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Coin Home / [ANN] [ANEY] Animal Economy - Farming EGGS & NFTs & MN/POS
« on: January 30, 2023, 04:41:31 PM »

The NFTs are Coming SOON

Hello MasterWin Community 2023 starts with a new Exchange listing.

MasterWin (MW) was listed on the Xeggex exchange in the following markets: MW/BTC MW/USDT


Gym Network [GYMNET]

The perfect workout for your tokens!
We give you access to the best DeFi returns. The hard work is on us, you just get the results.

Get the best returns and sign up now using this link: or
enter this referrer ID bwxjn

You can also check all links and data on CoinMarketCap

If you have any further questions about the Gym Network Token you can always send me a private message,
Get the best returns. Our vaults offer the best returns and are associated with the well-known names in the DeFi investment aggregator market,
such as ALPACA, YEARN, COMPOUND and many others.

GYMNET Tokenomics gives every user the opportunity to earn long-term rewards over and over again.
They are based on the development of GYMNET's own project development,
such as the lucrative Vaults and also on the development of the independent Metaverse platform, which gives users access to GYMNET.

In this way, the user always gets access to absolutely unique opportunities by holding GYMENT tokens
and at the same time is rewarded with GYMENT for taking advantage of these opportunities.

GYM NETWORK is a DeFi Aggregator Investment System
combining the best yields with high rewards for its users. Thus providing easy access and saving you a lot of precious time.
Imagine getting the best yield offers in the DeFi space served directly into your wallet.
Now the time has come to let your imagination become reality!

How To Get Started With GYM Network

Hello MasterWin Community

please don't forget from block 900000 the collaertal will change again
from 60000 Coins to 100000 Coins per Masternode in about 4 hours.

for all those who can't do the collateral don't forget that our wallet now makes
35% staking rewards.


Good news

All pairs at Graviex Exchange are open again and the
MasterWin deposit and withdrawal is working.

Graviex MW/BTC:
Graviex MW/LTC:
Graviex MW/DOGE:

Have fun trading

Your MasterWin Team

Hello MasterWin Community

please don't forget from block 880000 the collaertal will change again
from 30000 Coins to 60000 Coins per Masternode in about 19 hours.

for all those who can't do the collateral don't forget that our wallet now makes
35% staking rewards.

Your MasterWin Team

Dear MasterWin Community

Unfortunately we have to inform you that some services for MasterWin Coin will be discontinued.

Therefore we ask you to move all your coins from this wallet to your own wallet as soon as possible but no later than 15.02.2022 We are not liable for your losses because we informed you with this message in time.

Vault Investment:

We thank both sites for their long cooperation and ask you to use alternative sites.

best regards
your MasterWin Team


We from MasterWin want to see you play a little :wink: **You can not yet win MW Coins with this game. but maybe we can find a developer who helps us, that you can win MW Coins with this game.

We wish you a lot of fun

In a few hours we will switch to the new system with the MasterWin 4.0 wallet.

Now we have also updated and improved the website and we would like to change a few things in 2022.

Also we will publish the new whitepaper in the beginning of 2022.

We wish the MasterWin community a happy new year 2022.

Your MasterWin Team


MasterWin feiert 2-jähriges Jubiläum!

Deshalb haben wir uns dazu entschlossen vieles neu zu machen, um euch mehr bieten zu können! Wir sind stolz auf unsere Community, denn ohne euch gäbe es MasterWin nicht! Ein großes Danke an dieser Stelle!
Was wir neu gemacht haben: Die Wallet beinhaltet jetzt neue Funktionen für euch und wir haben sie bereits online gestellt. Weiters werden wir in den nächsten Wochen die Website und die Whitepaper überarbeiten. Ihr dürft euch also auf vieles Neues freuen!

Also bleibt weiter Teil unserer tollen MasterWin-Community, oder werdet jetzt stolzes Mitglied von MasterWin!

MasterWin 4.0
NEW Wallet Link:

Euer MasterWin Team


MasterWin celebrates 2 years anniversary!

That's why we decided to redo a lot of things to offer you more! We are proud of our community, because without you MasterWin would not exist! A big thank you at this point!
What we made new: The wallet now includes new features for you and we have already put it online. Furthermore, we will revise the website and the whitepapers in the next weeks. So you can look forward to many new things!

So stay part of our great MasterWin community, or become a proud member of MasterWin now!

MasterWin 4.0
NEW Wallet Link:

Your MasterWin Team

All explorers are up to date

are on the same block. please all load the bootstrap and enter those addnodes. Thanks


Bootstrap block 804215

Thanks and if you have any further questions contact me via DM.

Hello MasterWin Community,

I must first apologize to you, because in the last few months not so much has happened at MasterWin.

But now it's really going on again :wink: we finally have our own Exchange madness, many months I worked with a very good friend on it and now it's so far is online and fully functional.

But it gets even better MasterWin 4.0 is now there, because we own the exchange you can now exchange MasterWin with all coins and tokens USDT/BTC/BNB/BUSD/ETH/TRX that are listed as main pairs.


So keep supporting us or join us because MasterWin is forever :wink:
Thank you all for being part of it.

In the next weeks we will also update the MasterWin website and so on.

If you have any further questions, feel free to message me in the MasterWin Discord or via the Discord DM.

Best regards MW4EVER
Simon CEO MasterWin and Hypecoinexchange

MasterWin VLOG 012 "MasterWin - Build Your Coin"

Unser MasterWin Gewinnspiel

Bitte kommentieren Sie unsere nächsten 5 Videos beginnend mit "MasterWin 4 Ever ..." ,
Abonnieren Sie unseren YouTube MASTERWIN-Kanal und hinterlassen Sie Ihren Discord-Namen.

MasterWin VLOG 012 "MasterWin - Build Your Coin" with English Subtitels!

Our MasterWin WIN Competition

Please comment on our next 5 videos beginning with "MasterWin 4 Ever ..." ,
Subscribe to our YouTube MASTERWIN Channel and leave your Discord name.

Liebe MasterWin-Gemeinde

Midas Investments, die mehrere Jahre lang eine anerkannte Anlaufstelle für MasterNode Investments. Sie haben beschlossen, alle MasterNode Coins von ihrer Exchange und Investments Seite zu löschen.

Ich bitte Sie, Ihre MasterWin Coins und andere Coins von dieser Plattform so schnell wie möglich zu entfernen. Wir können nicht garantieren, dass Sie Ihre Coins zurückbekommen werden. Wir haben etwa 0,6 BTC für das Listing bezahlt und Midas hat nie etwas dafür getan, keine Werbung, keine Listings auf CoinGecko oder sonstiges.

Angeblich wollen sie ihre Investments Seite und ihren Exchange nur noch auf Token umstellen und wollen nichts mehr mit dem Thema MasterNodes zu tun haben. Wir von MasterWin werden Midas nie wieder benutzen oder unterstützen, auch werden wir alle Investoren und Coin Entwickler vor Midas warnen.

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