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This is the great news that the Indian bank will be unfreeze the Wazirx exchange account because I already make some deposit to them and I hold my all coins and now i hope that they also unfreeze my balance and also other peoples account balance. Wazirx is a great and best exchange in the crypto market and almost the big investors in this exchange are the Indians.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Crypto Governance
« on: September 19, 2022, 11:09:34 AM »
This time the crypto market is illegal in almost countries but just some countries will legal this business and they almost make their own exchanges because they know that if they make their own exchanges they will make good profit on daily basis and also they can build their trust in the new and also their country clients. If any country will make their own exchange the clients of that country will trust them and invest their money with them.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Which coin should u mine right now?
« on: September 19, 2022, 11:05:11 AM »
This time I mine the SHIB coin because that coin price is very low and also this coin mining is very easy. Always be remember those coins which coin price is very low because that coin mining is very easy and in a huge amount but the main thing is that you need to check that the coin is listed on how many exchanges and also that coin team is how much experienced.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Few crypto thoughts of the day
« on: September 19, 2022, 10:19:46 AM »
I don't think so that the BTC will comes down more because this time in the market all the coins is down and we are going to hold our coins and just wait for the good high. This time BTC is down so much but now still the whales are waiting and they do not invest their money in this market and when they invest in the crypto market the BTC make a very great high this time and almost it touches the $100,000 easily this time.

Defi is a new project in the crypto market and this time not all the coins is in Defi but almost so many coins are in the Defi and they make huge peak. Almost this time peoples will invest their money in the Defi projects because they trust on this and they make good money through trade easily. Crypto is the world best business.

Crypto is a very wide market where peoples can earn good money but this time we have so many coins and every day almost we saw a new project which will come in the market and these projects almost introduce the new thing. This time in the market so many peoples are make trade and almost the learning material is present on the internet.

NFT concept is the new and this time so many peoples will be interested and they join a new NFT system after the crypto coins because this time if you buy the NFT and you hold that and sell it after some time you will make good profit through this and you can change your life through this business. Crypto is the world best business.

This time there are so many games which peoples will play and they earn good money and the new upcoming projects will also start work on the gaming system and they launched the new games and advertise that and the winner will get reward in the BTC or in the USDT.

Now the banking sectors will take interest in the crypto market and this is the great news for the crypto lovers because this is the first step that the bank will make interest in this market and step by step the other banks will also make the interest in this field and they invest their money and the crypto crypto business will go high day by day like this.

There are so many companies which gives the services of trading but $50 is very small amount and through this amount we can not make the $100k because if we start trade with this small amount then we take 100% risk and that is not good but if we trade normally and with 10% risk just then this is good for us and we can make $100 easily monthly.

Iran make a great decision that they are going to start the trading of crypto coin for the cross border peoples and peoples can easily send and receive their coin in seconds. Crypto market is a great market in the world and this time peoples are invest their money and hold their all coins and sell them when the market go high.

LG make a great decision that they are going to start the Their own Hedera-based wallet and soon they launch this. Big companies which are involving in the crypto market is the best decision that peoples will invest with them and the company will earn good money through this also. This time the big companies need to make their own coin and start to publish that is a good idea.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Create NFT Token with Antier
« on: September 09, 2022, 02:59:48 PM »
Antier is a great solution to create the NFT but this time there are so many software's and other online sites which create the NFT and peoples will crate the NFT through that and sell that and make good money. This time peoples will need the easy solution and they need the best and very easy solution to create the NFT in a free.

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