here is a new exchange where DeepOnion need your vote:
Quanta Exchange! The good thing about working in a community is that is just a few clicks the whole DeepOnion community can accomplish goals in minutes!! we are like hard working ants!! everyone gets busy working on same vision, goals! achieving and sharing them in a smart way! synergy in action!!

For the new people discovering DeepOnion, here is the main official DeepOnion's bitcointalk thread:  so they can find updated information about this huge project there!

And here is the recent news about VoteCentral and the last 40th DeepOnion airdrop!:

And for those willing to try stealth address here is the link:

VoteCentral's founder basge:

Two more airdrops and the world won't be the same as we know it today! thanks to the DeepOnion project that is bringing people's privacy and freedom back!
The community just finished the first step (Airdrop) the second step begins, all members, the whole world working towards common goals! united!

Here are some videos on Youtube where some people are already talking about DeepOnion, some of them helpful others not too helpful but every one of them counts even with negative comments.

Mr Kubera is providing his comments about DeepOnion in a constructive way with plenty of feedbacks:

In case you like to collect ONIONs check this video and the channel where this active member gives giveaways frequently

This one worries too much about the daily volume, which at this point is not big yet because of many exchanges not listing DeepOnion yet but it is a matter of some more weeks or even days to get this done after the 40th airdrop!

And here is a maintenance release of the newest DeepOnion wallet, not a mandatory update but will help to have the latest features available

Hello, community, we need to move fast when we see polls on Twitter or on another platform, Verge is ahead of us at this moment and we can't let that happen. Here is the link where with a simple click you can bring DeepOnion to the top! (Crypto-Fascist on Twitter) vote, retweet, invite others to vote!

And here is another thread to find all the exchanges that will be listing DeepOnion very soon, Bitindia will do it on April 28th, then others will follow. And because the airdrop is finishing that's a good reason to keep focused now on listing DO on the biggest exchanges! as you know those big exchanges were not listing DeepOnion because of the airdrop was in process, now they will, and DeepOnion has many more changes to be listed faster than before, a list of great features, big community, big ONIONs distribution/circulation, new wallets options, VoteCentral, DeepSend!!, etc!!


The DeepOnion physical coins event was a total success!! congrats to @MisterLG member that took the initiative of such an interesting project, this type of events help a lot to the DeepOnion project to get spread worldwide, each step counts!

More here:

Get ONIONs with this giveaway here:

And if you like to spend some time learning how to stake the best with your DeepOnion wallet, check this interesting article about it, this member was using the tesnet in order to verify how many ONIONS he could stake with different inputs on different wallets, and the result looks very interesting:

Guys, feel free to join my 15 $ONIONs giveaway that has been going on for the last 8 weeks here on BitCoinGarden forums.

Here is the latest video with the draw for last week's winners:
I will post here the link for the next week on Monday April 9th. Thank you

Great to know you are doing this on Youtube! The more giveaways the better, more people discovering DeepOnion via Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc!

Some other people may like to join this contest too and win ONIONs for making interesting and quality DeepOnion articles online:

In other news, 2 more weeks to finish all the 40 airdrops!! the last airdrop will be bigger than others, and also it is very important to participate in that one for the people willing to have the founder status, including other requirements for that.

Very interesting video from big Youtuber Kubera about Tor \ Privacy and privacy coins
Recommend to all watch this.

Use Di1zov5J1vqLoQ9VG4xLRKjU5Z7inPxn8A to verify.

Indeed, He is good explaining DeepOnion, just watched the video and will come later to watch it again for the details. I bet he will be making many more good videos soon talking about the other features and providing fresh content to the audience. This is just the beginning, a lot of good surprises to unfold soon! every is a very important day in the DeepOnion exosystem, every day each member is adding a lot of value to this project! this is a good example of how a real community should work and achieve common goals together! soon we will be in the news as an example of synergy in action, organized community, grass root movement!

guys , very interesting article about BTC legality around the world.

Use Di1zov5J1vqLoQ9VG4xLRKjU5Z7inPxn8A to verify.

With time the bad perception of bitcoin and other cryptos will change, because of many reasons, with the help of mainstream media even talking about bitcoin in a negative way, that helps too! because humans are curious and want to know what that prohibited thing is, and then they get engaged! and once they know the power the blockchain has, they start supporting the project that resonates with them.

There are also many people that these days they don't even use cash anymore, instead, they use more credit/debit cards, that market is attractive for cryptos, because with that habit then they are just one step to join cryptos. And there is the DeepOnion's opportunity to attract them!

Great news, there will be another Q & A with themonkii on Aprill 22nd.
Can't wait for it! ^^

Great!  This type of events helps a lot to keep enrolling new members that do no know DeepOnion yet! and The monkii knows how to handle this, it would be great if more member does this on other different channels like Vimeo, etc! the more the better! but all step by step.

Here is the newsletter for this week, with interesting info, and events coming soon to DeepOnion community! take a look in your email or from the website:

We sent the newsletter to all active DeepOnion forum users.

You can also check the content of the newsletter from this URL:

And here is a new article about the founder status in order to be in the VoteCentral platform, as we know only the members with at least 20 consecutive airdrops will qualify for that and they need to hold at least 1k ONIONs in their wallet. About 416 members are already having that candidate status to be in!! Perhaps the rules can be changed later and for the people willing to have that status they could buy some amount of ONIONs to be eligible? or maybe that is something to be discussed and voted in the VoteCentral place once available!

DeepOnion Weekly World Peace Donation Event.(video-report For DeepOnion Community).week 37

Use Di1zov5J1vqLoQ9VG4xLRKjU5Z7inPxn8A to verify.

Great! DeepOnion is making a big difference in this world! helping world peace events is a huge thing that will transform many things! And this is just the beginning, once VoteCentral is active, the members will decide how to be better organized to contribute to even more of this organizations! As we know VoteCentral is coming soon with new features!

Speaking of new features, here is the link to the new DeepOnion wallet 1.6.2 with 4 new features, this release is not mandatory but if you do, you can explore, learn and use these functionalities and get familiar with them.

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