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General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / Re: Do you play computer games?
« on: November 11, 2021, 09:27:57 PM »
I really do. The love for Playing games started recently. First, it was Fortnite, but in time, I switched to csgo. I play with my friends, and we have such a great time. When I don't need some skins anymore, I trade them on With that money, I buy new ones, and so on. I want to try FORZA as well, but I need a good console for that. Maybe you can recommend me something? I mostly enjoy playing games because it's fun to spend time with friends while acquiring good competencies, like patience and strategies.

Through this" chain of blocks," as it would be translated into Romanian, cryptocurrency transactions are divided into many small pieces, stored and managed by a group of computers. And with , we can each have our rights and to all is the same. No one is above anyone else. That's why we have to be careful with all that we invest so that we can lose anyone, especially in the crypto market. It is pretty challenging to make money if you do not know.

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