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ANNOUNCEMENT: CampusCoin Q/A Team was hard at work testing new functionality of the latest code. While performing said tests, we have identified challenges with the code requiring additional design and preparation that will delay the release of the pending wallet update. CampusCoin Development has received the findings, agrees, and an executive decision has been made to consolidate these corrections with additional updates into the next release. This delay is fortunate, as our Q/A Team did what they were supposed to do, which is try and bring you the best possible product and user experience. Our development team is working to ensure the next update does just that. This additional development work effectively adjusts the release date by several weeks. We appreciate your patience as we work to provide you with a high-quality wallet.

Want to connect with other CampusCoin users? Join the official CampusCoin Community social platform today! Interact with your fellow CC community members while staying up-to-date on all that is CampusCoin. Did we mention you can invite your friends to earn free CC? Join today at

Notice: CoinExchange has moved forward and updated to wallet v3.0.2.2 and has updated the CampusCoin ticker to CC. The updated URL for CC trading on CoinExchange is

*CampusCoin v3.0.2.2 Cardinal* - PoS:*LIVE* Masternodes:*LIVE*

CampusCoin is proud to present our CampusCoin v3.0.2.2 Cardinal.  This version brings to you both Proof of Stake and Masternodes.  What you have waited for is now here.  These functions are now LIVE!

With release of Cardinal begins the deprecation phase of the Old CMPCO network, as well as adjustments to POS reward and Masternode reward block height.  We encourage you to examine CampusCoin source code, and to continue to help CampusCoin grow through your active engagement through all our platforms.

The CampusCoin Team is thankful for the ongoing dedicated efforts that are shared with our CampusCoin Family.  Our CampusCoin Community is ready to grow, and the tools needed are available to all.

Get your CampusCoin v3.0.2.2 Cardinal release today!


MINERS & USERS - Notice  The following Miners and Users need to upgrade to current protocol 90011.  An audit shows some older versions of the software still operating in different parts of the world.  Separate notifications have been issued for CampusCoin family in Russian, Japanese and German Discord channels.  In order to maintain continuity, please upgrade your desktop software and mining software.  On or before February 15th, please upgrade to v3.0.2.  The following ip addresses came from  Note:  Protocol 90011 from v3.0.2 is current.  Protocol 90009 and 90010 is not current and must be upgraded.  Please upgrade quickly.  This information is provided in order to ensure a smooth transition.  If your IP is on that list, please upgrade quickly.  / Prior notification regarding Masternodes is now in a CLEAR status.  Keep up the great work!


We are excited to join Blockfolio Signal to keep you updated on our latest project updates!

Want to setup a CampusCoin Masternode?

Here are two excellent community resources provided by nashclay and BK.

Credit to NashClay {Discord:  nashsclay#6809}

Credit to BKCrypto1 {Discord:  BK#5578}

For All Masternode Users - Uptime:  Trust But Verify
Once you bring your masternode online - it is important to ensure both you server stays online and the masternode service is running.  How do you know it is up and running unless you check?  Well you can't do that 24/7 as we each have our lives to live, however the answer is simple.  Engage a 3rd party monitoring service to check the status of your box and set it to email you if there is a problem.  There are plenty of services - even free ones to do this for you.  If your firewall instance allows ICMP (i.e. ping), then have it ping your server to establish regular server uptime statistics.  Also, create a query instance to the port 28195, and that will let you know the masternode service is running.  You can set all that up to be sent to your email - perhaps to your phone.  Having monitoring in place is another piece to help further secure our network and help make CampusCoin robust.

MASTERNODE USERS - Notice The following Masternodes need to upgrade to current protocol 90011.  FYI - Protocol 90011 is considered current, v3.0.2 is considered current.  So-called v4 is behind at protocol 90010.  Please upgrade.  Affected Masternode IP's are on the list below.  MASTERNODE PROTOCOL NOT CURRENT    MASTERNODE PROTOCOL NOT CURRENT    MASTERNODE PROTOCOL NOT CURRENT    MASTERNODE PROTOCOL NOT CURRENT  MASTERNODE PROTOCOL NOT CURRENT


CampusCoin is proud to present Your New Wallet, with full support for Masternodes and Staking for Linux, Windows and Macintosh.  Every one of us at CampusCoin is excited to hand you your new platform, from which we will continue to build, add, design, and strengthen.  ALSO - CampusCoin is especially proud to issue notice:  CampusCoin Source Code for all our work is made available for independent review by anyone and everyone.  Please feel free to explore the code behind your New CampusCoin v3.0.2 Wallet.  It is available here:

The CampusCoin Team thanks each and every one of you, as our CampusCoin Family continues to grow by embracing students worldwid


*CampusCoin is very proud to release v3.0.1.*
  The journey with CampusCoin is better because of you and your commitment.  CampusCoin Development Team listened to everything you had to say, through both public and private channels.  Through many long collaborative hours, we were able to bring you this release.  This is an exciting time for CampusCoin as we continue to grow and strengthen, and move yet even closer to Go Live. Please continue to keep track of our timeline.

P.S.  Standard disclaimer applies.  Backup your existing wallet.dat.  This still uses the new directory structure in the CC directory which is created when running the new wallet.  Detailed instructions will be available through Discord.

Compiled Code Locations v3.0.1 [transfer to GitHub per schedule]

v3.0.1 SHA256 Hash: 

*SHA512 Hashes for Code*

*CampusCoin is proud to present NEW CODE*.  With release of todays binary wallets (v3.0.0), you will find the exciting journey with CampusCoin has just begun.  We encourage you to examine our workflow and timelines, to continue to engage with the team, and assist with each other in making each of our releases of the highest quality through observation and feedback from all of our CampusCoin Family.  We need your engagement and support, as well as encouragement as we continue to move forward and strive to bring you the highest of quality.  Three nights ago we provided our last round of feedback into the hands of CampusCoin Development.  Based on findings, CampusCoin Development has given the green light to release v3.0.0, with a note that Masternode is ACTIVE.  The CampusCoin Team is in full alignment with these dates, with the largest variables being remediating any community identified issues.  CampusCoin also has something special.  We were able to secure dedicated live technical support for our conversion process, available to the entire CampusCoin Family (That's You!), with more on that from Bryan.  We are excited that all these good things are upon us, and we are fortunate to have people like you that care so much about our growing project.  Thank you, from the entire CampusCoin Team.


Standard disclaimer applies.  Backup your existing wallet.dat.  A new directory called CC is created when running the new wallet.  That is where you want it.  Detailed instructions will be available through Discord.

Compiled Code Locations v3.0.0 [transfer to GitHub per schedule]

Updated timeline

Reminder: Please take the time to vote for CampusCoin to be listed on Numex. Numex is offering a free listing to the 25 projects who receive the most votes when the platform launches in January, 2019. Users can vote for three tokens per day, so make sure to cast your vote for CampusCoin. Go here to vote:

Thank you in advanced for voting. Every vote counts!

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