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    The affiliate program is started. Please note that this could end at anytime. The last run only lasted 40 hours before it went parabolic and had to be shut down. It could even go faster this time. Thanks for participating.

    • Join for free and start with 16 coins.
    • Earn 16 coins for every referral.
    • Track earnings in real time.
    • It’s easy to do. Just share a link.
    • Entire Internet is your marketplace.
    • One link can produce many payouts.
    • Basic marketing tips provided.
    • High quality banners to aid your efforts.


    • 48 coins minimum to trigger payout.
    • Bounties paid out after ICO.
    • 3 month window post ICO to claim coins.
    • 1000 coins maximum per affiliate. (was 1600)

    Affiliate Bounty Rules

    • The SVC you earn during the affiliate program are tracking #’s only. The actual coins are paid out after the ICO.
    • When you request payout, someone will personally review your account to confirm that your affiliates are legit.
    • You must include a valid social media account during signup to get paid. You will be verified before payout.
    • Your referrals must include a valid social media account to count as a referral.
    • You must use a valid email address during signup or you will not be paid.
    • Your referrals must include a valid email address to count as a referral.
    • We reserve the right to not pay anyone who is attempting to scam the program.
    • If you are found to be scamming the program you may be able to continue but you will not get paid in the end.
    • Honest affiliates have no worries. It’s easy to see who is attempting to cheat the system.
    • If you are worried that you might be denied payout, just keep a (partial) list of links showing where you shared your affiliate link (with screen captures if possible) as proof of receipt.

    Affiliate Bounty Payout Procedure

    In your dashboard go to ‘My profile’ > ‘Payout Methods’ and enter a valid NXT wallet address.
    Option 1: Download a NXT wallet at
    Option 2: Create an account at and get your silvercoin wallet address.

    When the ICO ends, everyone with 48 SVC or more in their account will see a ‘Request Payout’ button appear in their dashboard.

    Simply click that button and all your coins will be manually sent to the wallet address you entered above.

    Note: If you see that your coin total is decreasing on the main login page it is because that chart only shows your earnings for the last 30 days. The real total can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

    If you see 'Pending Commissions' it means that one or more of your affiliates did not complete their signup process and did not log into their affiliate dashboard. Referrals are only approved when they first log into their dashboard.


    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)



    Thank you so match....

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