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Looks great, i like the design and interface, everything is created like a ordinary video game and it makes is more attractive for gamblers and for other amateurs. I played all the games on other platforms already but I never tried pvp blackjack, seems to be very interesting to compete with others. Moreover I see that there are cool bonuses and I'm sure it will attract a lot of people. Last time when I saw good bonuses where 2 months ago, that platform gave me 50 free spins with no deposit and I won more than 2k pounds.

Lets play pvp blackjack together, write me in pm.

You are right. China with its coronavirus affects not only the world but also the crypto field. If you remember also China was the main actor when the Bitcoin fell some years ago. China is a very important player in the world sense. But I consider that we as simple folk have to protect ourselves. Me and my girlfriend are taking care of us and we've already bought all the necessary: masks, gloves, covid rapid test, disinfectant. And I recommend everybody to follow us.

General Discussion, Non Crypto Stuff / Fastest way to write an essay?
« on: April 22, 2020, 01:54:56 PM »
I have 4 days for writing a 200 pages essay, any tips to make it happen? Don't suggest me to use magic, it does not work >:(


Well if deeponion is beginning to be mentioned on media, even before they start marketing, I think the future is bright lol

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