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How Tokenisation of Real-World Assets Will Scale DeFi To A Global Level

While the crypto industry shivers in the bleak winter, the possibilities and ideas of blockchain adaption are growing in the Web 3 Space.

Crypto is not a short-term trend anymore, but so far, we have exclusively seen tokens that represent virtual value exchanged on a blockchain.

As of August 2022, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols have $69 Billion in total value locked (TVL), which indicates that the sector is already upending the status quo in financial technology (FinTech).

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Useful Cryptocurrency Resources / Dagombacash xchain tribal currency
« on: August 17, 2022, 08:23:09 AM »
Dagombacash xchain tribal currency

Crypto btc eth Xcp ICO token coin offering


Instagram @elbeybay


LIO is Happy to Announce the Official Coinmarketcap Launch

LIO will be a strong digital asset for players and investors. Lio Token Cryptocurrency, eager to reach new audiences
and push further into the mainstream, is quickly becoming some of the biggest advertisers and sponsors in sports!


Token Name - leonidasbilic

Token Symbol -LIO

Total Supply - 1,000,000 LIO

Decimal - 18

Smart Contract - 0xbCc608002765339db153d07250D516bc4356531b


Official Site -

Social Media:

Email: [email protected]




Technical Manager Personal Twitter: @yenkyphp

B. Website information
Official Website owned by LIO Team [], Owned by themself. The website is hosted on a VPS hosting server.

C. Working block explorer

D. listed on Exchange where CoinGecko is intergrated

Latoken: [It's been more than 1 month since we are listed With Latoken ]


E. Token Allocation is well explained on the website

10% «Bounty» campaign

10% Advisors

5% Founders and Team

5% Reserved Funding

70% Distributed to the Community

LIO Token is performing very good over Latoken and on other dex exchanges, LIO team is already helping kids who want to get into sports and providing them financial support

to grow them better in sports. LIO has $12.9M Market Cap over Latoken with a good volume of everyday trading [around $39,000/24 hours]. All LIO members want to see LIO token over CoinGecko Platform.



Check out their social media:





TELEGRAM - https//



Cryptocurrency Gaming & Gambling / Re: Babylonia Always More Fun
« on: August 11, 2022, 10:18:53 AM » monthly update, July 2022

31.07.22 - Discord invitation link has been updated:

31.07.22 - We hired a new web3 react UI developer to help us with the NFT development.

30.07.22 – We fixed some minor problems with the UI layout of NFT page.

30.07.22 – Team is testing the NFT minting UI to get ready for public opening.

28.07.22 – The NFT UI has new toggles.

28.07.22 – The NFT contract of PASS CARD Bronze has been deployed on Polygon, and it is available on the OpenSea.

23.07.22 – We pushed another update on the NFT UI today. The team is testing contract functionality on the testnet.

21.07.22 – The NFT UI is half-baked, but preview is ready and live.

20.07.22 – Unfortunately web3 devs of second team could not complete the job, we had to hire a temp dev to carry on the project.

20.07.22 – Team is busy with preparation of NFT offering, marketing plans and advertising campaigns.

17.07.22 - Team is working on the NFT UI, the first preview will be ready on Monday.

15.07.22 - The ending time of Crowdsale #1 of BABY token changed to 15.08.2022.

14.07.22 - Team refactored and reorganized the POOL page codes and files yesterday.

13.07.22 - Today team pushed an update on the NFT page, the web3 wallet connect, and top menus are identical with the pool page.

12.07.22 - The $BABY token got listed on the CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko.

12.07.22 - We began working on UI design and web3 connectivity of NFT page.

09.07.22 - The documents are getting updated, some of them are not valid anymore, and we created them before the platform goes live.

07.07.22 - We will be testing the NFT contract during the weekend on the Polygon network, devs are busy with the last touches.

07.07.22 - Tomorrow we will be deploying the new document server on the website, during the next week the transition from GitBook to our server will be completed.

05.07.22 - The informative and fun contents like Short Stories are being made again, we try ways to create more attractive and useful stuff for our audience.

04.07.22 - We are preparing our NFT contracts, but things running slower now as we are on tighter budget.

03.07.22 - The problem with max function of the Crowdsale #1 Method 1 is resolved.

03.07.22 - The Crowdsale #1 Method 1 on Polygon works swimmingly once again, we deployed fixed patches.

02.07.22 - The transactions are now having a calculated gas fees, preventing suggesting very low gas fees on the Polygon and Fantom networks.

Crypto Products & Services / ATTRACTIVE BEASTS
« on: August 01, 2022, 11:16:47 AM »


Attractive Beasts is an NFT project that sells 10,000 unique collections of costumes and images.

A Unique Costume/Image NFT Collection.


Total Supply: 10,000
Mint Price: 0.02 Eth
Mint Amount: 5000


Attractive Beasts is an NFT project that sells 10,000 unique collections of costumes and images. We’re an exclusive NFT collection designed for users interested in fashion, outfits, and beautification on Etherium Blockchain ECR721. Our collection features 10,000 unique costumes and images, including 3D designs and samples created by talented artists and designers. We’ve partnered with the best art graphic designers and creators to give our users the most suitable looking experience. Anyone from anywhere globally can buy or use our images and costumes, but holders will always have exclusive benefits.


Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP

Original monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists

Exclusive access to your AttractiveBeasts 4k x 4k file

Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high potential collections vetted by the beatsvilla.

Holders-only raffles and discounts

Own Fully Commercial Rights

Prize × 20 WL spots

How to get Wl: retweet on Twitter and tag Attractive beasts


Join the discord:

Follow us on Twitter:


#BenqiFans #BQF blends high leverage with #QI rewards, for #passiveincome.

Come join us as our #LowCapGem goes viral!


Benqifans provide rewards automatically into your wallet, designed for high leverage trading with extremely low fees,
the liquid acquisition is under development and the developer is creating a powerful buyback strategy that will benefit all the holders and traders of benqifans.

Nft utility collection is also coming soon, cex listing on 25 July!



Buy on:



Pikachu is the new tax-free rising star and a truly famous BNB chain, which encompasses all of the loved and required features for a successful pattern in the crypto space.

Not just meme, Pikachu will bring its own themed comics, Swap, NFT, game, and metaverse.



Most detailed Bitcoin fear and greed index

Bitcoin fear and greed index is a sentiment indicator to measure the market sentiment.
It uses 10 sub-indicators to measure the Bitcoin market sentiment.


Prepaidify - most-trafficked digital gift card based website Offers Your Purchasing of Gift Cards Easy

With the increasing use of cryptocurrency in our world today, there is a continued push to have it in almost every sector of the world economy. Today, Prepaidify is setting the stage for such a move. To bring together crypto and retail industries together, this platform allows you to buy visa gift card with btc. That way, users can diversify the use of their cryptocurrencies.

According to, “We envision a world of cryptocurrency use being the main currency for trade in all retailing circles. Our goal is to bridge that gap for all.” The platform has succeeded to do so by providing digital gift card solutions for buying gift cards with ease.

Bridging the Gap for Cryptocurrency Users

Even with the introduction of cryptocurrency, not many industries have accepted its use. For that reason, people like prepaidify seek because it closes that gap. Talking about their efforts, the chief executive officer said, “Prepaidify affords users the possibility of buying online popular card brands from certified retailers. These include Nordstrom, iTunes and Google Play among others.” In addition, the division allows you to buy your gift cards in different denominations.

Buying of gift cards had for a long time restricted to the conventional currency. However, times are changing and platforms like are paving the way for virtual currency. As noted on the company website, fulfilment options included digital gift delivery through e-mail for both businesses and consumers.

Prepaidify Use and Application

Expressing their confidence in the use of prepaidify, the company was proud to highlight areas where their services could apply.  A prepaidify representative said, “You can use our service to buy a gift card, prepaid cards or even MasterCard using bitcoin.”

Further, the owners said that they had the vision to bring together the retail world and cryptocurrency. That way, the restriction of cryptocurrency use at retailers will be a thing of the past.

Over the last few years, cryptocurrency has continued to grow in its use and application. Today, there is a significant investment in the metaverse and that shows the increasing number of people that are beginning to embrace this technology. In similar efforts, said that its goal was to make crypto a major form of currency for trade. 

Speaking about service value, the management said, “Our customers can expect express delivery of gift cards with instructions, redeemed codes, instant email delivery 24/7 and a 100% guarantee of working codes.” Nothing could be better than this as perceived by different people who expressed interest in their services.

It has been all smiles for anyone looking for convenient and reliable digital gift card buying solutions.  Asked about how they would rate prepaidify services, some customers said that they enjoyed their speed and ease of using the website. Above all, they expressed their satisfaction with the cost of using the platform.

From these testimonials, it was clear that the platform is indeed providing solutions to crypto users. Therefore, the company can only expect that things will continue getting better as they venture into other areas and open them up for cryptocurrency use.

Payment Options Available with Prepaidify

For those intending to use their services, the sales department head highlighted various payment options for their customers. These include debit cards, credit cards and cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin. Billing for the purchase of gift cards is done when Prepaidify gives you the gift card.

To get these services, consumers provide their payment information and authorize the platform or a third-party payment processor to carry out the transaction. Ultimately, the processor securely keeps the payment records and other related information.

About Prepaidify

Founded in 2018, Prepaidify is a division of Payforward, LLC, a management, scientific, and technical consulting services company located in Valencia, CA, United States. Prepaidify provides services to various digital gift card products such as prepaid MasterCard gift cards, personalized prepaid Visa gift cards and other top brands.

This is one of the top-ranking digital gift card sites. With Prepaidify, people can buy online common card brands such as iTunes, Nordstrom, Starbucks and Google Play among other more than 400 cards from licensed retailers. The company’s vision is to merge retail industries with crypto. That way, users can spend their cryptocurrencies at all retailers.

Investing & Make Money Discussion / Wealth Mountain protocol is LIVE!
« on: July 10, 2022, 12:07:08 PM »
Wealth Mountain protocol is LIVE!

The premier stablecoin accrual protocol for everyone in DeFi
Stake stablecoins into the Wealth Mountain stablecoin accrual protocol and build passive income in a low-risk environment.

Earn a 3% bonus today during the stealth launch!


Cryptocurrency Gaming & Gambling / Re: Babylonia Always More Fun
« on: July 10, 2022, 10:44:25 AM » monthly update, June 2022

30.06.22 - We hired a new web3 smart contract dev to further develop the platform.

30.06.22 - The NFT creation and smart contract development project has been started, our ETA is about one month.

30.06.22 - The problem of sending transaction with a wrong gas fee is resolved.

28.06.22 - The ICO1 Method 1 is fully operational now, we deployed the changes yesterday.

28.06.22 - We dismissed most of freelancer developers, as the market continues to slide down, we got problems too building and pushing updates. The team is back to three core members.

27.06.22 - The web3 dev that we hired did not live up to the big resume we relied on to hire. Unfortunately, this is what we see more often, that the people accept the job but don't pay attention as the money and project might seem small.

24.06.22 - Today we pushed another major upload on the POOL section, fixing bugs and problems with UI.

24.06.22 - We hired a new web3 dev yesterday, he will be working on the POOL section.

23.06.22 - Finally last night we managed to fix the dashboard and Crowdsale #1 Method 2 problems, now everything works fine.

23.06.22 - We narrowed down the dev candidate list for the web3 jobs, will be finalized today.

22.06.22 - Our active developer team reduced to four people only, as the market continues to be tough, we got difficulty funding the project.

22.06.22 - The search for a web3 developer continues, we are looking for a professional that delivers consistent quality and get along with our slim budget.

22.06.22 - We pushed another round of updates on our DASHBOARD section, today the project will be completed, and we shifted completely from getting prices of web2 API to chainlink aggregators.

21.06.22 - The promotion Tweet did not get enough attention, we need to research more as there are many scams and fraud so-called promoters and influencers out there.

21.06.22 - Today we are pushing another update on the POOL page, general optimizations and getting price information from Chainlink aggregators rather than typical API web2 services.

21.06.22 - We are interviewing new devs on the Upwork, to get someone for the web3 and DApp development job.

19.06.22 - Today we started another round of promotions through Twitter, the market is doing poorly and selling a new token is just like running uphill.

19.06.22 - Sadly we fired one of our web3 devs, he let us down in recent days when we needed it most and the website requires lots of attention and maintenance.

17.06.22 - Our dashboard profiler got a new look, now detecting the BABY token too, we are in process of getting prices and balances from web3.

17.06.22 - We enabled Crowdsale #1 - Method 1 yesterday, there is still problems with the web3 part, devs are working on it.

16.06.22 - Method 2 of Crowdsale is fully operational, balances are now showing, Method 1 is not yet ready, this is a web3 issue that devs trying to resolve.

16.06.22 - The VPS server of POOL platform is replaced with a faster and stronger server.

16.06.22 - we pushed another patch on the POOL section, the buy button of Method 2 is now working. The profiler may not detect the BABY token and the balances are not getting updated automatically, we are working on the fixes.

16.06.22 - We started our Crowdsale #1 with Method 2, Method 1 will be available later today. The page is still slow and buggy, the team is working on it.

15.06.22 - The POOL and Crowdsale #1 page are still having problems, we may delay the Crowdsale for few days.

14.06.22 - Team is busy finalizing the Crowdsale #1 of POOL page, so many bugs and problems have been resolved.

12.06.22 - The BABY Token ICO1 Method1 contract has been deployed on the mainnet, team is working on the web3 implementations, the method 2 UI is almost ready.

12.06.22 - The team page is created, we added all the core team members, collaborators, & devs that worked on the platform.

11.06.22 - The BABY Token ICO1 Method2 contract has been deployed on the mainnet, team is working on the web3 implementations

11.06.22 - Another major update has been pushed on the POOL page, fixing errors, updating menus and linking functions

11.06.22 - The documents are getting updated, adding major changes and adding missing sections related to the GitHub contributions and team members.

09.06.22 - We have redesigned the signin/signup section of the platform and we keep it uniform in all of our pages

08.06.22 - The BABY Token has been deployed in the mainnet of BNB Chain, Polygon and Fantom with the same contract address.

06.06.22 - The Podcast API code and dependencies are refreshed and updated, we restarted the server to implement the updates.

06.06.22 - The long waiting documents on our media platform is published too in our GitHub documents section.

05.06.22 - Team is busy adding last touches to the ICO contract, we are adding AggregatorV3Interface from Chainlink, that the swap rate of BABY Token stays accurate & float as the selling price of BABY token is $0.01.

04.06.22 - We planned to deploy the BABY Token today on the Mainnet, we are getting ready for 15th. June

03.06.22 - We did some fixes on the Roadmap document, updating the dates and information, also will do a fix on the main page of the website, as the Roadmap image does not show the right size.

01.06.22 - We hired a GitHub specialist to trim and organize our documents and projects neatly.

01.06.22 - The voice-intro is live on the main page. The Crowdsale #1 voice-over project is out and posted on the Twitter and Instagram pages.

01.06.22 - Team fixed a problem on the POOL page, where the chain selector networks could not be edited manually.

Infinity Exchange

Infinity Exchange: Setting up DeFi for Institutional Adoption


Infinity Exchange is a hybrid protocol that runs computations off-chain and settles transactions on-chain.

This enables us to address some of the largest inefficiencies preventing continued growth in DeFi, whilst continuing to offer fully seamless, permissionless, transactions. Our first initiative is to build a lending protocol appropriate for institutional usage.

Infinity Exchange is the first of hopefully many DeFi 2.0 participants that are building protocols for long-term institutional usage. No new terminology, no nonsense, just solid, economically sound, enterprise-grade permissionless finance.

❖ It starts and ends with Infinity.



Join Intelfin Global's Ambassador Program and earn free utility #NFTs!

❖ Supreme Intelligence of #Intelfin AI launches the Third phase of the #Ambassador Program!

⚛️ Show your best skills and prove yourself!

Intelfin Ambassador Program. Hot season. New wave

☀ Greetings to all #Intelfin_Army warriors and all those who aspire to join the ranks of the intellectual vanguard of the Intelfin Group!

#NFTCommumity #GIVEAWAY #partner #IDO #affiliateprogram #TokenGiveaway
#DeFi #Web3 #Metaverse #NFTs #Cosmos

Read More:





Get 50% bonus on your first crypto swap and attractive loan offers

* Crypro ecosystem and the world's gateway to DEFI

* Get crypto loans without collateral

* Swap ERC-20 tokens

* User-friendly design

* Earn interest by staking crypto

* No registration required

* Crypto wallet support


Crypto Products & Services / NFT’s with tangible value
« on: June 29, 2022, 04:52:51 PM »

❖ NFT’s with tangible value


Directortokens-nft on and the Director tokens DIR will be offered together with the upcoming company inauguration of universal thermal power solutions and Seabreeze consultancy Pty Ltd and as its sister company, coordinate the two enterprises as one. With our innovation into clean energy with our aim to power our entire network outside the main grids, our facilities will be totally independent and privately owned. With world-class mining and in-house NFT minting combined within virtual world platforms, based on real-world application.



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